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Who would you like to dine with?

Well, will women really want to come if Richard Dawkins is there? :)

Dawkins used to be interesting, but my how things have changed. I love this recent bit from the Daily Mash:


about 18 hours ago
Lizard in Not About Food

Service Dogs Get Couple Kicked Out of Restaurant

I don't know. I mean, this post responds to an impression I also picked up from the thread. I know people here on chowhound can be sympathetic to social issues, and I know that most of the responses here are in light of two people who might well be giving off a dubious vibe. However, this more specific focus is giving way to generalisations about service animals (a domain that has expanded, and with it, as always, those who take advantage) and demands for a rigorous oversight of disabled people that places the onus on them but not the state for ensuring provisions of access. (Although I get the feeling that many on CH list libertarian, so I'm sort of not surprised by the latter issue.)

As for the people themselves, there is so little to glean from any short item (I will refrain from comments on Florida man and woman) so from a distance, this starts to look nasty. (Why does plastic surgery matter at all?)

All that said, I'm not writing this to take you to task about what has been written, but to say that the post you are treating as trollish is possibly coming from a better place than you think. (And I speak of this post only, not necessarily follow-ups, because I, too, have no idea what being a Christian should matter.)

about 22 hours ago
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If you had one night in Endingburgh, where would you eat?

Most places you're likely going to need to book. I'm afraid the range may limit you some, since your higher end does not meet the places like favourites such as Kitchin.

There are some places that may meet the Scottish request:

The Dogs on Hanover Street (I've been there once, and very good, but not memorable-- but then, I was knackered).

Wildest Drams on the High Street. I've yet to try it but a friend really enjoyed herself there.

First Coast on Dalry: Again a place I've been meaning to try because I've heard praises.

And if I manage to get myself there, I will post reviews. I just keep ending up at places that are solid, but mostly Asian.

Aug 18, 2014
Lizard in U.K./Ireland

Best wording to offer chef services as a gift to bride & groom

Just chiming in that if this gift is to be given, it should be given as an all-inclusive. Imagine if a photographer offered up their time and expertise, and even maybe some darkroom materials, but required the recipients of the gift to paper for paper, matting, and frame. (And if that were offered, one would have to assume that the value of having such a photograph well outweighed any additional costs...)

Not a slight, just a bit weird. Although (just thinking aloud here) if you do have a professional company, maybe a gift certificate as you would also provide for other customers who wish to gift your services? Maybe that has it outlined?

Also would add that newlywed doesn't necessarily mean inexperienced adult any more. Many of my friends were married after years of co-habiting and throwing dinner parties.

Aug 09, 2014
Lizard in Not About Food

You guys have thoughts on this take on the GMO issue?

"But the bit about red "delicious," apples... wow! Tyson obviously hates good food."

Where do you get that? His description of what one finds in advance of cultivation does not mean that he hates food. However, if you mean that his first example was a red delicious, which is an abomination, suggests that might be what he likes best, then I understand.

Meanwhile, this has, for the most part, been my feeling about most GMO, although some stuff becomes a little consternating, if not dangerous.

However, my objection has been the corporatisation and the breeding in of non-sustainability to maximise profits. I won't even get into the lawsuit destruction these companies wage.

Aug 02, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

"Starbucks Demands Barista Remove Tattoo or Resign"

I'm not doing anything... This was the demo named above and which I'm critiquing, so no idea what exactly you're trying to tell me.

But thanks for defining fogeys for me.

Jul 24, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

"Starbucks Demands Barista Remove Tattoo or Resign"

Ok, I find this category (the 45-70 year old women) puzzling, at least with regard to age. At this point, people within that category are just as likely to have grown up punk, and as such, are aware of the fact this wasn't necessarily scary scary. And definitely within the 45-50 there are a lot who dye their hair unnatural colours.

Based on what I see in this thread, I think region and social context far more telling for a demographic than age... At least, it takes more to shock a certain group of fogeys. Conservatism seems to cut across these demographics.

Of course, this demo of fogeys would likely be out off by such categorisation... And because the company caters to conservatives, this group is not your prime market anyway.

Starbucks, in its ubiquity would seem a bit different.

It occurred to me there are things that I don't necessarily find attractive, but unless it is actually a sensory assault (powerful scents-ugh) or something that suggests a lack of hygiene (I was at a sandwich shop recently where the bloke behind the counter had a bunch of food crumbs in his beard), they have little effect on my patronage. (Although with the crumb beard guy, I decided that had more to do with his own eating habits and not necessarily restaurant practice)... But these make more sense than tattoo bans or hair colour anxiety.)

