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Narragansett, RI

For many years, food at the Coast Guard House was absolutely terrible. But since it reopened, we have had two terrific meals there. At the very least, I recommend having a drink there. There are two outside locations: Up top on the deck, and behind the dining room on the rocks, where they have adirondack chairs and waiter/waitress service. The bar inside also has a spectacular views through the giant windows.

Stoneacre Pantry in Newport

Enjoyed a truly excellent brunch at Stoneacre Pantry a couple of Sundays ago.

We sat at the small bar and tried a few of their cocktail creations -- very interesting and delicious. But the true stars of the show were some of their small plates: Charcuterie that was amazing, and chicken liver mousse that was outrageously good. The menu was very reasonably priced.

This is an excellent addition to lower Thames.

Worcester, Sunday meal

Armsby Abbey for eclectic and interesting, or Via for excellent Italian with a very good menu

Montparnasse & a Paris splurge

Hi folks,

We'll be arriving in Paris at lunchtime on a Friday in May at Gare Montparnasse, so I'm looking for suggestions for a really excellent lunchtime meal in that area. Does anyone know anything about Bistrotters? Are there any 2- or 3-star restaurants in that area that may offer lunch? Give us some ideas, please!

Also, our group of 6 will be in Paris for the entire weekend, and we're looking for a handful of recommendations for truly great meals anywhere in the city. The World's Top 50 lists Joel Robuchon, Le Chateaubriand, L'Arpege, Pierre Gagnaire and L'Astrance between 12 and 18 of the world's best, but is that really what French gourmands believe? Tell me where we should NOT miss!

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Jan 27, 2013
JPchowhound in France

lunch near Uxbridge, MA?

The Whistle Stop in Oxford (Route 12) is a good option, as is 88 Bistro on Route 16 in Webster.

Persimmon in Bristol, RI

It's pretty rare that I post on Chowhound, but my wife and I, along with another couple, had such a spectacular dining experience at Persimmon in Bristol, Rhode Island, this weekend that I wanted to share it.

All four of us chose the 5-course chef's tasting menu ($65) with wine pairings, which brought the total cost to $100 per person. We also ordered two courses of foie gras, which the table shared.

From an amuse bouche beginning to the conclusion of the meal (creme brûlée for dessert), the food was almost impossibly delicious and well-prepared. The tastings included halibut belly, which was fried in a very light and airy batter; perfectly seared scallops over a bed of sensational glazed and candied carrots; and grilled shishito peppers, just to name a few.

Our server, Sarah, could not have been nicer, and she guided us expertly through the night's courses. Each dish arrived from the kitchen with a perfect presentation, and it was obvious that the chef and his kitchen staff took great care in delivering a meal that would be noteworthy in New York or Boston, not only Bristol, Rhode Island.

All in all, one of the best dining experiences we have ever had.

Looking for the best destination restaurants in RI, Mass, and CT

I'll second Rick's rec on Baba. We lived in Boston for 8 years and had some pretty great sushi, but we were stunned to discover how great Baba is in the middle of Worcester.

Sat. night in Worcester- dining tip needed

Our group of four had a very, very dissatisfying meal at the Sole last week. Service was slow, 2 of the meals (salmon and surf/turf) were overcooked, and the stuffed lobster showed up without any stuffing at all. It was our third straight disappointing visit there in the last 12 months.

I'd suggest The People's Kitchen. (You can meet friends for drinks afterward at the Citizen downstairs -- they make killer cocktails.) The chef prepares his own charcuterie and dry-ages his own steaks. And the service has been excellent on a bunch of visits for us.

New in Worcester: Ritual, Nuovo, others?

I came across a story about a new place in Worcester called Ritual, so I checked out its website:

The place looks intriguing -- and more upscale than Worcester sometimes offers. Has anyone been?

Also, TriBeca on Shrewsbury has apparently reopened as another Italian joint named Nuovo, and there's now a sushi joint somewhere on Green Street.

Anyone have any reports on these places yet?

