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Soft Shells in Northern B'more

Try Gibby's in Timonium. By the Fairgrounds. I'd call first, but I'm pretty confident.

Full service butcher in Baltimore?

I've been lucky at Ceriello's too. Do ask them for what you want. They keep some of the interesting things in the back. Also, they will order anything for you. If I want something interesting, I'll call a couple of days before I want to go over there.

Preserving sausage casings

I bought a bunch of natural sausage casings packed in water this weekend. Despite the best intentions, I didn't get around to using them. Any suggestions on preserving them for later use? Salt? Freezing?


Oct 21, 2009
Anna323 in Home Cooking

Upscale Chinese in Baltimore?

Joey sold the bamboo House to Italians a few months back. They kept the staff and menu, so i assume that it similar to what it has been over the years. Joey Chiu's Greenspring Inn (Lutherville) is a little nicer and the surroundings are a lot nicer. Food is predictable, but good quality Chinese-American offerings.

Green Leaf in Hunt Valley has great food, but is more casual and BYOB.

Thai tea seller in Baltimore area

I picked some up a while back at Dae Song (small Korean grocer) on Deereco Road in Timonium.

Sabor: New Restaurant (Balto)

I was there Monday. It's a pretty little spot. Nice to have another nice option in a sea of lousy chain restaurants. I had the Monday night "special" of venison. It was quite good, probably the favorite of our dishes. Friend had the scallops and risotto. They were cooked perfectly and very good. Our service was pretty perfect. I'd make it a once a week spot.

Primanti Brothers Type Sandwich in Baltimore

No idea on the sandwich, but Graul's hasn't had the Roaring Forties lately. Care to divule your source? It's my favorite too.

Powdered cheese for popcorn

Molly McButter "natural" cheese sprinkles work for me. I find them in most grocery stores with the powdered butter substitutes.

Bean paste at Joung Kak

I think that the bean paste is what makes Joung Kak's food so good. In efforts to replicate it at home, I tried several brands and nothing comes close. Soliciting advice at the local Korean grocery store hasn't helped. All brands that I have tried are salty, whereas what I'm looking for is more on the sweet side.

Does anyone know what I should be looking for?

Thanks for advice.

If you live in Europe, what American products do you crave? [Moved from International board]

My American aunt that lives in Spain begs me for chocolate chips and marshmellows.

Feb 18, 2008
Anna323 in General Topics

B'more Little Italy recs

Yes, yes, yes. Had a fabulous meal and amazing service at Boccacio last weekend. I've never been less than wowed.

hunt valley maryland + not a chain!

I second the recommendations for Green Leaf and Greystone. Green Leaf is BYOB, but there is a liquor store two doors down and the food is great. I've also always had good food at Greystone and their crab and corn chowder is to die for.

The last time I was in Christopher Daniel (bar side called Five), the service was so apathetic that we left because we couldn't get a drink or a menu. Neither could the other half a dozen customers. The 5 bartenders on shift were too busy making their own cocktails and watching tv. Never again...

Baltimore: Cream of Crab soup

I dream about the cream of crab at Bluestone in Timonium (Aylesbury Road). Incredibly flavorful and just rich enough without being over the top. It's a good thing I live nearby because I have to have it at least once a week.