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Need some suggestions for upcoming trip

My Husband and I are going to be in SOBE next week. I already made a reservation for Meat Market. I was planning on going to Joe's Stone Crab until I realized it was closed for the season. I would love to hear your recommendations for a good seafood place as well as a good Cuban place. We aren't going to have a car so I would like to stay in SOBE. Also, we are from NYC so I don't want to go somewhere that we could eat here. I am looking for something under $100/PP

Joe's Stone Crab
11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Meat Market
915 Lincoln road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Venice: The Great Binge of '09

Joe just want to thank you for the wonderful post. Should we consider making reservations for Il Ridotto prior to departure or can we wait until arrival in Italy?

May 10, 2009
gkb1722 in Italy

Feeling Overwhelmed

Please help! I am leaving for my first trip to Italy next week. We are going to Florence, Venice and Rome. I have almost no restaurants picked out as I am overwhelmed. I don't even know where to begin.
We are not looking to break the bank. We will be eating breakfast at our hotel every day but I need good recs for lunch and dinner. We do not like to eat in tourist traps and my Husband is 100% Italian with a Mom from Italy so authentic Italian food is very important. Please help!

May 08, 2009
gkb1722 in Italy

Pizza Dough, where to buy it around Stamford?

Just wanted to say Dimare is wonderful. They did my wedding cake last year and it was fantastic.

Kitchen Nightmares at Sabatiello's Stamford

Do you know what times they will be filming?

Feb 19, 2008
gkb1722 in Food Media & News