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Is Baltimore Boring restaurantwise?

Hey Foi,

Little time to post due to nursing school crunch, but I've had some amazing meals in the last month:

The Food Market: "The Chicken" perfectly cooked, moist, great sides.

The Helmand: Just as good as ever, Had the pulau and another chicken dish (curry like); flavors were aggressively restrained (in that they were all assertive but not one dominated the entire dish).

Friday was City Cafe: The Baltimore Club...OMG! Can't believe I ate the whole thing! Crab cake and shrimp salad! Also had the mussels as an app, About 18-20 mussels in a nice creamy broth, not heavy at all with the coconut milk, and the mussels tasted so fresh.

Vacation in Monterey

I love Il Vecchio and La Balena (in Carmel) seems to be getting lots of love lately.

May 20, 2013
gmk1322 in California

How do YOU make a meatloaf sandwich?

two slices of foccacia, Side 1: Grainy Mustard, Side 2: Mayo, Meatloaf (warmed to remove chill), cheddar cheese, thin-sliced tomato on the cheese, roasted peppers

and the key...panini press it to get it melty, gooey!

Feb 28, 2013
gmk1322 in General Topics

What to eat in California

Santa Barbara Spot prawns

Feb 14, 2013
gmk1322 in California

Chinese New Year Banquet Menu?

Zhongshan in Baltimore is offering what you are looking for I believe, though I don't know the number/table. If you wind up with a spare seat let me know, haha.

$350.00 Per Table
Assorted cold dishes platter - siiced beef, roast duck,BBQ pork, jellyfish, Seafood soup w tofu, fried snow crab cbw wrapped in shrimp paste, Sauteed seafood with snow pea, Chinese fried chicken, Twin Lobsbers with onion and scallion, Baby bok choy with shiitake mushroom, Walnut shrimp, Fish fillet with corn, House special fried rice, Chinese cookies, Seasonal fresh fruits


Dinner options for Monterey - Help w/ itinerary and questions about Passionfish?

Hey Dave,

Life long Monterey visitor here with his 2 cents. For your casual dinner on Friday night might I suggest Hula's on Lighthouse. It is easy to miss since it kind of blends in as you drive by but is really popular with locals. It is kind of a fusion of fresh seafood, caribbean, and asian; I can almost promise you there are not too many places on the EC like this.

As far as passionfish, I'm in the Melanie boat here; it is good, not amazing as in my opinion the menu never really changes; it is the wine that is amazing! I am a big fan however of 1833 in the old Stokes Adobe. I've eaten there twice and have had both excellent service and food on both occasions. You could do one of the large dishes for splitting amongst the group (Michael Bauer of SF Chronicle fame absolutely LOVES their whole roasted chicken with truffle butter). Also, the maple, bacon biscuits are very nom.

Breakfast wise, it's probably not what you're looking for as they have very few Mexican options, but First Awakenings will always have my heart. If you want a more local vibe and since you are staying in pg, also consider Holly's on Lighthouse.

Safe and enjoyable travels!

Jan 30, 2013
gmk1322 in California

Super Bowl recipes! Some Balitimore favorites!

oh yeah...crab cakes, tater tots of many different varieties (google search Ale Mary's to see their menu with many different tot versions: sloppy tots, reuben tots, sweet potato tots, crabby tots, etc...)

Jan 29, 2013
gmk1322 in Home Cooking

Anyone here scared of Hollandaise?

Not at all. If it's an issue just buy pasteurized eggs.

Jan 27, 2013
gmk1322 in General Topics

Sacramento x 2

I suggest Andy Nguyen for vegetarian.

Jan 23, 2013
gmk1322 in California

Best pub for grub

I personally like Thames Street Oyster House on Thames St. in Fells Point. You can either eat downstairs in the bar or make a reservation to sit in the upper restaurant area. Also, peter's inn in upper fells has some pretty decent reviews as well.

uhockey coming to LA, kinda last minute - looking for someplace open all-day Saturday.

How about BLD? They will be doing their supper menu (breakfast, lunchy) foods from 3-5.

Jan 13, 2013
gmk1322 in Los Angeles Area

Starbucks Gift card

spread the wealth as a last, great Holiday gesture!

Jan 07, 2013
gmk1322 in Chains

Birthday Dinner on a Monday in Baltimore??

I always liked B & O, what exactly are you looking for, both price-wise and food-wise?

1 night dinner help, 1st time in NYC

Thanks for the recs so far everybody! Katz's is on the short list for sure!

What about Italian? I've eaten at pizzeria Mozza in LA so I've done a Batali place. I guess I just remember Mark Bittman saying that SF does Italian better than NYC now (especially perbacco, which is my gold standard) and I'd like a direct comparison.

