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Update on Broadview and Gerrard

Yessir, they opened on Tuesday.

Update on Broadview and Gerrard

Chino Locos burritos has opened up shop on the south west corner of Broadview and Gerrard! We dropped by their Greenwood and Queen East location on Sunday and had the grilled basa burrito and are looking forward to checking out their new spot, hopefully this will cut down on the order wait times :)

Where is Toronto's $5 plate of good food?

Akrams Shoppe on Baldwin in Kensington Market has a fantastic Middle East $4.99 special plate every day, consisting of salad with rice and chicken or lamb.

Their $1.99 falafel also hits the spot, healthy and freshly made for well under $5.

ISO: Isaan (Thai) restaurants, cuisine, groceries, anything

Their old Bradstock and Weston location is now a dollar store, they moved into an industrial warehouse at 51b Jutland Road in Etobicoke a few years ago. These days Vientiane is more of a distributor supplying Asian grocery stores and restaurants, they're not really set up for walk-in retail anymore.

Is there a specific ingredient you're looking for?

Dying for Thai

I like Bua Thai on the south west corner of Queensway and Royal York, another fave is Thai Signature in Port Credit just across from the LCBO (both are run by Thais).

Chia seeds - where to find in Toronto?

Down to my last tub of chia so I went back for more. Baldwin used to sell white chia tubs for $3.99 but must've changed suppliers because it now costs $6.99 for black (organic) seeds. HTH

Chia seeds - where to find in Toronto?

Baldwin Naturals - Organic Food Market (Baldwin @ McCaul) sells 341g tubs for $3.99. Grabbed a few during lunch today and they'll be re-stocking more later this week.