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Madison: Sardine or The Old Fashioned or elsewhere?


I'd go with the Old Fashioned. Great Wisconsin atmosphere, kid friendly and great food, too. If you are not at a peak time, ask for one of the booths. Your daughter will like it.

Kevin (grew up in Wheaton, IL, now in Madison)

Good chow on west side of Madison WI?

For lunch you should put Sai Bai Tong (Thai), Maharajah (Indian Buffet) and Asian Noodles (Korean) on your list. Also, Granite City Brewery (OK, a small chain) at the West Towne mall is also very good. Try Laredo's for Mexican and JT Whitney's for an Irish pub scene. All of these are within 3 minutes of Avid.

For dinners, another small chain option is Biaggi's. It is in the same place as Eno Vino for a bout one-third the price (and one-half the quality). I'd second Otto's. It is real close to where you'll be during the day. George's Chop House is within walking distance from the Baymont. Five minutes away by shuttle would be Louisienne's (high-end creole/cajun), Vin Santo (great Italian), Village Pub (greasy cheeseburgers served on wax paper - old school Wisconsin tavern food). Blue Spoon Cafe recently opened as the second location of an upscale offering from the Culver's team.