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Oddly enough, this thread came to my attention while I was eating breakfast...cornflakes & milk with molasses. I use it as a sweetener for cereals pretty often (mostly because the milk is so delicious at the end).

May 11, 2012
zoo1023 in Home Cooking

Learning to Like Foods You Hate

Every year I have a "food project," where I eat a disliked food repeatedly until I learn to like it/love it. It's worked for most shellfish (oh man, oysters are the best!), mushrooms, beets, spinach, strong cheeses, etc. I agree that it's a matter of finding the right preparation when you're starting to dive in again, though.

However: during the course of this experiment to make myself like foods, I've also found that a lot of my childhood dislikes still hold true, but not for the reasons I thought. Turns out a large number of fruits and vegetables, if uncooked, give me a slightly unpleasant allergic reaction. So there's a reason I never liked peanut butter on celery (celery makes my face go numb), or a nice crisp apple (despite loving apple pie)!

Nov 11, 2011
zoo1023 in Features

Pollo & gallina?

In Spain spanish, I grew up understanding this as comparable to the difference between "beef" and "cow," or "pork" and "pig."

Pollo is edible chicken, gallina is a hen, the whole animal.

I had no idea there was a class of food that used the word "gallina."

Feb 17, 2011
zoo1023 in General Topics

How Can Someone Be Allergic to Meat?

I keep getting ill on chicken, so much so that I avoid it completely. I often wonder if it's more psychological than anything, but it seems to happen every time (I recently ate chicken liver at one of THE nicest, most free-rangy organic local-sourced restaurants in the area, working under the theory that it was antibiotics/hormones/whatever in the chicken that was making me ill, not the chicken itself, but there I was at 3am with the "chicken-sick").

I can (and do) eat steak tartare with abandon. What gives? Turkey makes me queasy, too, I think, but it's hard to tell if it's the turkey or the overeating at Thanksgiving (which is the only time I'll go near fowl these days). Can one REALLY be allergic to chicken?

Sep 15, 2008
zoo1023 in Features