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Fresh nopales?

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knew where you can find fresh nopales in Montreal. If need be, I can travel to Laval or parts of the south shore for it. I have seen canned, but never fresh.

Thanks for the help!

Coconut flour

Yes I tried looking at Tau as well as different Loblaws and they seem to carry lots of Bob's Red Mill stuff but not coconut flour.

Incidentally I saw one bag at Winner's of all places, but did not dare get it as the bag looked beat up and possibly opened.

Thank you for those links, I will be sure to check it out.

Coconut flour


Does anyone know where you can find coconut flour in Montreal? I have a car so I can pretty much go anywhere in the greater Montreal area.


Where to buy sea urchin

Does anyone know where I can buy sea urchin? I have not seen any at my fishmonger. I would prefer to get them fresh (do they even come frozen?), but it doesn't have to be.

I live in Montreal and can pretty much drive anywhere on the island.


Chufa nuts

Does anyone know where one can buy chufa nuts in Montreal? I want to try making Spanish horchata. I have a car, so I can go pretty much anywhere on the island.

I've seen some places I can order online, but if I can get it at a local store I would rather do that.


lounge for drinks..

There are a couple of options for you. There is a wine bar called Pullman (3424 Parc Ave. Just north of Sherbrooke) My fave place though is the Whisky Cafe (5800 St Laurent. It is on the corner of Bernard) Whisky has tons of different types of whisky. It has whisky and porto tasting menus; some accompanied with cheeses or chocolates. Both places have a nice ambience and an older crowd. Enjoy your time in Montreal :)

places to take non chowish people

I agree with you where all you can eat sushi is concerned. However, I think there is only one all you can eat place in your vicinity. Kanda on Bishop I think. Otherwise, I like to go to Sakura for a la carte sushi. It's on de la Montagne just south of Sherbrooke.

places to take non chowish people

I have not been to Cafe Presto in ages. That place was excellent when I went. I second that suggestion.

places to take non chowish people

My suggestions would completely depend on whether food that does not consist in burgers are out and whether you are looking for a nice sit down place. They are not necessarily knock your socks off places, but I find they please my less adventurous friends:

Towa (korean/Japanese) - 1832 St-Catherine W
Mango Bay (carribean) - 1202 Bishop (have not been there in at least a year so don't know about the quality)
Etoile de l'Inde - 1806 St-Catherine W
Pret a Manger (Chinese) - 1809 St-Catherine W
Boustan's (Lebanese) - 2020a Crescent

Les 3 Brasseurs - I think its on the corner of St-Cath and Crescent
Eggspectations - De Maisonneuve and De la Montagne

Where to buy Quinoa?

Where I live would help eh lol. I live in TMR. I usually go to the Loblaws in Ville St-Laurent. Maybe they were out when I went looking. I'll try again next time I am there.

I'll also check the bulk places people have mentioned. I would prefer getting it in bulk because I've never had it before and don't want to be stuck with it if I don't like it. Thanks for the suggestions :)

Where to buy Quinoa?

Can anyone tell me where is a good place to buy quinoa? My local loblaws does not seem to carry it.


Tibetan Restaurants??

oh yes, that's it. Thanks :)

Tibetan Restaurants??

I have only ever been to OM for Tibetan. I personally like it although I have no frame of reference. I'll have to go try the other places mentioned in this thread.

At OM, I recommend the vegetarian and meat momo's (dumplings). The cheese one is a little odd for my liking. There was a beef dish I really liked too, although I forget what it is called (starts with a k - perhaps a fellow chowhounder would know). Their lamb biryani is yum. Oh and the butter tea is not my thing, but definitely worth trying if you are in an adventurous mood.

Magdala / Mekdala Ethiopian Resto Lounge.

We went there last night. It was my first experience in Ethiopian food and I think they have turned me into an addict. I woke up with a craving for more this morning.

I personally highly recommend their vegetarian combo, and their lamb dish was good too (sorry I forget the names of the dishes, but the lamb one has bebere sauce on it).

The only ick we had was that the service, although friendly, was slow. The waitress kept apologizing for not checking on us and it took them over a half an hour to get us our bill after we asked for it. But the food, friendliness and the acknowledgement of their less than speedy service more than made up for it.

I will definitely be going back soon and hopefully they will have worked out some of the kinks.

Best Jamaican Patties

I've passed in front of Bonne Bouffe a few times in my car, but did not realise that it served carribean food. Thanks for the pointer, I will check it out. Not to mention I love jerk chicken.

Best Jamaican Patties

Anyone got a suggestion for where to get the absolute best Jamaican patty in Montreal? I go to Mister Spicee usually, but find that they really don't taste like they use to when I was going to high school in the area (let's just say that was in the early 90s).

Looking for Breakfast

I will have to go try out Reservoir. My father-in-law has suggested Binerie to me too.

Someone recently told me that Senzala has breakfast. Has anyone tried it?

Looking for Breakfast

I love breakfast and go out for some most weekends. However, I am looking for variety, so this is where you all come in fellow foodies. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

My usual haunts are:
Cosmo in NDG - love the potatoes
Bistro du Marché at Marché Central
La Maison Kam Fung - for the dim sum


Where can I get a wedding cake that's good and cheap?

When I got married a couple of years ago, we got our wedding cake at Patisserie Aphroditi (750 St-Roch) in Park Ex. It feed a little over 100 guests, plus we kept the top tier for the our anniversary. It cost $375. That was in 2006 though. Not sure what the prices are now. I am of the opinion that they make some of the best cakes around and won't break your bank.

Boneless goat meat

Can anyone recommend a good place to get boneless goat meat? I want to try and make curry goat, but don't want to deal with the bones.


1st visit to Montreal

If they are into wine, I suggest Pullman. It is a nice wine bar that also serves interesting food. It's located on Parc Avenue, just above Sherbrooke, about a 10 minute walk from the hotel. I am sure the front desk can direct them.

For good Dim Sum, La Maison Kam Fung is good, also a few minutes walk from the hotel. It is on the second floor of the mall, I think the address is 1111 St Urbain. Get there before 11:30 am on the weekend if you want to avoid the wait.

Another good breakfast spot that is not too far is Beauty's on the corner of Mont Royal and St Urbain.

If they like Indian food and don't mind the trek on public transportation, they can make take the 80 bus north to the Park Ex district aka Little India and find a plethora of Indian restaurants along Jean Talon St.

Chinese wedding banquet in Montreal

Most people I know default to Kam Fung. When I was planning my wedding, I wanted to go to a hotel instead. After some research, the Holiday Inn in Chinatown offered one. My cousin had hers there. The cost was between $600 and $800 per table of 10. Mind you that was the prices from 2 years ago and the food was decent. I ended up doing a Chinese fusion at the Hyatt in complexe Desjardins, although I did enquire and they did a authentic Chinese Wedding banquet previously by bringing in an outside chef. Hope that helps.

Goji berries

I recommend going to any of the herbalists in Chinatown. They sell them cheaper than in health food stores. As someone else mentioned there is a herbalist in the mall where La Maison Kam Fung is. I think the address is 1111 St Urbain.