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I tried Whaddapita in Portland. I won’t go back. The first thing that struck me as I perused the menu was NO LAMB! I asked the girl at the register and got a non-answer. I figured since I was there I’d try a souvlaki pita made with pork. It might have been OK, but they stuffed the pita with French fries to fill it out. The dominant taste was fried potatoe. It set me back $4.00 and change (reasonable, though small portion), and it was quick, clean, and well illuminated. I’d rather have a hot dog from a street vendor. Their version of a Greek salad is the usual American cookie-cutter bowl of lettuce that they garnish with some feta and calamata olives. They don’t even have oil & lemon. They use vinaigrette for a dressing.

Jul 29, 2010
Boodles in Northern New England

Rupununi drops the ball (Bar Harbor, ME)

We visit BH for a week in May every year. We have always gone to Rupununi at least once during our stay. I think we may not go again. Last night we had supper there. Sue had halibut that was supposed to come with fiddleheads. They were out of fiddleheads so they substituted asparagus. OK so far. Sue asked to sub plantain for "the starch." We question whether they were real plantains or just fried bananas. They were OK although a bit greasy. Sweeter than we remember plantains to be. Paul had ordered a scallop dish. They served some sort of chopped chicken and failed to bring bread that the menu said was included. When asked, they brought a basket of stale dinner rolls with a dish of butter that had clearly been left out to melt then put in the refrigerator to firm up again. When the chicken / scallop error was pointed out the waitress apologized and brought the correct dish about 20 minutes later. The manager came over, apologized, and comped the $3.99 salad. A lukewarm response to a dining tragedy. Sue liked the halibut. Paul's late scallops were overcooked. The whole flow of the evening was poor. There was a family seated not far from us. The adults allowed their obstreperous toddlers to run amok and pound on the fish aquarium with their hands. This was late enough in the evening that management should have politely intervened. Rupununi should not be the golden arches.

Clam pie - Manchester, NH

I remember reading some posts about a pizza shop in Manchester that several hounds thought made a good clam pizza. Unfortunately, it was more than a year ago so I can't seem to find the information. My son-in-law is on his way to Manchester. I was hoping to tell him the name of the place. Anybody remember?

Portland, Maine "one-handed breakfast"

The breakfast burrito at Punky's, corner of Brighton & St. John. I carry a bottle of Frank's Red Hot to embellish it with.

Amalfi in Rockland

We went to Amalfi's at their original location a few years ago: extremely pretentious with mediocre yet expensive food. They couldn't even bring themselves to provide salt and pepper on the tables. You had to ask for it, and it needed it. We said we'd never go back, and we haven't.

Buck's - Freeport, ME

We've had take out from Buck's about six times (from the old location). The ribs are good. The sauces are good. The greens are not only good, but not easy to find in Maine BBQ restaurants. We liked the beans as well, but the potato salad is awful. Additionally Bucks is inconsistent; we've had ribs that were really good, and others that had to be re-cooked in the microwave (and, yes, we know about smoke ring, etc.). Once we had ribs that were dried out. Picked up as take out around 5:00, had probably been sitting on the smoker since lunch time. The best ribs in the Freeport area are at the Broad Arrow Tavern in the Harraseeket, although they aren't "naked." They are of the "wet" method, but they have been apparently braised prior to smoking. The meat falls off the bone.

Tan Turtle, Northeast Harbor, ME

The waitress told us it is their second season. Although we visit Bar Harbor every May, we don't always get to NE Harbor, so we don't know what it replaced. If you are headed south on Main St. it is the last or next to last on the right.

Tan Turtle, Northeast Harbor, ME

We saw some hound references to "extensive menu," but we didn't see any comments about the place itself, so we decided to try it. It was very good. The menu is very extensive, and the waitress told us that they actually have everything that is on the menu. It is a bar/pub type of place. Many seafood selections plus burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc. The salads looked extremely good, but we had salads earlier in the day, so we opted for pub type stuff. Sue had fried haddock with cole slaw & hush puppies. Paul had a half pound cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and bacon. Both came with "turtle chips," which were the weakest offering. We'd rather have commercially made kettle chips than the turtle chips, but we aren't big on chips anyway. We had Turtle ale which was also very good. The napkins are also worthy of comment: they are probably the best, most cloth like, paper napkins wee have seen in a long time. Good sturdy napkins are a real plus when eating finger food. We noticed that the napkins came from Sysco which we know causes red flags to go up with many hounds, but the food was really good, the service was good (although "working" was mentioned). They say their seafood is not frozen. We believe them. Prices seemed reasonable considering the area. We'll go back.