Oct 19, 2012
gmk1322 in Manhattan

1 night dinner help, 1st time in NYC

Hello All,

I need some advice. I will be in NYC for the first time ever (originally from CA but in MD for school) for the night of 11/30 and I will be staying at one of the Marriotts by Rockefeller Center.

I am looking to spend no more than $25 (food, pre-tax/tip) for my first NYC dinner but am unsure of what and where. Basically, I want something that screams "NEW YORK!"

Overall, I am quite an adventurous eater and willing to try anything once. I just like to eat in moderation so places with exorbitantly unhealthy foods are kinda out (and I do need a little bit of room because I really want to hit up the "Big Gay Ice Cream Truck" for some soft serve (Bea Arthur or Milk Bar).

Any advice is greatly appreciated! (along with approval for my first stop once I'm there, to go get a bagel and lox at Russ and Daughters?)

Oct 17, 2012
gmk1322 in Manhattan

Restaurants recs for road trip down Central Coast with 2 kids?

For Monterey, I recommend both Il Vecchio and 1833 (with Il Vecchio getting the edge IMHO), plus there is Montrio Bistro as well. For breakfast, First Awakenings has never failed me.

Oct 06, 2012
gmk1322 in California

Birthday cake suggestions

Classic French calls for crepes!!! Maybe put a whimsical, humorous take on a crepe cake (like make the crepes in a square griddle pan to avoid the traditional round crepe shape, or assemble and before frosting trim it into a shape? I'd maybe go with a lemon flavor in some vein since I always find lemon refreshing after a meal.

Oct 01, 2012
gmk1322 in Home Cooking

Birthday cake suggestions

Maybe a pineapple upside down cake, or some variation of such with seasonal fruit (peaches may still be in season where you are. Also maybe a banana cake with nutella frosting? You could always theme it to your dinner too, what type of restaurant are you eating at?

Sep 30, 2012
gmk1322 in Home Cooking

DC Restaurant Google Map, Many Questions, and Itinerary Help, Please. LONG!

Having had dinner at Obelisk, your conception/notion is right on. The menu is quasi pre-fixe in that each of the courses (app, entree, and dessert) each have 3-4 selections amongst them. The only consistent no choice is the antipasti (amazing and generous) and the cheese course.

Philly Chowhound Coming to DC

Hank's Oyster Bar for po'boys up in Dupont Circle...and it's a short walk from the Metro. Also for breakfast/brunch I highly recommend Busboys and poets.

Baltimore novice looking for a restaurant

Heya, I am brand new to Baltimore from CA and have had two great meals at Thames Street Oyster House. Great service, crabcakes, and right on the water in Fells point.

Dinner and Breakfast in Monterey

Hula's for dinner and First Awakenings for breakfast, the ultimate combo!

Jul 28, 2012
gmk1322 in California

Dessert in Baltimore?

+1 on B&O, had some amazing desserts here in April!

Monday lunch or dinner in August -- Carmel/Monterey?

May I suggest Il Vecchio? On Monday evenings they have a secial meal called L'Avventura in Cucina which sounds very reasonable and seems to hit the mark according to the following review:

I have yet to take advantage of this offer but have eaten at Il Vecchio and the food, service, and wine wine list were all top notch, exceeding my expectations.

Jul 25, 2012
gmk1322 in California

I-5 to L.A. lunch options

Kingsburg is on the 99 which at that point is probably 20-30 miles east of I-5

Jul 16, 2012
gmk1322 in California

Dinner in Carmel for 9 people

If you don't mind an Italian redux strongly consider Il Vecchio in pacific grove one of the nights. I recently had an amazing time there a couple weeks ago. Amazing chicken entree, great apps, decently priced wine list, good homemade desserts, and AMAZING service.

Jul 12, 2012
gmk1322 in California

Outdoor dining with a view Monterey area...

I agree with Ed re: the view; unless you're willing to drive a ways down 1 toward Big Sur ocean views are limited. If I were in your position I'd sacrifice view for the other criteria and recommend Restaurant 1833. They do have tables outside but Monterey tends to be very overcast and cool in July and I can't recall if the patio has heaters.

Jul 11, 2012
gmk1322 in California

Ice Cream Sandwiches in LA?

Milk in downtown

Jul 11, 2012
gmk1322 in Los Angeles Area

French pastries in Fresno?

+1, still good!

Jul 09, 2012
gmk1322 in California

New York City to Ban Big Sodas at Restaurants, Food Carts

So apparently drinking 21oz of soda at a time is bad for your health BUT stuffing 50+ hot dogs into your body in 10 minutes is lauded (aside from the bad puns) by the govt in NYC.

Jul 04, 2012
gmk1322 in Food Media & News