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Casual Vegas

I am heading to Vegas today with a group of guys in their 30's. Can I get some recommendations for some casual places with great food where the prices won't offend my non-foodie friends?

Feb 18, 2010
tth2001 in Las Vegas

Guys ski trip to Salt Lake City

Me and my ski bum friends are heading out to Salt Lake next week for a week of skiing. We are staying in Sandy and will be skiing Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. I am looking for recommendations on Mexican, sushi, a steakhouse, and a sportsbar with decent food as we will watch the National Championship Game somewhere. Atmosphere is also important. We are renting a house in Sandy, so places closer to there are a plus but not absolutely necessary.

Dec 28, 2009
tth2001 in Mountain States

Anniversary Trip

27th and 6th

Aug 11, 2008
tth2001 in Manhattan

Anniversary Trip

I apologize to "the team". We will be rolling into town a little late so we really are just looking for a good spot to grab a good meal and a few drinks and shake off the traveling "cobwebs". No price limit. Sushi, mediterranean, tapas, etc.. around Chelsea/Village and we'll be cool and the gang.


Aug 09, 2008
tth2001 in Manhattan

Anniversary Trip

My wife and I are coming to town next Thursday for a long weekend. Our flight gets in around 8PM and we are staying in Chelsea. We would like to find a good restaurant with good atmosphere that we can pop in around 9 or so. I would appreciate any recommendations around Chelsea or nearby areas.

Also, would love any recomendations on what to do in the City. We have been several times and have seen all of the major attractions. Any lesser known activities?


Aug 09, 2008
tth2001 in Manhattan

Pawley's Island/Murrell's Inlet

We are heading down for the week and I wanted to find out some good dinner spots. Also, I would like to eat some oysters while I'm at the beach even though the local ones won't be available. Thanks for any recommendations.

Jun 23, 2008
tth2001 in General South Archive

Birmingham and Jackson, MS

We are going to see the inlaws and will stop through Birmingham for a night. We are staying in the 5 points area. I would love a good casual lunch and dinner recommendation. We will have our 1 yr old with us so we can't go anywhere too fancy.

Then we will go to Jackson for a few days. I would love some good dinner spots and also a lunch place that serves oysters. My wife and I are hoping to get out by ourselves for a night while we have some babysitters. Thanks!

Mar 19, 2008
tth2001 in General South Archive

Salt Lake

I am meeting a few college buddies for a ski trip in two weeks. We will be skiing little cottonwood canyon and are staying in Cottonwood Heights. Looking for some good eats in that area or within 20 minutes or so from there. I will be with a bunch of guys, so we probably won't be doing any fine dining, but would love some recommendations for good cheap to moderate restaurants with good atmosphere. Mexican?


Jan 08, 2008
tth2001 in Southwest

Litchfield for Christmas

If you haven't been to Litchfield in 3-5 years, the dining options have really improved. I will start no-frills and go up from there.

The Fish House - On 17 in Litchfield. Great fried and non fried seafood. No frills. Great for lunch or dinner. Good place to take kids. I recommend the Cajun fried scallops.

Lee' Inlet Kitchen - An old school Murrell's Inlet restaurant. Not fancy but food is great.

Nance's (Murrell's Inlet) - Go only if you want oysters. Great Manhattan Clam Chowder too.

Orobosa(Pawley's) - Located just off of 17 in a yellow shack that is no frills, but the food is incredible. The chef is from Nigeria I believe.

Louis's (Pawley's) - In the Hammock Shops compound. Great seafood. Casual yet nice.

Franks's (Pawley's) - There is Frank's (business casual) and Frank's Outback (casual). These restaurants have always been good.

The Rice Paddy (Georgetown) - A 20 minute drive but well worth it. More dressy but great southern seafood.

I have heard that Bistro 217 is great too, but I haven't eaten there.

Nov 09, 2007
tth2001 in General South Archive

Need good restaurant in/near French Quarter

My wife and I are visiting the in-laws in Alabama and will escape to New Orleans for one night. We are going to see Ellis Marsalis at Snug Harbor at 10:00, so we are looking for a good dinner in or near the French Quarter. We have been to NOLA and Irene's in the past and would like to try something new. We will probably be dressed business casual (no jacket) so we aren't looking for places that are too formal. Thanks for your help!

Nov 09, 2007
tth2001 in New Orleans

Long weekend in Chicago

My wife and I will be in Chicago later this month and were hoping to get some good restaurant recommendations. We have a reservation at North Pond for one night, but would like another lower key dinner suggestion and also would like to know some good lunch spots downtown. Thanks!

Aug 01, 2006
tth2001 in Chicago Area

Mt. Pleasant/Charleston wedding weekend

If you are staying in Mt. P, then I would suggest the Red Drum for dinner. Take a right on Coleman Blvd. It is about a mile or two on the right. They have good food and a great bar. The outdoor seating is nice. For lunch, take a right on Coleman Blvd. and go about 4 miles to Sullivan's Island. Take a right and eat at Poe's. It is fantastic! Great burgers and fish tacos. Also a great bar if you are looking for a place to hang out.

Downtown Charleston is only minutes away too. They have too many great restaurants to name. Coast (Seafood) is a great restaurant and turns into a hopping nightspot afterwards. Rue de Jean, McCrady's, Cypress, Chai's (tapas), Carolina's, Magnolia's, etc.. are some other good choices.

Jul 06, 2006
tth2001 in General South Archive