South End: Function for 40 on Friday night in October


GREAT suggestion -- we never would have thought of that. Just took a look at the website and it appears spot-on for our friend's sense of style. We're passing it along to her tonight.

Anyone else have any other ideas?

South End: Function for 40 on Friday night in October

Hi all,

A friend is getting hitched in October, and is looking for suggestions for a rehearsal dinner space on a Friday night. The wedding is in the South End. Need suggestions for a space nearby that will accommodate 40 people. Cool place and great food are the main requirements. Price isn't a huge factor, but a private space would be great. Ideas????

Feng / Blackstone Valley Shoppes

Had cocktails and sushi at the newly opened Feng at the Shoppes at Blackstone Valley in Millbury this week. It's definitely worth a trip, if only to see one of the priciest restaurant designs in the area. I couldn't believe that I was eating in Millbury -- it was closer to a design you would fine in Boston

The quality of the sushi and sashimi was very good, although not as good as Baba. The appearance and plating were exceptional. Orders of sashimi arrived on a serving vessel with a huge shell for a backdrop, which drew interested chatter from nearby diners.

An order of sashimi came with only two pieces instead of the more usual three, but a spicy tuna roll was well put together and larger than some.

Price points were usual for upscale sushi, but might be jarring to those who think of the Shoppes as a place to eat Uno pizza or Red Robin burgers.

The restaurant and bar were nearly full at 7 pm on a Thursday, but virtually empty by 9. I hope the place develops a following and builds up business, because Worcester County doesn't have too many places that are, frankly, this impressive looking and cool.

Calling All Worcester Area Foodies...

We had a really nice dinner just last night at People's Kitchen, in fact. The prices are incredibly reasonable -- $14 to $28 for entrees -- and the food was tasty and well prepared. With cocktails and two of their more expensive bottles of wine, 5 of us had dinner for $375, which included a hefty tip.

We tried the charcuterie and cheese plate, beet salad, caesar salad, fried chicken, filet mignon, sirloin steak, bison steak, and shrimp and sweet potato casserole. Of all of those dishes, only the casserole disappointed. The menu didn't tell us that the shrimp were baby shrimp -- they were tiny and bland, and the dish really just didn't work.

Our waiter, Carlos, had a lot of personality and really seemed to enjoy the restaurant's philosophy of fresh and local food. The menu apparently changes daily, based on the ingredients the chef has been able to source.

Cocktails from the Citizen downstairs are imaginative and tasty. You have to love the giant ice cubes that appear in some of their drinks, including the Prohibition Punch.

All in all, we would definitely return.

Cape Town: Open on Sundays for dinner?

Hi Caroline,

Thanks so much for your reply. I looked further into your restaurant, and I guess U shouldn't be surprised: You and Frank Winter get huge kudos on the web for your attention to customers, details and excellent food!

We'll be in Cape Town (and are looking for a great dinner spot) on Sunday, January 9. I don't know if you're planning to open on that date, but if you are, please let us know. If not, I greatly appreciate your recommendation of the Opal Lounge. (If you can't trust a recommendation from a renowned restaurant owner who had a great meal on her birthday, who can you trust???)

We're planning on hiking Table Mountain on that Sunday, so I don't know that we'll be able to arrange a Sunday brunch. But we still have a few months until our visit and things could change, so I really appreciate your thoughts and recommendations!


Cape Town: Open on Sundays for dinner?

Hi folks,

We'll be traveling to Cape Town in January and we've gotten a huge amount of restaurant information from the folks on this board. After doing a lot of research, we settled on 95 Keerom and Jardine for dinner on the Friday and Saturday of our stay.

Our problem, though, is that NONE of the highly regarded restaurants in Cape Town seem to be open on Sunday nights for dinner! Aubergine, Roundhouse, Fork, Bizerca Bistro, Carne, Savoy Cabbage -- they're all closed on Sunday nights!

