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Ethnic Restaruants in the Naperville area

I have eaten at Masala Yangu several times after first venturing in "by accident" several months ago. This place rocks. The food is East African, with several beef, chicken, lamb and vegetarian dishes. Food is full flavored spicy, but not hot. They also have a lunch buffet which is mostly vegetarian, but absolutely delicious!!!! The owners are a husband and wife team; wife is chef. Husband works out front and can often be 'caught" playing the coronet at night doubling as Host and live entertainment. He is both personable and talented. I would agree that the layout is a little different than what you may be used to but I attribute that to the space. I have sent several friends and parties to Masala Yangu and all have thoroughly enjoyed the food, service, and entertainment. if you can find it in this big old mansion on Jefferson, then it's worth any wait for a table.

Mar 05, 2008 in Chicago Area

Downtown Naperville & Naperville Area Restaurants

I agree about the food at Tessa's being just OK. All Jimmy Bergeron has done is spent millions of dollars to present bar/grill food in a fancier setting. While the dining room is nice at Tessa's, it reminds one of an upscale Friday's, again, Jimmy's comfort zone. All in all, if you want good Italian, Tessa's is not the place to go. La Sorella and Rosebud are within walking distance and the new Maggiannoe's is now open near I-88.

Mar 05, 2008 in Chicago Area


I read this review and decided to try Livorno's as well. It was the best beef sandwich I had ever had. So good, I started going in 2-3 times a week. I have to say, though, that sadly, I feel it is beginning to slide. The last 2 times I was in, the tables and chairs/booths were dirty, even though the staff was standing around joking with each other. I was disappointed that while the food still "tasted" good, it was cold both times.They must be trying to train new cash register help also, because the last time I was there the kid didn't know the menu well enough to answer questions and there was no other employee there to help him. When Livorno's first opened, management seemed to be there all the time. The last few times you could tell that no one was watching the restaurant at all. Employees were left to completely on their own to run the place...and it showed. I heard they were opening a bar next door so maybe they are too busy to keep an eye on the restaurant right now. Let's hope Livorno's gets back to it's opening glory soon. Like I said, it was the absolute best back when it first opened! Good Luck!

Feb 19, 2008 in Chicago Area