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ISO Canned Lobster Bisque

Concord Food Market at Dufferin and Centre St. carries two brands: one is Baxter's and the other is Bar Harbour. I tried the latter and it was alright for a canned soup, though the lobster is quite finely chopped (almost too chopped for my tastes).

Bombay Poori - New ' Good Indian Food Find' in Richmond Hill

I ended up going on Monday night to try it out. We tried to order in a way that would allow us to sample the range of items on the menu. I'm not an expert on Indian cuisine by any means, so I could only judge the food on the relatively limited experiences I've had in the past. With that caveat, my overall impression is that while the sauces of the various dishes were nice and obviously different from one another, it was (a) quite salty (b) devoid of any heat whatsoever, to the point where most dishes tasted sweet. They also try hard to be hospitable.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal, though disappointed that they had run out of lamb for the evening. The appetizers were a bit of a dud (the samosa shells were a hard, brittle layer; the vegetable pakoras were almost indistinguishable from the onion bhaji; mango lassi was warm) but I did enjoy the flavours of the karahi beef, though this was also the worst salt offender. The made to order naan is also a nice touch.

I also noticed that they had a dinner buffet Mon-Thurs for $11.99. Most customers coming through the door while we were there chose to do the buffet. I think I will return next week to try it, as it did look quite tasty and a terrific bargain - included in the price is also the ability order all the fresh naan you want (vs. the $1.50/per we paid with our dinner).

foodyDudey, please do not hesitate in the future to point out more of your chowfinds :-p

Bombay Poori - New ' Good Indian Food Find' in Richmond Hill

foodyDudey, since you've been to the restaurant several times, do you have any particular dishes you would recommend?

Save-A-Lot and paying for bags

1. Here in Toronto, our discount no-frills type of grocery stores have been charging for bags ($0.05 each) for as long as I can remember. At these types of stores, they will usually have boxes by the exit that you can use for free. Then, recently (June 2009), our city implemented a by-law that required all retailers to charge a minimum of $0.05 per plastic bag in an effort to reduce plastic in landfills. Although there was grumbling from the general public about the by-law when it was first put in place, I've noticed a huge upsurge in the availability and usage of reusable bags ever since.

2. I was never really bothered by the introduction of the by-law - I think it's a step in the right direction. All it took was getting into the habit of bringing my own bags.

Jun 20, 2011
pinkprimp in Not About Food

Toronto Undergound Food Market

"In theory the inspections and training would ensure proper food handling, however inspections are not happening on a regular enough basis. And even though people may be trained as food handlers in places such as McDonalds, that doesn't mean that the standards are upheld on a daily basis."

I agree with you completely. My point wasn't that inspection guaranteed safety - just that when one needs to be inspected, they are likely to be better informed on food safety for the sake of passing the inspection.

Toronto Undergound Food Market

True, *some* if not most working at McDonalds may be younger workers, but at the same time, at least corporate gives them standards to adhere to and training for food safety, etc. In addition, lest anything happened, you can at least identify AND locate the accountable party. We cannot assume that a home chef would necessarily meet or have a certain level of food safety standards...that is the purpose of inspections. IMO, in that sense, it may be riskier than eating at say, McDonalds. It may just all depend on your appetite for risk... :-p

I think it would be an interesting thing for Toronto to have, though I doubt I would buy anything myself...

Best Bagged Tea Brands?

I love 'T' TeaLeaves, particularly their silk pyramid tea bags. It always feels like such a treat when I use them! In particular, I enjoy:

-Energy (gingseng/mint/citrus)
-Monsoon Chai (it's not very spicy, more floral-y, so if you like your Chai teas full of spice, you may not enjoy this)
-Earl grey with lavender

Apr 15, 2011
pinkprimp in General Topics

Chinese Take-out boxes

Like these? I've seen them at Solutions (at the Hwy 7&Interchange location) in various colours, though I'm sure craft/packaging stores have them too.

THE BUTCHERS - I'm stunned !!

i've asked for them twice. the first time, they had no idea what i was talking about and the second time, they told me over the phone that they were making them for the weekend but when i went in store, they apparently had none. I would call ahead to reserve one just for certainty.

Glass jars - fess up!

Wow, it's so great to know that others also purchase items just for the jar/packaging, because my family and friends do not seem to understand this concept and think I'm "quirky"... :-3

I use the jars for so many things around the house! For stashing pens and markers (I like how it looks all lined up on my desk),, catching loose change, as a way to display pretty candies, as a giant water glass, holding cocktails for picnics, to hold left over contents from canned goods, etc. As bayoucook says, "i just love me a jar!"

Mar 29, 2011
pinkprimp in Not About Food

The Burger's Priest - Queen and Coxwell

In my situation, the people ahead ordered two double doubles while I ordered two of the "what's right" (which also comes with double doubles). As far as I heard (I know, I'm nosy!) they did not do anything fancy with the condiments either.

The Burger's Priest - Queen and Coxwell

"Oh, and to people saying they can make the same thing at home, well, sure, you probably can. You can grind your own meat, or get very freshly ground meat, cook up on the pan. You can get the potatos, cut them into the same shoestring fries, cook them the exact same way. That would also take a long time, defeating the purpose of fast food."

>>>Your argument is based on the premise that the restaurant is actually cooking the burger faster than one would at home. If a restaurant is taking one hour, as was Full tummy's experience, then that defeats the purpose of going out for "fast food" as well, doesn't it?