Campari changes carmine to artificial color?

I've been following this thread for several days. I hope Campari hasn't changed. I'm thinking maybe the labling here in US has been changed by the distributer. After reading the original post, I went to my store and found most of the inventory said "artificially colored." One bottle said, "contains natural carmine." I bought the natural carmine bottle. In the store under flourecent lights I couldn't convince myself that there was a diffference in color, but maybe there was. Both the artificial color and the natural carmine bottles in the store said, "imported by Skyy Spirits." Arriving home with my natural carmine prize, I discovered a bottle of Campari on my shelf that did not list any color or any other ingredient. It is a bottle that is probably one or two years old. It says, "imported by Paddington Ltd." I think the question remains for all of us: has Campari changed or is this simply a matter of the lable that is printed and attached here in US by the importer? By the way, we like our Campari with soda in the summer and in Negroni cocktails before a special Italian dinner at other times of the year.

Dec 02, 2007
Boodles in Spirits

Portland on a budget

We like both the Village and Espo's. Village has good veal parm. Espo's has giant meatballs and gives many scallops with whatever dish has them. We've not felt a need to clean the kitchen. Tried Henry VIII once: good sandwich, but skimpy on ingredients and considerably overpriced. Much better sandwiches at Full Belly Deli. Best burgers at Wild Willy's in S. Portland. Acropolis has good Greek food, better than Greek Spot. Thanh Thanh 2 excellent pho.

Places to eat in Auburn Maine

The Black Watch in "new" Auburn is good. The name is a bit confusing because the menu is slanted towards Italian. The Village Inn has big seafood. Chickadee (from Turner) has opened a branch in Lewiston. We haven't tried it yet, but we like the original Chickadee. Espo's in Lewiston is Italian; we like it too. On the other end of town, Auburn, try Mac's Grille.

Dinner in Manchester NH?

We really like Picola Italia on Elm St.

Hartford, CT to South shore LI: any suggestions?

We will be driving through CT to a destination in Baldwin, NY this week end. Any suggestions for lunch or supper? We will be on LI for a few days. I'm sure we'll have a dog at Nathan's in Oceanside at least once.

Maine hounds heading to San Antonio - recs?

We enjoyed the drive to Mac & Ernie's as well as the burgers. We went for lunch on Wednesday, as it was the only day that fit our schedule. Thanks for the suggestion.

Dec 20, 2006
Boodles in Texas

Maine hounds heading to San Antonio - recs?

We're going to be in SA for a week starting 12/9. We're going to be staying near Sea World, but will have access to a car. We're looking for hound worthy recs for regional food and just interesting and good places. We like BBQ, hot stuff, Mexican, and almost anything including pho.

Dec 03, 2006
Boodles in Texas

Bad experience at Fore Street (portland)

The main problem at FS is their attitude. They're slopping out mediocre food in an old warehouse with a view of a parking lot. It's a brick building with hardwood floors. It's LOUD and not pleasant. Somehow they got DISCOVERED. Few dare point out the empror has no clothes. We're delighted to see this thread, finaly. We ate there 3 times. The first to try it out. The other two times because others in our party wanted to go there. If we never go again, it'll be too soon.

Authentic Soul Food/Southern Cooking in Manchester NH--wow!

We checked this out a couple of months ago. The ribs she does are beef. If you're looking for pork ribs this is not the place (unless she changed the menu since we were there).

Best seafood in Portland

Our three favorites in Portland area for seafood are: Joe's Boathouse, S. Portland, Street & Co., and Old Port Sea Grill.

Good Place For Ribs In Portland, MAINE?

