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Any recent meals at Public?

Public decor IS fantastic, but go for drinks or brunch even. This place is worthless foodwise (except for brunch!) in my opinion. All smoke and mirrors, but no substance behind the style. My friend and I got the beet risotto (bland) and an entree which was so forgettable that I can't recall it. We ended up at Cafe Habana down the st b/c we were still hungry. Horrible. Do try to go anywhere else (including Clinton St. Baking Company for dinner) over Public. What a disaster.

Apr 11, 2008
ejkim2 in Manhattan

My night at Peasant (and welcome to it)

Agreed on the menu translation, but do you really care when the food is fantastic and the service excellent? It's a minor issue if you ask me. Given how wonderful the artichoke and burrata was (is was "wet" but delish so I didn't mind the consistency) for our apps, the osso buco melting off the bone and the orrechiette(?) w/ broccoli rabe and sausage perfect and the string beans just crunchy enough, the recitation was far from my mind. It was an EXCELLENT meal. Had it been lackluster, the recitation would have been annoying, but overall, it wasn't a big deal and I am def returning soon. It is SO much better than its neighbor down the street, Public, where both the food and the service leaves MUCH to be desired.

Mar 02, 2008
ejkim2 in Manhattan