I'll also add that when I went last night just before 9pm, there was one other couple who ordered right before me. We got our two burgers before they did and were about halfway through eating them before the couple got their there DOES seem to be a problem with their queuing system. I felt a little guilty eating while they stood where waiting.

Songs about Food and Sex

How about "Milkshake" by didn't say it had to be a good song, right? :-p

Mar 20, 2011
pinkprimp in Not About Food

THE BUTCHERS - I'm stunned !!

My first experience was great. I had a $100 for $40 coupon and used it for some great steaks (and also lacklustrous bacon and burgers). Due to this, I purchased another coupon ($150 for $50) thinking that I would just get $150 worth of steaks...well, after the second experience, I doubt I will patronize their store again, coupon or no coupon. Here's what happened:

1) I called Wednesday, thinking that I could place an order for the steaks for pick up on the coming Sunday. Woman picks up the phone and tells me to just email her the order as it would be easier that way - no mention of any "order before __ to pick up on ___" time lines. I also inquired about the steak and stilton pies (as they had no idea what i was talking about in-store when I asked about them on my first visit). She said they were making them as we were speaking and would likely be available when I came in on Sunday.

2) I diligently email them my order, including when I will be in to pick them up.

3) Sunday morning comes, and I head over. Here is where the customer service got ugly. (a) they said they never received an email from me...the owner even came over with the paper version of emails they received and thrusted them at me to show me that they didn't receive it (b) accusingly told me that even if they did, I did not meet the "deadline" to order (c) had no idea about steak and stilton pie...OR the woman that had answered my phone call.

I kept trying to calmly explain the chain of events and one of the older men working there kept cutting me off. The entire thing was just sooo off-putting.

At that point, I should have left and requested a refund on my coupon, if I hadn't already made plans to cook steaks for a few friends. I just chose a few steaks out of their refrigerator (they had about 8 saran-wrapped steaks on display, which was "all they had").

After this experience, even if the coupon discount gets upped to 90% off, I will not be returning. I don't like to patronize stores that treat their customers like how I was treated.

Looking for---- Amaranth grains and sour cabbage

That is exactly what they had at Metro (Gould and Church) right next to the fresh cabbage in the produce section!

Looking for---- Amaranth grains and sour cabbage

Hey Leslieville,

Not in your preferred area but I've purchased amaranth at Fiesta Farms before (kind of hidden on the top shelf) and I've seen sour cabbage by St. Jacobs at the Metro by Ryerson.

Hope that helps!

Fiesta Farms
200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

Looking For a Restaurant/Bar Serving Belgian Delirium in Toronto

The Village Idiot Pub at Dundas and McCaul also has it.

Village Idiot
126 McCaul St, Toronto, ON M5T1W2, CA

Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

i love this combination too. sometimes, i will add some fruit preserves too (i like pear or cranberry).

Mar 05, 2011
pinkprimp in General Topics

Cocktails near Woodlot?


What Food Trend are You So Sick Of?

"I breathlessly await the introduction of the McDonald's bacon milkshake. And then, of course, the apocalypse."

LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

Mar 03, 2011
pinkprimp in General Topics

What is the name of this dessert at Mandarin Buffet...?

does it have a mousse-like texture (ie airy, fluffy)?

Double-dipping - explain it to me

this reminds me of the No Reservations Osaka episode where these two young guys take Bourdain to one of those joints and tell him how double dipping is just. not. done.

Mar 01, 2011
pinkprimp in Not About Food

Chinese Restaurant with Snails ? -Downtown

Xam Yu. one of my favourite restaurants in that area. (item 99, page 6


you might want to call ahead to make sure they have them for your visit though,

[Daily Deal for Fri, Feb. 11] $50 for $150 towards The Butchers (again!)

oh wow, I guess they changed it soon after my visit. the only price i remember is that the sirloin burgers were 12.99/lb (and they were terrible btw. too much filler)

the hypothetical question in my head now is: if in fact, some retailers (not saying The Butchers are doing this) are changing their prices to manipulate the profits post-coupon discount, is this something the Competition Bureau would be interested in (as per the deceptive marketing practices provisions)?

[Daily Deal for Fri, Feb. 11] $50 for $150 towards The Butchers (again!)

When I went, they had prices posted for everything (and I used a coupon). This was about 2 weeks ago.

Wow that server is CUTE ... does it matter?

I'm in my early 20s and I want the same things!

Feb 10, 2011
pinkprimp in Not About Food

Do you order a non dim sum dish during your dim sum meal to fill up stomach space? If so what is it?

too funny!

Feb 10, 2011
pinkprimp in General Topics

I would rather eat the bowling shoes!!!!! [The Ballroom]

Wow. I'm so glad I read this thread. I was considering booking an event here (well...if they ever get back to me! it's been two weeks now of no communication since our first contact. huge red flag there.) but I'm definitely considering a different venue instead.

a good bakery / dessert shop?

Pusateri carries items from a number of bakeries around the city, which makes it convenient if you want to sample from a wide range of items and don't want to drive around to all of them. However, I have occasionally had a less-than-fresh item from the Bay/Bloor location...understandable considering that there are logistical considerations associated with running this model...but at the same time, not understandable when I can go to the bakery directly and get it fresh at the same price. Not sure if others have had this experience?

I'm unfamiliar with Scarborough in general, so sorry I can't be much help there.

1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

Do you get obsessed with certain foods?

minus the cold peanut noodle phase, i've experienced obsession cycles with those foods too! (also went through an oatmeal, raisin, cinnamon, honey and KRAFT SINGLES melted in phase...)

Feb 09, 2011
pinkprimp in General Topics