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Culver City on a Sunday night -- what's open?

Looking for something slightly more healthful than Johnnie's/Tito's. Is Fraiche worth the money?

Best Moules frite?

the ones i had at luna park (la brea near wilshire) were delicious!

Squash Blooms?

the squash blossoms were one of my favorite things on the menu when i was at mozza on 3/29.

Feijoada recs in SGV/Pasadena/Downtown L.A.

taste of brazil (4840 huntington drive in el sereno) has fantastic feijoada -- dense, savory, and hearty, best consumed slowly on a lazy afternoon with friends. their other menu items are well worth trying too.

jonathan gold describes the dish thus:

"Feijoada, South America’s cassoulet, is the improbable national dish of Brazil — a bowl of black beans and various gelatin-rich animal parts with the ability to glue your lips together at the distance of 10 paces and the approximate molecular density of lead. You’ve seen those cross-section displays of La Brea Tar Pit excavations, cores of asphalty goo that support incredible matrices of tiger skulls and mouse skeletons and mammoth femurs. A proper feijoada looks a little like that. If you saw a rogue feijoada in the middle of your lawn, you’d call 911, and a hazmat team would be at your door within minutes."

seeking good COFFEE around USC!

wow, i was sure it was all starbucks! i'm in the doheny tea house frequently but i never noticed.

seeking good COFFEE around USC!

the coffee shops on campus are all starbucks franchises, and while i love the raggazzi room's feel and decor, their coffee can tend towards the weak. i never bother with the coffee bean on expo -- their stuff is overpriced. are there any good indie coffee places around (i know this board discourages talk about chains) that i'm missing? or good restaurant coffee?

Drinks near USC?

and if you feel like throwing down some money, go to the revolving bar at the top of the bonaventure hotel!

Drinks near USC?

right around USC (on hoover) there's the 29th St Cafe, which serves wine and beer as well as a good selection of burgers, salads, sandwiches, etc. there's also the 901 (2902 S Figueroa Blvd), and that's more of a traditional "get wasted" college-student bar. as for downtown, my fave is bar 107 on 4th and main. total hipster dive bar with cheap drinks.

French Onion Soup

i'm going to big-up doughboys too.

good, cheap breakfast within walking distance of vroman's?

i actually did end up going to coco's, since i was craving something eggy and american. the eggs -- which i ordered over-medium -- were a little TOO runny, i thought. they could have used another 30 seconds on the grill. i loved the potatoes, though. did that place used to be a denny's?

good, cheap breakfast within walking distance of vroman's?

(Vroman's being at 695 E. Colorado Blvd in Pasadena. I'm heading over that way this morning and I'm starving.)

Yays and nays from Trader Joe's, lately [OLD]

-the turkey & swiss sandwich on pretzel bread (yowza, this is really good; i'm a big fan of minimalist sandwiches with just a couple of quality fillings and a bread that can match them, and this one pleases me greatly. maybe it's the pretzel, but there's something very rural-northeast about this sandwich.)

-the chocolate covered espresso beans (what do i even have to say about these?)

Nov 19, 2006
atomichorseradish in Chains

Subway: Did They Give Jared the Boot?

i stick with the chicken teriyaki or the subway club. always on wheat, 6-inch, lettuce/onion/pickles, hold the mayo and mustard.

Nov 03, 2006
atomichorseradish in Chains

Scenario: You're at the shopping mall during lunch/dinner hour. What do you eat?

ooh, there's a place on the second floor of the glendale galleria (where there's a small auxiliary food court) that serves pretty tasty bento bowls and the like. not quite "fast" fast food and not quite cheap either, but hey, it's in a mall and it's edible.

Nov 02, 2006
atomichorseradish in Chains

Armandino Batali's Salumi

possibly off-topic since i haven't been to CSBH yet -- but i visited armandino batali's salumi shop on my last trip to seattle (two years ago) and everything i sampled that day was very, very high quality. i can understand the "inconsistent" thing though; all artists have their off days.

