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Top 5 Burgers

1. Market Table
2. Peter Luger
3. Westville
4. Back forty
5. Blue smoke

JG Melon, Old Town Bar, Corner Bistro, McSorley's, PJ Clarke's are all terrific, but more for the atmosphere and the beer than the actual burgers.

Have yet to try Molly's, will definitely go.

Jul 03, 2008
whoismikejones in Manhattan

Best choucroute in Manhattan?

Many thanks for your suggestions. I used to go to Les Halles quite often, it's certainly a place that people love to complain about, but I've always liked it, though I think the place lost a lot of its charm when they expanded the room, it has become increasingly touristy since then.

Benoit was terrific. It's not pricey, and it's not necessarily a very memorable experience, but I consider it a perfect place for a nice weekday dinner. The room is lovely (though I didn't really like the bar facing the street), the service is very French, which is both good and bad (our waiters could be a little rude sometimes, but he certainly knew the food, and this was when the place had just a "soft opening" so I don't want to be to judgemental).
Our meal was bistro 1.0: steak tartare, escargot, duck confit, potato gratin, all great, but nothing mindblowing, which I didn't really expect when paying $ 20-25 for entrees.

I found a good review of the place here:

Wil definetely try Cafe d'Alsace for choucroute.

May 07, 2008
whoismikejones in Manhattan

Best choucroute in Manhattan?

In the past week, I've had dinner at Balthazar and Benoit, both great substitutions for a trip to Paris, in my view.
The problem was that neither of them served choucroute. Where in New York can I find choucroute that matches the best in Paris (say, Brasserie Lipp)?

I've heard that Les Halles serves a decent choucroute, but would love other suggestions.

May 03, 2008
whoismikejones in Manhattan

park slope top ten

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Moim, a really good new Korean place on Garfield and 7th. It's a little crowded after the hype in the Times, but worth a wait. Had some tasty dumplings and wonderful pork ribs there recently.

Among the French bistros I like Moutarde on 5th ave, great brunch.

My top ten would still be pretty consistent with other posts here:

1. Blue Ribbon
2. Al di La
3. Franny's
4. Applewood
5. Brooklyn Fish camp

6. Palo Santo
7. Taro
8. Convivium
9. Moim
10. Geido
11. Two boots, gotta get an honorable mention

Feb 19, 2008
whoismikejones in Outer Boroughs