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A Faster Chowhound: Pagination for Longer Threads

Sorry, nope. All the same, even with your chowsplain.

Dec 20, 2014
Lizard in Site Talk

A Faster Chowhound: Pagination for Longer Threads

I guess I'm the only one not enraged by these changes. I mean, I didn't care for it, but looked up the instructions and fixed it for my personal preference. It just doesn't seem that big a deal.

There are things I get upset about to be sure, but this just isn't one of them.

Dec 20, 2014
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Foods unique to France to buy in Paris?

Nah, actually it makes sense. The problem is always thinking of it as 'cramique'. I'm just trying to get my head around it with anything but raisins.

Aw... now I'm hungry. And wish I had some cramique here. I'm calling my mum...

Dec 17, 2014
Lizard in France

Foods unique to France to buy in Paris?

I passed by a Merveilleux de Fred in Brussels (on Grassmarkt) just a few weeks ago and was taken aback. Not in a bad way, since merveilleux are my favourite, but because it looked like Belgium's next step in advancing a local(ish) traditional delicacy. (And that the Parisian one sells cramique makes me think about Belgium's newfound hotness in the francophone regions; in fact, my mum and I were talking about it, but more in terms of comedians).

Don't really know what I'm saying, but I guess I'm gobsmacked by the attention and spread of all those things that were so much part of my growing up but of which so few knew about until recently.

Oh: also merveilleux are not really for transporting. Or I would have picked up a bunch during my last trip which was more a layover between one spot and home. But cramique? Yeah. And oh so good (although this brioche comparison makes me wonder what exactly they're selling.)

Dec 16, 2014
Lizard in France

Comments Heard At Restaurants...

The manner is important, but apparently manner for you includes the horrific offence of eating out whilst fat.

Prepped Food /Food Halls in London, Any reccos?

I can't necessarily vouch for all the food, especially as I haven't been recently, but you may enjoy checking out the Japan Centre on Shaftsbury Ave., which has prepared foods (although maybe not heat and eat, I can't remember).

Dec 05, 2014
Lizard in U.K./Ireland

Let's ban the word GUYS!!!

Tipping in a pub? I've been doing it all wrong the past years I've been living here (more than I care to say for reluctance of confronting my age and mortality). Uh oh.

Nov 23, 2014
Lizard in Not About Food

Returning food too often customer banned

There may be a good point, but crikey... "should of"? *Shudder*

TUMS at a dinner party?

I keep allergy pills around for visitors to my house. This isn't a prescription to others, but I'm happy when people make the effort and know that an additional run past the chemists may not be desirable or possible. But I would never expect that of others and I also acknowledge that medicating ones guests may actually not be best practice.

Nov 20, 2014
Lizard in Not About Food

Drive-by Posts?

Is it my imagination, or has there been an increase of one-time posters, joining only to ask etiquette style questions that have little to do with food?

This may be an inappropriate question. I certainly wouldn't want to stop anyone from dipping their toe in and coming to know the people here (and checking out good recipe and restaurant tips). This could be a first step in and it might be that it's just coincidence as I've popped by to check out recommendations. Indeed, I'm probably not one to talk since I'm not one of the major contributors myself, but yeah, I was wondering.

Nov 17, 2014
Lizard in Site Talk

Upsurge in Inanity

I find (here and elsewhere) that a shocking number of people whose writing would indicate English as a second language turn out to be native speakers.

Minimum Wage Impact on Restaurant (especially FF) Prices

To Tom34 and his comment that begins, 'Reaching top level management rarely happens by accident', an item from The Guardian, so not about the US but the UK-- but let's face it, economic trends towards neoliberalism apparent in the UK are pretty much a pale reflection of the US:

"If the national minimum wage had kept pace with FTSE 100 CEO salaries since 1999, it would now be £18.89 per hour instead of £6.50. However, for some reason broadcasters rarely ask CEOs about the gulf between their pay and that of the poorest staff in their organisations. The unstated implication is that the lowest-paid staff are lucky to have any job at all, and only have what they have thanks to the benevolence of the 1%, with their superior leadership skills.

If the top 1% actually created more jobs as they became wealthier, then ordinary people would be surrounded by employment opportunities in both the US and the UK. Instead, it is in Germany, where the wealthiest 1% receives in pay and bonuses half as much as their counterparts in the US, that unemployment is at a 20-year low. In countries that keep their top 1% in check, the highest earners work more effectively for the good of all, or at the very least create a little less misery."


What's for Dinner #327-The Scotland Votes Edition! [through September 25, 2014]

Dundee also voted yes. (Just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean it isn't a big city- one of the top four in Scotland.)