We tried Buck's Naked once. The ribs were charred on the outside, but rare, or would it be raw, on the inside. We took them home and nuked them. We'll not go back anytime soon. Beale St. is probably the best in the area.

The Colosseum in Salem,NH

We haven't been to Colosseum in several years, but we liked it back then. Picola Italia in Manchester we visited just about 2 months ago and it was great. We both had veal (different dishes). It was great!

Benny's in Portland ME--any good?

I drove by Benny's today. It is closed for the season.

Any Suggestions for (1) Lunch in Portland and (2) Dinner in Bath?

Beale St. BBQ in Bath is very good. Maryellenz can be good, but sometimes the wait is too long. JR Maxwell's is bad. Solo Bistro very good but expensive. Henry & Marty in Brunswick is very good also expensive. Lunch in Portland - depends on what you want. My current favorite is Thanh Thanh (Vietnamise).

Benny's in Portland ME--any good?

I spoke about Benny's. Benny's is good, not great. I go there every few weeks. If I didn't work a mile or so away, I probably wouldn't go there, but I do and it's a good place for lunch. The fried seafood is good, the lobster rolls are good. The portion size is smallish. The price is medium. It's clean, rarely crowded, nor deserted. My brother, who lives in New York, likes it as a quick fix for lobster roll when he's in Portland. There used to be a place called Bill's down on the point, back in the 60's that sold clam cakes for 25 cents a piece. Bill's was worth the trip from Peaks Island where we lived back then. Benny's isn't Bill's, but it's what we got now.

Driving up to St. Andrews - what's on the way (Boston to Bar Harbor/ Calais) & New Brunswick

The best fried seafood along your route would be at the Angler's in Searsport, Me.

Benny's in Portland ME--any good?

I go to Benny's every few weeks. It's not too far from where I work. I can get in and out of there fairly quickly. Anyhow, to answer your question, it is good, not great. I usually get a haddock sandwich or fish & chips. I think the portion size is a bit small, but the quality is good and the fish is cooked correctly. I had a lobster roll there once: same comment, small, but good enough. I don't care for Becky's. A lot of hype, food & service just so-so.

Bath - Wiscasset and Thereabouts

The local name for your first place to avoid is the "Waste of Maine." Also, stay away from JR Maxwell's in Bath. It may be worse. Waste of Maine at least has a view. Try the Bounty in the Holiday Inn in Bath. Stuffed shrimp are served with a bowl of dipping butter and the "prime" rib is good although more likely it's choice.

Turkey restaurant in New Hampshire

We used to drive from Maine to Nashua to go to Green Ridge Turkey Farm. It was across the street from Hilltop Steakhouse. The last time we drove down there, which was around 5 - 10 years ago, the Hilltop was closed and Green Ridge was not only closed, but the building was gone. Both were very good for the types of places they were.

Sep 26, 2006
Boodles in Northern New England

Portland, Maine- We Love Lobster!

We prefer Street & Co. to Fore St. I think they have the same owners, but Street & Co. is more seafood oriented, and we think better. Old Port Sea Grill is also excellent.

Reds Lobster - Just not that great

We used to like the crabmeat rolls at Red's, but we got a couple early this Summer and they tasted sweet! We think they substituted Mirical Whip for the mayonase. Whatever it was it was too sugary - not good. Sprague's on the dock across the road is better and the line is shorter. Red's onion rings are the worst o-rings we've ever had. Completely soaked in grease. Some grease can be good: The Big Al sandwich used to be my annual grease loading. I looked forward to it every year. I skipped it this Summer due to the bad o-ring experience. The line is insane and the smell of diesel exhaust while you're eating is something you can do without.

Brunswick, Maine

El Camino is very good, and they make a great Margarita. Their quality is first rate, and we believe they try to use local produce. Hacienda Pancho Villa is very authentic in a California kind of way, and they have a much more extensive menu. We always get a side of pico de gallo which is a fabulous addition to almost anything. We have not been to Black Sheep yet. Tess' is along my commute from work so it's easy to visit. I have worried about the heat in there on occasion, but we haven't had a bad bottle from them. I think they have a pretty good turn over.