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MSP: Red Stag Supper Club

My husband and I were there probably a month ago. Our service was S-L-O-W slow. Other than that, the meal was quite ejoyable. My husband is also a LEED accredited professional and read up on some of the specifics before we went. It was neat to look around and see some of the areas where they achieved points toward the certification. It's a cool thing that they did.

I really loved the bone marrow appetizer. It's one of the few places in Minneapolis that I've seen this on the menu and I think it's a very LEED thing to serve. Afterwards, our server packed the bones for us to take home to our dog. I rinsed off the excess gremolata and put them in the freezer. He loves marrow bones and didn't seem to notice that there wasn't much goodness left in the middle. It kind of brought the whole thing full circle.

I had the duck and my husband had the pork. I didn't love the pork, but my husband did. I thought you could really taste the brine which was different for me. The grits were good, but I don't know when they aren't, and I think the grits at Brasa are way better. The duck, however, was my perfect meal. It is served with butternut squash ravioli, arugula, preserved lemon, raisins, and feta cheese. With so many unique flavors, you could really get a different experience in each bite. The only downside to this dish, was that it was served in kind of a deep bowl and little bit of a pain to eat (huge compaint, I know).

I think the concept of Red Stag is incredibly relevant (and I know, a little trendy), but if you've found yourself in sort of a personal quandary after reading Omnivore's Dilemma, it's nice to find more and more local restaurants to make you feel better.

Feb 15, 2008
Ruby V in Minneapolis-St. Paul