Jul 24, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

"Starbucks Demands Barista Remove Tattoo or Resign"

Creysd, The number of tattoos I saw in Tel Aviv was crazy (by which I mean outnumbering what I would have anticipated) but then, this is a city dedicated to declaring its secular status. (eg cafés offering וִיץ' גימבון)

Jul 21, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

"Starbucks Demands Barista Remove Tattoo or Resign"

What's the difference between a person with tattoos and a person without them? The person with tattoos doesn't care if you have any.

Also, I really find this alignment of forced tattooing and voluntary tattooing troubling to say the least. And as indicated in my post above, not even necessarily done by those with the closest relationship to forced tattoos.

Gawker tests TGIF's unlimited appetizers

Caity Weaver is great. If you enjoyed this, you should read the 'The Best Restaurant in New York' series that she writes with her friend, Rich. They eat at restaurants in tourist attractions and write reviews, including The Bronx Zoo and The American Girl Café.

Jul 20, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

Discrimination in Restaurants - does it influence where you dine?


Jul 20, 2014
Lizard in Not About Food

"Starbucks Demands Barista Remove Tattoo or Resign"

Understandable, but hardly a universal. I got tattooed, and my survivor relatives were hardly traumatised or 'triggered' into comparison. (Although my parents were traumatised in the usual 'how could you do that to yourself' way of parents.) Of course, there is the issue of being buried in a Jewish cemetery, but I have a feeling that's not even so great...
It may be a personal association, but again, hardly universal.

Jul 20, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

Restaurant Pet Peeves

I know what you mean! I find it absolutely charming that public radio and television in the UK broadcast explicitly Christian services. So cute what you find when you live in other countries!

Jul 13, 2014
Lizard in Not About Food

Adam Richman goes too far

Just wanted to say something, what with you perseverating over a moot point. No need to get upset.

Jul 05, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

Adam Richman goes too far

No one said he was responsible for an eating disorder.

It is curious that everyone keeps focussing on 'thinspiration'. Yes, it is a term used by pro-Ana groups and yes, Richman used it, most likely unintentionally.

But that is not why there has been blow back. It comes from his disproportionate and hostile response to those telling him about the word.

So why the continued focus on weight loss and 'thinspiration'? Is it because it a grants people more of a harrumphing posture than dealing with hateful behaviour?

And the Comment is Free, like many of the CIF, is ugly when the author justifies/sympathises with Richman's response. Look, I can understand getting upset, but telling someone to kill themselves because no one will miss them anyway is something that comes from a very angry person-- someone in need of therapy. Perhaps one of you can remember that it was repeated posts like that which got him into hot water?

Adam Richman goes too far

Your example involves your mother taking this from students. I'm glad you chose this example because it is commensurate with the Richman case IF we turn it around. Your mother did not respond to lip by telling people to kill themselves and using foul language. And I'm sure that if a teacher (a person in power*, a person with a larger platform in this scenario) cursed at a student or told him to kill himself, there would be strong response.

Richman is free to write what he wants, and I imagine the women on the receiving end didn't fall into a heap. However, they did talk about it, because it was a stunningly incommensurate response and because it shows some extraordinarily bad judgement on the part of a man who receives an even larger platform though the television networks, and said network realised there was a problem, and a PR problem at that. (Also, what cresyd said.)

Adam Richman goes too far

Actually, the word is not meaningless because words gain meaning according to social use. (Goodness knows this is why so many people argue that incorrect usage is acceptable.)

More importantly, this was a term used on twitter with a hashtag, and that increases its social meaning, because it functions as a search term and can create directed feeds. Someone liking and pursuing Richman's hashtag, intended for himself, could readily stumble upon this other existing field. In that way, he affiliated himself with these groups (the pro-anas and the like).

Obviously he didn't intend to and that's why people wrote to him-- to point this out. Noone was incensed with him or giving him grief, just pointing this out.

And then he responded as he did, which was in a manner utterly unacceptable-- so much so that his programmes are now on ice.

His response was disproportionate to what he received and his apologies began as non-apologies and have started to work their way into the lukewarm.

Can we talk Paris restau prices??

I'm going to provide a possibly more generous approach than yakionigirl which does not involve challenging your language skills or intention. A concierge at a 4-star hotel wants to look accommodating and will likely move to English if it seems that is your primary language.

I suspect that if your French is solid enough, s/he will not move to English if it seems your primary language is something else other than English. The problem is that English has become the Lingua Franca (irony) so that Anglophones wishing to exercise language skills are often thwarted.

I also see no problem asking if it is possible to continue in French (although I would not recommend such in Belgium if a person moves to English and speaks French with a Flemish accent since then persistence in French is more problematic). But then, I've just returned from another country where I am learning the language and asked if I could try-- fortunately, it's a language so few people try to learn that my efforts were supported and sometimes just enough to get by). It's not neuroses to want to know and function in other languages. At least, not in my moderately humble opinion.