Most of the places we could find that are open on Sundays are on the waterfront and/or at hotels, so right now we're likely to plan on dining at Willoughby's for sushi. (We also considered the Opal Lounge, but virtually everyone who has written about it mentions the lack of patrons, and we're concerned that it may not still be in business when we visit in January.)

Chowhounds, can you give us any information about other restaurants that are open for dinner on Sundays in Cape Town that we should consider???

Knife sharpening in Central Mass?

Anyone know who sharpens kitchen knives in Worcester County? (I've heard that the meat department at Big Y offers the service, but I'm a little skeptical.)

Worcester County: Quick raves and rants

We've been dining out quite a bit over the last few months, so I thought I'd offer a few quick comments on some of the noteworthy places we've tried, both good and bad.

SUSHI: We absolutely love Baba on Park Ave. in Worcester, but on two recent occasions the place was overflowing so we tried Haiku, almost across the street. Our meals were excellent, the principal chef was in the kitchen, the drinks were creative, and the service was very good. We would return to either spot in a heartbeat, and I can no longer say that Baba is better.

PUBS: Armsby Abbey on Main Street in Worcester might make the best grilled cheese on the planet, the selection of Belgian beers is huge, and the bartenders are great. The pizza and cheese plates are also very good. Flying Rhino offers great casual fare on Shrewbury Street. The Boynton on Highland is a really nice spot to watch a game and offers very good food. Outside Worcester, the Whistle Stop in Oxford has a large bar, freshly popped popcorn, a gigantic menu and decent food with good service. (They need better TVs, though).

BREAKFAST IN THE BURBS: Central Diner in Millbury and the Heritage Coffee Shop in Auburn are very good. Carl's in Oxford gives you gigantic piles of mediocre food in a filthy environment.

PIZZA: Wonder Bar on Shrewsbury Street is the best thin-crust in the area-- cash only, though. Corner Grille on Pleasant Street is also excellent. Tony's on 146 in Sutton is standard Greek pizza and way, way below average.

SHREWSBURY STREET: Thumbs way up on Via, 111 Chop, Flying Rhino, Wonder Bar and Piccolo (but they REALLY need to replace the god-awful worn-out rug in the dining room). Piccolo's specialty salad, with apples and almonds, is probably the best salad in Worcester. Thumbs way down on Tribeca, Junior's Pizza, and Zipango.

OUTSIDE WORCESTER: Oxford Casual Dining in Oxford and Alicante in Mendon are well worth the ride. Be sure to get one of the bartender's special drinks at "OCD." Willy's in Shrewsbury offers excellent steak and sushi, but we found the service a little uneven on more than one occasion.

Who makes the best pizza in New England?

Tony's is standard Greek pizza, and well below average for even that, IMHO. Instead, drive 15 minutes north into Worcester and get one of the best pizzas you'll ever have at the Wonder Bar on Shrewsbury Street.

Food itinieary in Buenos Aires

Hi Upscale,

My wife and I just got back from a weeklong trip to BA. Here are our thoughts on a few of the places you mentioned and a few others:

La Cabrera is a very bustling place. It's a walk or a very short cab ride from Palermo SoHo. It's ALL tourists, but the food is quite good and, as with all of the parillas, very plentiful. They move people in and out of here pretty quickly, and your meal will be on your table before you know it.

La Bourgogne: We didn't go here, but most of the posters on Chowhound seem to say it's pretty good, but very expensive. It isn't open on Sundays. If you go, you can grab a drink in the very nice lobby bar of the Alvear, which offers very pricy drinks in a nice setting. This will be a solid 10- to 20-minute cab ride from Palermo SoHo.

Cabana Las Lilas is a very famous parrilla in the Puerto Madera area -- a 15- or maybe 25-minute cab ride from Palermo. We found the food very good here -- the "baby beef" was perhaps the best sirloin steak we've ever had. This was a mix of locals and tourists, some of whom arrived in tour buses. They accept and honor reservations here, which not all of the restaurants do in BA.

