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rehearsal dinner near conshohocken?

Thanks for the reply - mine would have to be on a Friday night though. Any other suggestions?

Apr 08, 2008
sondra in Pennsylvania

rehearsal dinner near conshohocken?

any recommendations for a place to have a rehearsal dinner in august near the marriott philadelphia west? there will probably be around 30 people.

Apr 08, 2008
sondra in Pennsylvania

vegan milkshake?

Anyone know of a place in or near Philly that makes good vegan milkshakes?

Feb 21, 2007
sondra in Pennsylvania

vegan-friendly near 40th and walnut?

looking for a good vegan-friendly restaurant near the rotunda at 40th and walnut for this evening. suggestions?

Jan 06, 2007
sondra in Pennsylvania

coffeehouses in philly or main line?

i am in search of a good independent coffeehouse in the city or main line suburbs that is relaxed and lends itself to reading and writing. i like mugshots... anything else in that same vein?

Sep 16, 2006
sondra in Pennsylvania

vegan brunch?

where can one have a kick-ass vegan brunch on a saturday in the city?
much obliged,

Sep 10, 2006
sondra in Manhattan

Vegetarian restaurants preferably in the burbs?

as a vegan on the main line, i have to say that the choices are pretty bleak.

in ardmore there is the organic kitchen in the back of all natural market. this is not a nice sit-down meal, but the food is good and you can sit at one of the tables after ordering from the counter. their macro-plates are usually delicious.

another option is aldar bistro on montgomery ave - they have some good veg choices like felafel.

i do not recommend su tao - the food is greasy and not worth the trip.

blue sage is good, but far far away.

if you really want to treat this person, i'd do a dinner at horizons. new harmony would be a good second choice if you don't want to spend that much.

Aug 22, 2006
sondra in Pennsylvania

V-Spot: the worst restaurant in Park Slope?

i totally agree - i moved from park slope a year ago and i was so jealous when v-spot opened up. i ate there a month and a half ago when i was visiting and i couldn't believe how bad it was. everything from the service to the utter lack of decor to the bland grody food was abysmal. only thing they have that's worth going for are the vegan cakes that are brought in, but they've got the same ones at the cocoa bar on 7th ave. and that's a far more pleasant place to sit and enjoy something sweet.

Aug 06, 2006
sondra in Outer Boroughs

Best Vegetarian in NYC

my personal picks would be red bamboo (get the salmon or collard rolls and the creole soul chicken, followed by a piece of chocolate-covered strawberry shortcake), pure food and wine (get the lasagna), pongal (dosas are incredible), khyber pass (any of the vegetarian dishes) and candle 79 (best seitan i've ever had). also don't miss lifethyme for their unbelievable raspberry tollhouse cookies and raw pizzas, and caravan of dreams for their delicious sky-high salads. i've reviewed a huge number of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants on my website if anyone is interested -
bon appetit!

Aug 06, 2006
sondra in Manhattan

Chinese Veg Restaurants in Philly

of the four you mentioned, i like new harmony best, followed by singapore and lastly, cherry street. i've not been to kingdom of veg. yet. all of them are rather greasy, but i thought new harmony had the most interesting and varied flavors and the least unappealing ambiance. still, though none of the spaces really evoke fine dining. i wrote more detailed reviews on these for anyone interested -

Aug 06, 2006
sondra in Pennsylvania

Are these restaurants still around?

Thanks for the replies. I've been to Horizons twice so far and loved it more than I can say. Cheers.

Jul 24, 2006
sondra in Pennsylvania

Are these restaurants still around?

I am working on a vegan restaurant review site ( and need some help. I've compiled a list of veggie places from various internet sites, but I'm sure many of them are no longer around. Can anyone tell me if the following places are still open for business?

Patterson's Paradise Restaurant
Oasis Living Cuisine
Samosa Indian Vegetarian
Olive Vegan Cafe
Chinese Rice House

Thanks and good, responsible eating!

Jul 22, 2006
sondra in Pennsylvania

vegan-friendly near newtown square?

can anybody recommend a restaurant in or near newtown square that could accommodate a vegan? does sabai thai fit the bill? looking for a reply before tomorrow evening! thanks!

Jul 06, 2006
sondra in Pennsylvania