Jun 19, 2014
Lizard in France

Cheap Eats in Belgium - possible?

You might enjoy a sandwich at Au Suisse on Blvd Anspach, across from some BD (comic book shops). grey shrimp are the traditional sandwich, so your husband would be covered and you'd have a range. I can't vouch for how good it is now, but it's been there for years and it's cheap.

ETA: I've often eaten a sandwich there, just not recently. Also, because I'm a carnivore, I buy sandwiches at butcher and other shops a well.

Jun 08, 2014
Lizard in Europe

What is French food?

May 31, 2014
Lizard in France

What is it with Americans and speculoos?

Not clear if you're responding to me, Sunshine, but I am certainly aware that Cote D'Or is a Belgian company (as I might given the info in the OP). I was probably clumsy, however, in my noting the bit about the bar: In the past ten or so years, I have seen a rapid escalation in types of mixes/ mix-ins with this brand. It could be a result of trying to keep up with the inventive chocolatiers on the scene, but I do think that American foodie obsessions have been creating their own kind of demand (and that may not be a bad thing). But this was nothing I saw as I child or growing up.
Meanwhile, I can understand why people enjoy this spice biscuit, but the ways in which this item seemed to be coveted or sought out was surprising to me, and that is why I posted.

May 27, 2014
Lizard in General Topics

Funniest thing a server said to you 2 (or, funniest thing you've heard in a restaurant)

Accents. They're hilarious. HILARIOUS, I tell you. What is it with people who speak more than one language?

The Last Great Bastion of Racism

Aw shucks. I hate adding to the noise, but I did want to say thanks.

May 23, 2014
Lizard in Food Media & News

The Last Great Bastion of Racism

I really don't want to get drawn into this, but this 'I don't see race' argument coming from some of the hounds here is maddening at best.

It may be that you want to say that you're not racist, prejudiced, or bigoted. Unfortunately, what it really says is that you would rather not think about the systemic and structural injustice that is at play in all sectors (educational, private, media, culinary, etc.) And it says that you are in a position of privilege since clearly, these forms of systemic and structural injustice do not affect you.

There is nothing wrong with being alert to these issues. There's nothing wrong with seeing race (it's what you do with what you see). And there's nothing wrong with moving beyond this notion that something must be overtly racist to be problematic.

Now, I can't say that this thread is going a long way to being useful, but this 'I don't see race' bs is both unhelpful and tedious.

Who should pay for the dinner in this scenario

I'd look forward to burgeoningfoodie coming back and filling in the blanks. It seems quite a few steps have been omitted between a casual email and a dinner. We could also use a clearer sense of the cause of outrage. Paying for the wife's dinner? Paying for dinner at all?

But if the question is "Someone invited you to have a frozen yoghurt or hang out. You black out and 36 hours later, you find yourself sat at in a restaurant facing a tab. Who should pay?" I can't say. I suppose whoever slipped you the mickey.

Home Cooking and Marital Discord

Maybe for you, but that could be the problem. This isn't something to be shared or solved by chowhounds, because the way you are characterising your wife and the issues you face suggests there is far more at play here.
(Consider this: Every request to consider your wife's position on this issue is met with a form of dismissal; foodie or not, that is not conducive to addressing what seems to be an issue in your partnership.)

Please do take this with a grain, but in this one-sided characterisation of things, I can't help but feel something crucial is missing.

Home Cooking and Marital Discord

Maybe she doesn't care to have every one of her traits ascribed to 'freakishness'. Seriously, this doesn't seem to be about food at all.

May 10, 2014
Lizard in Not About Food

my friends have no social sense at all

Wow, I get the feeling I'm the only person here who wouldn't be fussed. Really, if a person can afford to get in a snit over the fact someone is bringing a 12lb turkey, I suspect that same person could afford to host wholesale, no? (Not that I hold potlucks, but I think I'd be relieved to know there's loads of food-- when I have hosted potlucky dinners, I've usually overcompensated out of fear there wouldn't be enough.)

May 08, 2014
Lizard in Not About Food

Ireland deserves it's own board.

PhilD, my comment specifically addressed Scotland because we are having a referendum regarding independence. To my knowledge, Wales has no such plan, hence why Wales was not mentioned. Although perhaps you mentioned Wales, because they, too, would prefer that Scotland stay in the UK?
But my guess is that my highly localised comment may not resonate with someone not here, especially when my 'here' is Scotland.

Apr 25, 2014
Lizard in Site Talk

Ireland deserves it's own board.

As you've only mentioned 'England' vis the UK board I presume you're also looking for a secession of Scotland following September's referendum?

Or in that case are you 'Better Together'?

Apr 17, 2014
Lizard in Site Talk