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Hardy's BBQ in Bethesda, mmm,mmm,good!

I just went for the second Sunday in a row to Hardy's BBQ Truck. It is next to Suburban Hospital on Old Georgetown Road in the parking lot of the little store. Both times I had the pulled pork sandwich with extra sauce on the side and cole slaw. The pork is tender (but not too tender) and smoky and the sauce is the perfect blend of sweet, hot and tangy! They have other stuff, pit beef, ribs, chicken, smoked turkey, but the sandwich is so good I just had to have it again! It all looked and smelled good!

Restaurants in Harper's Ferry

For a quick lunch in Shepherdstown there is Maria's Taqueria with fresh homemade tacos, etc.

Worthy Meal off 95 South

If you like baby back ribs the Corner Stable in Timonium Md (north of Baltimore) is good.

Jackie's or Redwood

I've been to both several times and I would pick Redwood. I don't like to be negative but I would have to say neither place is that good, but Redwood has a bigger choice and I think the food and service is a little better.

key lime pie

I second Houston's or Woodmont Grill as it is called in Bethesda. No meringue but very good. They have a lemon meringue pie at Jackson's in Reston with nice meringue.


Try G and M in Linthicum MD. They have premade you can cook at home. You can go there to pick them up and they also have a website I think.

What are the most overrated DC restaurants?

Jaleo and Zatinya are two of my favorite places. I like the small portions and I find the food to be very fresh and inventive. I like the way Jaleo is constantly changing and offering new dishes. I would agree that Central is overrated. I ate there once after reading all the hype and had a mediocre meal in a fairly unpleasant surrounding staring at a big portrait of the chef.


I went once and liked it very much. I had the salt encrusted fish and it was great, simple yes but delicate and delicious. The service was fine and we are fast eaters so not too tolerant of spending hours for dinner. I forgot what I had for dessert but I remember it was good. We will be back.

Any good German food?

Another thought, the Cafe Leopold in Georgetown is also very good.

Any good German food?

If you are out that way, the Bavarian inn in Shephardstown WV is excellent. Good food and good wine..

Thumbs Down for Founding Farmers for Brunch

As my son says, Brunch is where they take two good meals and combine them into one bad one!

CARNITAS -- craving... who has best in NOVA?

I found out the name of the cart is On The Fly. They also have empanadas.

Thanksgiving - Chevy Chase

Clyde's is very good. On Wisconsin Ave. next to the metro stop. Good for drinks, lunch or dinner.

Swing's Coffee

The Chevy Chase Supermarket on Conn. Ave has a great selection of Swing's. Sometimes they even put it on sale.

Great Chocolate in the DMV?

I like Krons at Mazza Gallery in Friendship Heights. The dark chocolate turtles are delicious. Prices are reasonable too.

CARNITAS -- craving... who has best in NOVA?

I had a really good carnitas taco from a green and white cart in front of the Smithsonian American History museum on the mall Sunday before last. I can't remember the name but I think it had the word Fresh in it. It was $3.

Good, consistent, grocery store in DC?

I like Balducci's best of all the local stores but it is expensive. I also go to Shoppers for good prices. Balducci's hamburgers are really good and I also like the chicken kabobs (in the meat department), put them on the grill and make some rice and you have a delicious meal. The hamburger buns in the bakery section are also good.

Best Chocolates?

Krons at Mazza Gallery is good and it is right by the Friendship Heights Metro Station, one stop away from Bethesda.

Brief review of Dino

That all sounds so good. We will have to give this place another try. We went once, quite a long time ago and remember the food and wine as being good but the service was "shambolic" (my husband's description, is it really a word?).

Favorite Food Destination When Taking a Drive From DC?

The Bavarian Inn in Shepardstown WV. Good food and wine.

Tackle Box In Georgetown

Not as good as in Maine, but Legal Seafood has a pretty good lobster roll for around here. I usually go to the one at Montgomery Mall or Tysons Corner.

Simple good food

Rock Creek in Bethesda is nice. The atmosphere is serene and the food is good. Their theme is that the food is healthy but you wouldn't notice, its very tasty. I usually get the petite filet mingon, a salad and the chocolate cake. The bread and hummus they bring out at the beginning is delicious, it's hard not to fill up on that. They also have good drinks.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

I would vote for the Corner Stable in Timonium MD. Get the basket with fries and baby back ribs and you won't be sorry.

A DC Native's Top Personal Picks

Being from Adelphi I grew up on Ledo's pizza and didn't realize the uniqueness of it until I was an adult. People from other places would say, "thats not real pizza "and I would argue with them. Now having eaten many pizzas all over the world, including Italy, I realize they are right. But I still love Ledo's pizza the best.

A DC Native's Top Personal Picks

I used to go to the Irish Pizza pub once a week. I always had an Irish coffee and pizza. It was great, but I was a little afraid of the leprechaun.

Le Pain Quotidien at Bethesda

I had a similar experience at the Bethesda branch. A long, long wait for our food, our coffee never came, and when we got the food it looked good but it was surprisingly tasteless. Pale slices of meat that could be either ham or turkey or maybe some new flavorless animal. We had planned to try a pastry for dessert but didn't want to be subjected to another long wait. The wait for the check was bad enough. We paid in cash so we could leave.

Best MD/VA roadside crab sellers & vs Maine Ave.

Try the crab truck on Rt 40 in White Marsh MD in front of the Stonewall Cafe. It's a little north of Baltimore.

Bebo - Bad Experience

I went there once. The service was so bad it was actually funny. All around us were other complaining customers. It was like watching a play or some type of art piece. There were long waits every step of the way. I saw a pantomime across the room of a man getting up, going over to a waiter, pointing to his watch, gesturing to his table where his wife or girlfriend was sitting, the waiter shrugged and walked away. When I finally got my food, I think it was pasta with duck ragu, it was delicious. But still not worth it.

What is the WORST meal experience you've had in DC?

Last June I made a reservation for my anniversary at Cafe Atlantico. The reservation was for 7:30. The subway was delayed so I knew we were running a little late. We ran from the metro stop to Cafe Atlantico. When we got there the hostess said they only hold reservations for 15 minutes and that we could wait in the bar area and they would seat us when they could. We waited in the crowded bar area for a few minutes. Then I got out my cell phone to see what time it was. It was 7:38. I then approached the hostess stand and politely pointed out that we had not been 15 minutes late, more like 5 minutes. She then curtly answered "well we go by our clock." and dismissed me back to the bar area. While this ridiculous answer was sinking in we looked around at the chaotic scene and decided to leave. We did end up having a nice meal at Oyamel.

Sir Walter Raleigh Inn

I went there for dinner about 6-8 months ago. They still have the big salad bar. I don't remember what I had but the consensus was we wouldn't go back. Not as good as in the old days.