For a parrilla in Palermo that Portenos frequent, I would recommend Miranda. We arrived here for dessert one night after being extraordinarily disappointed at another restaurant across the street (more on that below). The atmosphere was lively and the crowds seemed to enjoy their meals. The open kitchen was fun to watch, and the dessert and wine selection was very nice and reasonably priced.

I strongly recommend that you stay away from Standard, another restaurant in Palermo. Although our hotel and one or two other sources recommended it, we found the food awful. We weren't the only ones; we spotted another couple that had dined at Standard at the same time as us also having wine and dessert at Miranda after their meal. The house specialty chicken dish was overcooked, dry and tasteless. A seafood and rice dish was fishy and just terrible. The service was very slow.

Oleson, in Palermo Hollywood, was a really fun spot to have a drink, and several people recommended the food. (We didn't eat there). The theme is Swedish, and the restaurant has very nice places outside and inside to sit and either have a drink or a meal. The bar offered a number of vodkas, including specialty shots.

Bar Uriarte, in Palermo SoHo, was a great place to have lunch. The carpaccio here was some of the best we've had, and the atmosphere was very nice -- it was a good break from the lively street action n Palermo.

In Recoleta, we recommend Piegari, an Italian restaurant located under a bridge near the Four Seasons hotel. Don't let that description of the location steer you away; this place was crowded and served very good Italian dishes. (You'll find many Italian restaurants in this city, which has a very large Italian population). If you go here, share every dish between at least two people -- they're massive and delicious. The ravioli scroffa was spectacular.

Finally, for the best brunch you will ever have in your life, make a reservation for the Sunday brunch in La Mansion at the Four Seasons in Recoleta. (Note that this is different than the ordinary Sunday brunch at the hotel's lobby restaurant -- be sure to specify brunch at La Mansion). It includes everything you can imagine -- raw bar, chef stations, carving stations, a sushi chef, a creperie for dessert, you name it. The location and decor, too, is fantastic. It was very expensive -- I believe $40 U.S. per person -- but that included champagne, mimosas, etc.

You've probably heard that everyone eats dinner late in BA -- it's true. We found that a 10 p.m. dinner reservation was just about the right time for us.

Worcester recommendations...

Hi Cindy,

I know this is probably too late for you, but next time try the Boynton on Highland Street, across from the Sole Proprietor. Similar feel to the Rhino, but with a more complete menu. It's a solid choice.

Night Out for Parents- South Worcester County

Alicante in Mendon. Great location on the water makes this a nice spot in the spring and summer, but the food is great year-round. One of our favorites in Worcester County, and the best choice by far south of Worcester.

Pre-theater dining help needed

Cool -- thanks for the recommendation. I hadn't heard of this one but will check it out.

Any other thoughts, anyone?

Jul 31, 2007
JPchowhound in Manhattan

Pre-theater dining help needed

Hi folks,

Can you help out a couple of Chowhounds who will be visiting for a show in September? We're looking for some really good recommendations near the Theater District.

We have previously visited Esca and db Bistro Moderne, so we don't want to go back there. We also don't want to visit a steakhouse.

Based purely on Zagat, we're thinking of La Masseria, etcetera etcetera, Lattanzi or Triomphe. But we aren't wedded to any of those and are open to other suggestions.

I'd love to hear your thoughts or recommendations for any of those spots or any others that you think would be good dinner spots. Thanks!

Jul 29, 2007
JPchowhound in Manhattan

Central Mass. and 'burbs south of Worcester

I've read that Kenzo is now at Haiku on Park Ave, near Chandler Street

Pearl Oyster - Worcester (review)

Good post, Chick -- thanks for the info! Sounds like we should try this one. (It is absolutely unbelievable how many good new restaurants are popping up on that street).

Recap on Marco Island, Florida

Hi hounds,

My wife and I spent a long weekend on Marco Island and got nothing but clouds, rain and cold weather. So, here's a report on the dining down there, which turned out to be our daily entertainment. Since we saw a number of previous posters looking for information, we thought this was the least we could do,

(By the way, we found tips for some of these places on previous posts).

