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MSP: La Belle Vie, Porter and Frye: still "got it"??

Does La Belle Vie still "have it"? We have loved it loved it loved it but not been for a year or two. And what about Porter and Frye? New Chef? Never been, thinking about doing the tasting menu. Thanks.

Special dinner for two in Minneapolis - Saint Paul

Must amend my post: It should be in Minneapolis, preferably downtown. Else we would probably go to Meritage. We have had great great food at La Belle Vie but only at the bar, so thinking of dinner there. Is it still great? And what about Porter and Frye? No one has mentioned that. Strong leaning toward that, maybe the Chef's table.

Special dinner for two in Minneapolis - Saint Paul

Thank you all for your great suggestions. I think she has mentioned most of these so we are on the right track. Unfortunately she is onto me! She came across this post so I can't reveal the choice I have made (at first she thought she had found this great coincidence of another couple with the same long-distance situation...). Thanks again!

Special dinner for two in Minneapolis - Saint Paul

I live in New York and my fiancee in St. Paul. I want to take her out for a really nice meal and surprise her with someplace new (oops Hi Kim if you read this!). She is an amazing cook and a foodie I suppose. She likes 'authentic' places and we don't go in much for fanfare or glitz. Our favorites are 112, La Belle Vie, or even Town Talk, but we also love venerables like the Monte Carlo (not to mention Al's Breakfast, The Nook, etc.). Was considering Sanctuary. Ethnic is great too. Any thoughts out there? Thanks a lot.

Strip House: still got it?

I have looked at lots of threads debating the gold standard for NYC steakhouses. I know about Luger's, been there, love it (but can't get in on Monday when we want to go). In recent years I've been converted to the Strip House. Been there many times but the last couple of visits have left me with a feeling (if somewhat vague) that it was slipping. Has anyone else had this experience? And if so, where are you going these days? Never been to Keen's or Sparks and one of those would probably be my next venture. Thanks.

Sep 14, 2007
Keeter in Manhattan

Southern authentic in Alabama

I am working today in Oxford/Aniston and would love to know of a good place for lunch and/or dinner. And while we're at it: any updates – or old favorites – for Montgomery? I'll be there the next two days. Thanks.

Mar 17, 2007
Keeter in General South Archive

Dinner in San Antonio

I will be in San Antonio for two nights next week with my fiancee and would like to take her out for her birthday. Price is not so much a factor but nothing too ostentatious – we're after quality of preparation and ingredients in a nice warm atmosphere. Also looking for local/authentic spots for other meals.

Nov 27, 2006
Keeter in Texas