Yays and nays from Trader Joe's, lately [OLD]

i haven't been to a TJs in at least a month, but here's what i was eating a lot of over the summer:

-frozen turkey meatballs (wonderful, simmered in sauce or fried)
-frozen naan (plain; the garlic naan burns in the oven)
-emergen-c (good for post-workout electrolyte replenishment)
-sunflower seed butter (i wish they made a low-sugar version)
-whatever the organic/crunchy peanut butter is that isn't loaded with salt and sugar
-the foil-pouch panang curry tuna (opinions on this are mixed, but i like it!)
-frozen jasmine and brown rice
-indian food in a pouch (good with rice or naan, but stay away from TJ's repulsive chutney)
-cheap wine, obviously (although my best experience has been with the slightly pricey bonny doon cardinal zin)
-blackberries (during that two-week window when they're INSANELY good)
-blueberries (when they're in season)
-bagged spinach leaves
-vegetable sushi (i wouldn't gamble with the fish, but the vegetable rolls are fine for a snack or a light dinner)
-clif bars
-lowfat cheeses (these are great, especially the havarti)
-greek yogurt
-rice pudding
-chicken sausage
-milton's whole wheat/whole grain bread (very hearty and sturdy for a pre-packaged sandwich bread)
-frozen french onion soup (a little too salty though)
-frozen pizzas (although i prefer whole foods' 365-line pizzas)

Nov 02, 2006
atomichorseradish in Chains

thin-crust pizza by the slice, with good char in the crust -- does this exist in or anywhere near the central city?

the original poster is a she. :-)

no, the sandwich wasn't cold at all! but it did make me wonder what temperature they keep their pizza oven set to.

thin-crust pizza by the slice, with good char in the crust -- does this exist in or anywhere near the central city?

I didn't want to say "New York pizza" because it tends to stir up emotions in discussions like these (and Angelenos get snotty and say "New York pizza suxxx! Yankee go home!"). There's plenty of quote-unquote "New York pizza" out here but I haven't found anything that gets the heat component of the best NY-style places right. But this is a dying art in New York as well.

I was actually at Albano's a few weeks ago, but I didn't have pizza -- I had a meatball sub. Not bad (the meat was well-seasoned), but again, the temperature was slightly off. And the sauce was watery, I thought.

thin-crust pizza by the slice, with good char in the crust -- does this exist in or anywhere near the central city?

I want that blasted-in-a-really-hot-oven texture and taste. I want the crust to crack slightly when i fold it and for small pockets of steam to escape from the inner core. I want the sauce to burn the roof of my mouth. I want the cheese to be a little bit pockmarked (some of you will know what I mean by this). I'm tired of lukewarm slices with doughy, half-cooked crusts.

I live and attend school near downtown (USC), and would love to find someplace I could get to easily without a car when the urge strikes.

Meatball Subs?

Eastside Market sounds terrific and not too far from where I live -- I'm going to try them out this weekend. BTW, they have a website with a menu (and pictures!):

your favorite spot for late lunch on a weekday?

after the lunch rush, before the dinner rush, say around 3pm? this is when restaurants get a little scatterbrained (not to mention understaffed since their evening-shift waiters haven't shown up yet), and customers often get bad service and mediocre food as a result. which restaurants are the best for afternoon dining? (leaving out places that specialize in three-hour, eight-martini power lunches.)

please delete this

i had something here but it's a question better suited for a different board. thanks.

Sugar-free gelato?

Il Cono had it last time I was there. It was delicious! Next time I'm in BH I'm stopping in fer sure.

Gingergrass - PK's Review W/Photos

My impression of Gingergrass is that it's fine for a neighborhood place -- it'll do in a pinch, but it's not anything worth traveling for. Actually, Thai Taste over on Fletcher appeals to similar palates (Americanized SE-Asian) but has more complexity and flavor for about the same price.

Yuca's Already!

I had the carne asada burrito at Yuca's today and thought it tasted a little... off. Not spoiled, mind you, but it reminded me of how my last batch of chili tasted after i froze and reheated it. Not so fresh, a bit gamey.

Could have just been the heat.

Any Good Healthy Food Delivery Services?

I can't vouch for these guys, but The Farmer's Cart is a "fresh organic produce home delivery service" that'll send you a box of seasonal produce for $39 a month. They have a website: Seems like a good idea if you don't mind the expense and you're not a picky eater -- you don't get to choose what kinds of fruits and vegetables they send you.

SPITZ in Eagle Rock

I'm sure the food is fine, but jeez, talk about a place that doesn't know what it wants to be! doner kebabs, panini and gelato, sweet potato fries? if you're going to be an ethnic specialty shop, pick one culture and stick with it. or else call yourself a diner.

Anyone been to Ghetto Gourmet?

I was thinking of attending this, but upon further consideration I was really put off by the notion of something calling itself "ghetto" and charging $40 a head for dinner.

Forthcoming Restaurants in Eagle Rock

Webb mentioned Lemongrass -- one possibility is that the New York Thai mini-franchise Lemongrass Grill is expanding out here.