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White Sox friendly and great food?

I am planning a day for me and my boyfriend. We are going to tour US Cellular in the morning and catch a game at night. It's in the beginning of July. I am trying to find a resturant that has a White Sox atmosphere and either great hot dogs/beef or bbq. If you have any suggestions that would be great. Otherwise we might just go to the Taste. Does anyone know when the presale tickets at Dominicks go on sale for that?

May 06, 2008
whitesoxgirl12 in Chicago Area

BBQ near the Ford Theater?

In a couple weeks I am going to see Wicked at 8pm in Chicago and my boyfriend loves bbq. I tried searching to find a place near the Ford but I did not have any luck. If anyone has an recommendations please let me know as soon as possible! Thanks!

Feb 18, 2008
whitesoxgirl12 in Chicago Area