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Dim sum

Been craving dim sum all week. Good friend of mine highly recommended Kam Fung in Chinatown. Should place be too full, is there any place worth trying? Looking for a restaurant that is kid-friendly.

Thanks in advance.

Closest IHOP to Montreal?

Taking a small road trip Saturday and we'd like to visit an IHOP.

I was at the location in Albany last year (30 minutes past Lake George). Any other locations I should know about? Maybe in Vermont?

Thanks in advance.


Where to buy good pancetta in Montreal?

Johnny Proscuitto in St.Michel. Family-run business. Great service, wonderful products and fairly priced.

2641 Charland

La Louisiane on Sherbrooke: Yay or Nay?

In the mood for Cajun as I never tried it. Heard about this restaurant but wondering if it's worth the shot.

I'm famished but don't want to make any hasty decisions lol

Keilpasa: Where to buy quality sausage?

Hello people of CH!

Looking for quality polish or hungarian sausage to try some new recipes.

Please help :)

What is Montreal's Best Greek Restaurant?

I never have to cross a bridge when the craving for greek food hits me. Located in Laval, you have the following places that rate high on my list:

- Village Grec on Samson. If you have a huge appetite this is the place for you. Food is always delicious and has never left me disappointed

- Atomic on the corner of Souvenir and 100th avenue. A small family run business, this is the place for large meat platters such as quail, chicken, porc and beef. Jimmy is always in a good mood and ready to customize an order for me

- Marathon on the corner of Cure Labelle and Notre Dame. I love their doner and tzaziki sauce. Weither you do take-out or decide to dine in, waiters are courteous and kitchen is very clean.

So you see, I'm surrounded by great greek restaurants. Although I heard of Tripoli, I have yet to dine there.

Any worthy INDIAN restaurants in Laval?

Hi Hungryann!

No... not fond of the Tandoori Xpress that replaced it. I tried replacing the craving with greek cuisine, but its not working very well... lol. Love greek food but not the same as indian as spices are very different.

There's no listing for restaurant named Dawat in our area... only in Ontario and I ain't talking about the street.. hehe

Lagatta: I live in Duvernay area about 2 minutes from Tandoori Xpress. I do own a car. I wouldn't mind driving to DDO to get take-out, but the drive back to Laval with that aroma in the car is an accident waiting to happen.. lol.

Any worthy INDIAN restaurants in Laval?

Man... I sure miss Masala Mantram on Cartier.

However, the craving for quality indian food doesn't go away... ever. Please feel free to post comments/opinions on quality indian eatery in Laval area.

Masala Mantram in Laval - quick review

I just called MM to place my order for take-out. Person on the phone tells me that Masala Mantram has been sold and is now known as Tandoori Palace.. same owner(s) as Tandoori Xpress on Concorde Blvd. The entire MM menu has been dropped and they no longer carry the items I once loved so much.

After I wipe away these tears, I shall have to find yet another fine indian restaurant to satisy my hunger for yummy butter chicken, spicy curry lamb and Palek beef...

Farewell Masala Mantram. You'll be missed.


IMO, Casa Napoli is overrated and I was never too fond of their establishment due to the food-for-dollar ratio. I don't find you get your monies worth there althought the cuisine and service is quite satisfying.

Where in Montreal for lobster?

Would it be better buying live lobsters or cooked? Pros and cons please... thanks.

Best place to buy fresh lobster?

Thanks Carswell... much appreciated.

Best place to buy fresh lobster?

The season is apon us once again. I missed the lobster season for the last 6 years... BUT NOT THIS YEAR... lol.

Question is: Where to buy fresh lobster at the best price? What to look for when choosing?

Thanks in advance!

Best submarine in Laval?

Wife and I are planning on staying in and catching a movie. We have the urge for subs.

Any restaurants in Laval worth trying?


Masala Mantram in Laval - quick review

Steven: I live just off Notre Dame De Fatima. So let me get this straight... you prefer TX over MM? How so?

HungryAnn: No, I've never had the young Afghan girl wait on us. I've had the french woman and Minto (owner's friend) though. Never even knew there was an waitress besides the two I just mentioned.

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of MM awhile back. Young guy. Seems shy... lol. He's name is Biboo (please forgive my spelling but thats how he pronounced it). I mentioned this Chowhound thread to him and he thanked me. The whole place knows me there by my first name now... I feel like Norm from Cheers - HAHAAHAA!

I gotta tell you that once I find a restaurant I truly like, I stick to it and I do my best to not sway off elsewhere. The staff at MM have always treated me and my wife with great respect and their indian cuisine has never left us regretting our visit.

Masala Mantram in Laval - quick review

I agree 100 percent with HungryAnn's statement "... he will happily take back the dish and whip up a new one if its too spicy." Thats what customer service is all about.