PYT scandal... owner refuses to apologize for sharing tip

Whoa. If you guys are talking about the case I think you're talking about, you've the wrong end of the stick on that one. Seriously.
(And I'll stop here before the mods have cause to step in.)

Sep 16, 2014
Lizard in Not About Food

Are bagels "a thing" now?

I've been reading this with great interest, or moderate interest, if only to look into the popularity and spread of the bagel/beigel. I have rarely come across bagels on brasserie menus in Paris or Brussels, so this is a new one on me. I've only ever seen beigels for sale in Jewish shops/areas, but then, I may also be blind to the appearance of bagel sandwiches in restaurants. (And I don't go out to eat loads when I'm in either city so maybe that's also it.)

Sep 01, 2014
Lizard in France

In search of tips for Edinburgh & Highlands

I'm having a think on what would be near you for shopping. I'm more familiar with the shops of Brunstfield and the like, where on finds speciality shops, although I recall Leith Walk having its share of Asian and Polish markets.

There's also the Sicilian Pastry Shop (around Albert Street) that many swear by. Otherwise, I keep thinking about the big Tescos-- one at the end of Easter Road and the other near George V park (but I cycle, so don't know how it would be for walking or taking the bus).

For a lovely walk, on the other side of Arthur's Seat in Duddingston, there's Sheeps Heid Inn (oldest pub in Edinburgh). I've only been for drinks, but the food looked nice. It's worth a visit, at any rate. I'll continue thinking and see if I can't remember spots.

There's also The Café Royal on West Register Street (close to Waverly Station) that is a lovely place, although once again, I'm afraid I haven't eaten but only enjoyed a drink.

Aug 29, 2014
Lizard in U.K./Ireland

That Time Anthony Bourdain Scared Kids with the Gay, and I Laughed

Then what you wrote the first time was perfectly clear and my response stands.

Aug 27, 2014
Lizard in Features

That Time Anthony Bourdain Scared Kids with the Gay, and I Laughed

I'm a bit puzzled by your response, to be honest, as it seems you are simultaneously sympathetic to and resentful of the cause (the cause being the fight against homophobia). It seems that this story has you already on the defensive, as the greatest danger is to you, a straight man, rather than to those who live with homophobia so pervasive and so subtle that it can be perpetuated far too easily.

Indeed, what I get from this story is the author's own surprise that he did not see the homophobia inherent in Bourdain's teasing (one you seem to see and condemn straight away). In that, he takes himself to task and reminds us that everyone can participate in the maintenance of racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. and that no one is necessarily immune simply for their identity or because they've been activists. The piece offers a reflection that is useful as guide: it's worth checking back in every now and again.

Being born gay or not, choosing or chosen, it doesn't matter. In fact, why should it only be acceptable if one is helpless to stop TEH GAY? Yes, I think much of this is beyond one's control, but even if it were within the grasp, it would still be ok by me.

But then, maybe I'm missing something in your post.

Aug 27, 2014
Lizard in Features

That Time Anthony Bourdain Scared Kids with the Gay, and I Laughed

Heard you the first time. But given you are an active poster on the thread about the couple kicked out of the restaurant because of service dogs, and given that thread has less to do with restaurants, and more to do with plastic surgery and the Americans with Disabilities Act, I would have thought you were lax about such things.
The set up here is similarly foodie: One-time chef and well known food writer and presented has a show about taco trucks, and then something happens.

A Four-Year-Old reviews... The French Laundry

"A ringside seat to see assholes create more assholes."

Aug 22, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

Who would you like to dine with?

Well, will women really want to come if Richard Dawkins is there? :)

Dawkins used to be interesting, but my how things have changed. I love this recent bit from the Daily Mash:


Aug 21, 2014
Lizard in Not About Food

Service Dogs Get Couple Kicked Out of Restaurant

I don't know. I mean, this post responds to an impression I also picked up from the thread. I know people here on chowhound can be sympathetic to social issues, and I know that most of the responses here are in light of two people who might well be giving off a dubious vibe. However, this more specific focus is giving way to generalisations about service animals (a domain that has expanded, and with it, as always, those who take advantage) and demands for a rigorous oversight of disabled people that places the onus on them but not the state for ensuring provisions of access. (Although I get the feeling that many on CH list libertarian, so I'm sort of not surprised by the latter issue.)

As for the people themselves, there is so little to glean from any short item (I will refrain from comments on Florida man and woman) so from a distance, this starts to look nasty. (Why does plastic surgery matter at all?)

