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Kosher Restaurant Wedding New York

We got a quote about a month ago from Crest Hollow for a kosher party on a Sunday afternoon for $60 pp—and you A LOT for your money: champagne on arrival, full smorgasbord, full bar, and really a very nice party in a clean, lovely hall. I recommend you check it out.

Mar 03, 2010
Jackaroo26 in Kosher

Kosher Wedding NYC/Long Island/Westchester

We got a quote from Crest Hollow, too. You'll need to add a $750 mashgiach fee to your total.

We are also thinking of getting a quote from Colbeh, which has locations at a temple in Little Neck and restaurants in Great Neck and Roslyn that are really very elegant (at least judging from the online pictures). My friend's nephew had his bar mitzvah at the Great Neck location a few years ago (they have a ballroom) and she raved about the food.

Anyone have any comments about Colbeh or other kosher restaurants on Long Island?

Nov 09, 2009
Jackaroo26 in Kosher


Arthur- I eat at regular Subways, and I really love their subs. (To all the other posters who commented on the Jewish deli sandwich vs. Subway's, I've had both kinds and I don't go to Subway for a deli sandwich. I go because I love subs, grinders, whatever you want to call it. And I love getting to put on it whatever kind of veggies, olives or peppers that I like. They are absolutely not the same thing and I don't much care for the giant, dry kosher deli turkey sandwich anymore--nor the fatty corned beef and pastrami.) Also, at Subway you have to ask if you want low-fat (rather than regular) mayonnaise. They have set amounts of vegetables for each sandwich as well (although they'll add more if you ask). Also, isn't all turkey breast low-fat?

Dec 08, 2008
Jackaroo26 in Kosher


I used to love to buy the pre-made polenta in the tubes, especially the one with basil and maybe garlic. I bought a container of cornmeal last week and decided to make it myself. It was very easy and really delicious. Just follow the recipe on the label for cornmeal mush, but add garlic powder and dried basil. Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight, then upend onto a plate, slice it, and fry in in a frying pan. We had this for two days straight with our dinner, it was so good. If I were eating it with fish, I would also add Parmesan cheese.

Dec 08, 2008
Jackaroo26 in Kosher