As far as I know they have one waiter and one waitress. They are both very helpful. The waiter's name is Mintoo and is very friendly and is always ready to have a conversation.

I have tried they're lamb curry and fell in love with it right away! It is NOT spicy to start of with so I now ask the owner to make it as hot as I can get it. YUM!

No need to worry HungryAnn... as long as Masala Mantram has clients such as you and I that appreciate quality indian cuisine, they'll be around for awhile. As for my wife, she wishes to reserve our visits to Masala Mantram only for "date night". With both of us working, a 3 year old daughter to raise and a new puppy, date night doesn't come as often as we would hope... lol. Don't tell my wife, but they do take out too - SHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;)

As for Shahi Palace, I must pay them a visit next time I'm in DDO.

Masala Mantram in Laval - quick review

I got to be honest when I say this... since I've tried Masala Mantram, I have not gone back to Tandoori Xpress. Even though Tandoori is just 4 mins from where I live, I rather drive the extra 20 minutes to get Masala Mandram take-out. Not to say that Tandoori does not have some mouth-watering dishes, but I prefer Masala Mantram for their overall customer service and higher quality of indian cuisine as I have never been served leftover chicken as HungryAnn believes. I, too, have been greeted by the unfriendly hostess in the past and it was unacceptable.

Anyhow, I just called Masala Mantram for take out as I've ben having a craving for their lamb curry all week long. To my dismay, they only open at 5pm on Sunday and Saturdays ;(

Masala Mantram in Laval - quick review

My wife and I were there last night (Friday).

Restaurant is very clean and well maintained. Atmosphere is quiet and perfect for either business lunches or couples looking for peaceful night out.

Waitress was friendly and very helpful as she took her time answering all of our questions. I couldn't help but notice that several paintings hanging on the walls included topless women, not in sexual positions, but topless just the same (for the record, I'm have nothing against this whatsoever, but some people might take offense to this more so if they come to dine with young children).

We placed our order of chicken madras, lamb balti with the dish of various perfectly-charred shrimps, chicken and beef. We also ordered a portion of naan and chipati. The order took no longer than 15-20 minutes to recieve despite the fact that the waitress told us that a client had just placed a $400 take-out order a few minutes before we placed ours in.

The food was spectacular to say the least! The spices used were not over-powering in anyway and the all the main ingredients were fresh and quickly brought smiles to our faces when we took fork-to-mouth. I wasn't too fond about those thin baked pita-like appetizers we got as the cumin hasn't always been my favorite spice. Nevertheless, my wife and I both tried it and left the rest aside. I enjoyed the idea of serving water with a wedge of lemon :)

Anyhow, the bill came out to $56 including tip. Worth every single penny. Wife and I are thinking of calling it "our place" from now on. No more Scores for us ;)

Authenthetic indian cuisine - But where?

Thank you for your input on this Carswell. Much appreciated!

Authenthetic indian cuisine - But where?

I'm in the process of planning a quiet night out with my wife. We both decided that we'd like to eat indian/pakistani cuisine tonight.

We live in Duvernay (Laval) and have tried Tandoori Xpress, on Concorde, a few times and have always enjoyed their cuisine. However, we're looking for another location to try.

We wouldn't mind driving downtown or to the West Island if Indian/Pakistani restaurant prepares authenthetic cuisine with a RELAXING atmosphere. We are not strong on alcohol so a BYOB establishment isn't important, but do not wish to spend more than $70-$80 on a meal. I enjoy eating lamb and would appreciate a restaurant that knows how its done properly.

Phone number and/or address would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Best stimm├ęs/steamies?

Chez Ma Tante on Fleury in Ville St Michel has great steamies!

Best Steak Place In Montreal

I haven't been to Moishe's but I have been to Le Biftheque on Cote De Liesse and they always have me going back for more. Prime rib is very tender but pricey, but it money well spent.

Best pizza in MTL

Napolitana on Dante is overrated and overpriced for size of pizza. Don't forget, its a cash-only store (no credit cards or interact are accepted).

I tried Boston Pizza in Laval off St.Martin. I didn't like it.

Best pizza I've eaten is in the west island on Gouin called Luna Pizzeria between Sources and St.Johns.

Which cupcake shop?

To be honest, I was disappointed a few times with Coca Locale. My wife and I decided to visit the store on 2 different occasions and on both occasions the store was closed (first time we didn't know she was closed all of January and second time was on a February Sunday afternoon).

When my wife decided to give it one more try and she went alone. She brought back a few cupcakes and a small red velvet chocolate cake. Cupcakes were good but the cake was delicious.

Shish Taouk

To answer Mainsqueeze's question: Yes, there is place to sit and eat. But don't make it a family outing. Food is great and I would highly recommend Abu Elias for shish taouk and shawarma.