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A come back for Athens Pizza in Stamford, CT

I seem to finally be going out again, but it was with great repidation that i went when my friends suggested Athen Pizza in Stamford. Why, because after a good showing for some years, my last few vistss (some years ago) where terrible. But hte past is the past and we went simple - a Greek salad for 3 and a large pizza ( 1/2 cheese, 1/2 sausauge. The salad was frsh, had 4 large sections of good feta cheese and huge. The pizza is "Greek " style, but was perfect for what it was. The bill was veery cheap ($28 for 3 total,
Okay I will go back.

Back to what it began as - delicious [Lolitas in Byram, CT]

it has been awhile and i thought the place was going to go the way (i had a not so good experience) of many trendy restaurants and dissappear, but some friends convinced me to go out with them to this place i call mexican inspired and i was very happy this time. I at too much and could have stuck to the appetizer of spicy guacamole and corn bread, but i went i got a carnitas place as well. The guac - not so hot as to blow your head off, but enough to know it has heat, the corn bread moist, sweet and warm. The pork from the carnitas was melt in your mouth and if i get some people to go out for this sort of thing, i will go back again.
Not cheap, $35 for 2 apps and the main and that did not include the margarita - which I have a fondness for anywhere, but i took enough food home for another meal.

So, what did you make this weekend?

With 8 " of snow and cold, I made a gumbo with what i could find in freezer and cabinet, frozen shrimp, canned clams, fresh celery, frozen okra, peppers, paprika, black pepper, diced tomatoes, cyanne pepper, a beer, chick broth and I let it stew for a few hours. Served over rice it got raves at my house

Feb 25, 2008
whitemist in Home Cooking

Left cheese out overnight; unsafe?

Cheese is a product that is fine left out overnight (even cream cheese). Generally all cheeses (now I exclude cream cheese) processing is not a refrigerated one and the actual result is actually positive. And as some have said cheese has been around along time before refrigeration - it was actually the process to preserve milk products. While Health Departments tend to over react, it is mostly because they are over seeing restaurants handling and serving of larger quantities to a whole lot more people than you or I would. I prefer my cheeses unrefrigerated.

Feb 25, 2008
whitemist in Cheese

Dunn's Loft in Stamford?

correction, it is closed

Best Chinese Restaurants - Stamford CT

There are only a few Chinese place i would eat at in Stamford, none are really eat in. The place on West Broad is, mention here, China Pavilion, is actually fresh and clean and tasty, which I would say is distinctly different from most Chinese places in Stamford. Uncle Dia's, mentioned here I have eaten at, but did not find the food tasting very "fresh". There was a place in Darien and in Riverside I would go to occasionally. I have to admit that I would rather have an adventure and go to Mee on the West side in the city.

Top 5 Restaurants in Norwalk and Stamford?

sorry for not being constructive so here it goes
I like Mona Lisa for Italian- not cheap tho - but anything is good
Fin II for Lunch and Japanese tho I also like Kotobuki
Athens (pizza and, I think) fits the cheep and good - mostly greek food Slovakia or gyro platters are good to me
I also like one hole in the wall for simple Mexican ... tho I won't say it is the best in the area - Tacos Guadalajara - but it sticks with me as being unpretentious and tastey
pizza would be colony - but i like stingers on mine
I think that is more constructive, I hope

Top 5 Restaurants in Norwalk and Stamford?

Have to respond to most of these
When Brasitas First opened - it was fine, similar to some very good Colombian food in the Queens but it definitely went down hill in many ways, so I won't go back.
Royal Guard should be closed .
Smokey Joe's - When it was Busters , it was authentic, but smokey Joe's is typical northern impersonation of great southern food.
City Limits never impressed me in any way.
I have actually never been to Brennan's - for reasons that I don't have a clue about and I like Colony pizza

Coffee in Stamford, CT

Thank you, I have been lost since the Coffee Beanery Closed, I have tried Sundance and mostly their coffee is good, but sometimes not consistant. I have not tried Margot's, but have heard of it and will try it pronto.

Coffee in Stamford, CT

Where is any decent coffee in Stamford, CT?