All that said, I'm not writing this to take you to task about what has been written, but to say that the post you are treating as trollish is possibly coming from a better place than you think. (And I speak of this post only, not necessarily follow-ups, because I, too, have no idea what being a Christian should matter.)

If you had one night in Endingburgh, where would you eat?

Most places you're likely going to need to book. I'm afraid the range may limit you some, since your higher end does not meet the places like favourites such as Kitchin.

There are some places that may meet the Scottish request:

The Dogs on Hanover Street (I've been there once, and very good, but not memorable-- but then, I was knackered).

Wildest Drams on the High Street. I've yet to try it but a friend really enjoyed herself there.

First Coast on Dalry: Again a place I've been meaning to try because I've heard praises.

And if I manage to get myself there, I will post reviews. I just keep ending up at places that are solid, but mostly Asian.

Aug 18, 2014
Lizard in U.K./Ireland

Best wording to offer chef services as a gift to bride & groom

Just chiming in that if this gift is to be given, it should be given as an all-inclusive. Imagine if a photographer offered up their time and expertise, and even maybe some darkroom materials, but required the recipients of the gift to paper for paper, matting, and frame. (And if that were offered, one would have to assume that the value of having such a photograph well outweighed any additional costs...)

Not a slight, just a bit weird. Although (just thinking aloud here) if you do have a professional company, maybe a gift certificate as you would also provide for other customers who wish to gift your services? Maybe that has it outlined?

Also would add that newlywed doesn't necessarily mean inexperienced adult any more. Many of my friends were married after years of co-habiting and throwing dinner parties.

Aug 09, 2014
Lizard in Not About Food

You guys have thoughts on this take on the GMO issue?

"But the bit about red "delicious," apples... wow! Tyson obviously hates good food."

Where do you get that? His description of what one finds in advance of cultivation does not mean that he hates food. However, if you mean that his first example was a red delicious, which is an abomination, suggests that might be what he likes best, then I understand.

Meanwhile, this has, for the most part, been my feeling about most GMO, although some stuff becomes a little consternating, if not dangerous.

However, my objection has been the corporatisation and the breeding in of non-sustainability to maximise profits. I won't even get into the lawsuit destruction these companies wage.

Aug 02, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

"Starbucks Demands Barista Remove Tattoo or Resign"

I'm not doing anything... This was the demo named above and which I'm critiquing, so no idea what exactly you're trying to tell me.

But thanks for defining fogeys for me.

Jul 24, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

"Starbucks Demands Barista Remove Tattoo or Resign"

Ok, I find this category (the 45-70 year old women) puzzling, at least with regard to age. At this point, people within that category are just as likely to have grown up punk, and as such, are aware of the fact this wasn't necessarily scary scary. And definitely within the 45-50 there are a lot who dye their hair unnatural colours.

Based on what I see in this thread, I think region and social context far more telling for a demographic than age... At least, it takes more to shock a certain group of fogeys. Conservatism seems to cut across these demographics.

Of course, this demo of fogeys would likely be out off by such categorisation... And because the company caters to conservatives, this group is not your prime market anyway.

Starbucks, in its ubiquity would seem a bit different.

It occurred to me there are things that I don't necessarily find attractive, but unless it is actually a sensory assault (powerful scents-ugh) or something that suggests a lack of hygiene (I was at a sandwich shop recently where the bloke behind the counter had a bunch of food crumbs in his beard), they have little effect on my patronage. (Although with the crumb beard guy, I decided that had more to do with his own eating habits and not necessarily restaurant practice)... But these make more sense than tattoo bans or hair colour anxiety.)

Jul 24, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

"Starbucks Demands Barista Remove Tattoo or Resign"

Creysd, The number of tattoos I saw in Tel Aviv was crazy (by which I mean outnumbering what I would have anticipated) but then, this is a city dedicated to declaring its secular status. (eg cafés offering וִיץ' גימבון)

Jul 21, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

"Starbucks Demands Barista Remove Tattoo or Resign"

What's the difference between a person with tattoos and a person without them? The person with tattoos doesn't care if you have any.

Also, I really find this alignment of forced tattooing and voluntary tattooing troubling to say the least. And as indicated in my post above, not even necessarily done by those with the closest relationship to forced tattoos.

Gawker tests TGIF's unlimited appetizers

Caity Weaver is great. If you enjoyed this, you should read the 'The Best Restaurant in New York' series that she writes with her friend, Rich. They eat at restaurants in tourist attractions and write reviews, including The Bronx Zoo and The American Girl Café.

Jul 20, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News