Best Meal We Didn't Have

The consensus of everyone is that Tara's Steakhouse is the classiest place on the island, and they have live jazz and a singer on weekends. We didn't go there, but I thought some of you might wonder where a good place for a business meal might be.

Local Spots

We hit a number of the local spots, with varying results. Here's the rundown, from best to worst:

Gino's Olde Marco Trattoria. Great standard Italian, served in a modest place in a mall. (Then again, most Marco Island spots fit this description). The waitstaff was excellent, and Gino came out to visit the diners and welcome them. Make this a required visit, and tell Marco his friends from Massachusetts sent you. The veal saltimbocca was exceptional.

The Little Bar, Goodland

This spot is in a fishing village 2 minutes off Marco. The village is very humble, but the locals come in frequently and everyone knows their names. The food has earned the place a great reputation among all Marco Island types, though, and the fish was well conceived and prepared. The bar seems to get somewhat lively among locals.

Capt Brien's

Great, lively atmosphere. This place might be the most lively scene on the island, with live bands and comedians frequently showing up. The raw bar is small but well-prepared, and the bartended knew more about the oysters than we would have expected. Highly recommend this place if you want a more lively scene than the Little Bar.

Snook Inn

Why the locals rave about this place, I don't know. It's a tourist trap with very overpriced food (including a little salad bar that the local oldsters seemed to enjoy) in mediocre digs. The place DOES have a great setting on the water and would be a good place to have drinks. Nothing special about the food.

Crazy Flamingo

This is a hole-in-the-wall bar (but located, of course, in a strip mall) that serves decent bar food and has a good (but small) bar scene. Cash only here. The place bills its oyster bar, but we didn't find the selection or the freshness anything to write home about. Burgers and buffalo wings would be a good bet here.

Michelbob's ribs

On Marco Island, this place is take-out only. (There is apparently a sit-down place in Naples). We took out some ribs and found them just OK, despite previous raves on the board and from our friends. The waiting line on Super Bowl Sunday was 40 minutes, and they didn't answer the phone from callers. That might be different on other days, though.


Cold food, poor service, really limited menu. Avoid.

Cathy O'Clark's Irish Bar and Restaurant

We left after 10 minutes when no one asked for our order.

As an interesting side note, we found the service in general on Marco Island to be lacking and strangely inattentive to customers. We entered several places -- restaurants, stores, etc. -- and discovered the staff talking on the phone, having conversations, readings books, searching in drawers, etc. and not stopping to ask whether they could help us. It was a little weird.

Feb 07, 2007
JPchowhound in Florida

Any reviews of the new restaurants in Worcester?

Has anyone tried Haiku yet, the new sushi place on Park Ave? So far, Zipango has been a disappointment for us, but Willy's in Shrewbsbury was excellent (if a little pricey).

Any reviews of the new restaurants in Worcester?

Hit Bocado for the first time last night. They have a good concept and mostly succeed.

Their portion sizes for tapas are dramatically larger than you might find in Boston or other cities, and the prices are reasonable (between $5 and $12, generally, per plate). Unlike in Boston, where you generally need to order at least 4 plates per person, you can make do with 3 each here due to the portion sizes. (The shaved steak on baguette was as big as a grinder, for goodness sake).

One of the owners made her way from table to table to check on how diners were enjoying their meals -- a nice touch. There were plenty of servers floating around to pick up and drop off plates during our meal.

We occasionally lost track of our waiter due to the increasing busy-ness after about 8:30, which made drinks difficult to order. The food quality was good, not spectacular. The bar looks like it will be a very lively location.

I'd recommend it and suggest you give it a try.

Sunday brunch in Providence before "Wicked" at PPAC

We had dinner before Christas Carol at Bravo Brasserie on Saturday. It was great and very convenient. Not sure if they do brunch, but I would be kind of surprised if they don't.

Bocado (Tapas) in Worcester

Thanks, Puppy. I have been wondering whether it was open yet. I'm glad to hear your report!