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Weekday Dim Sum for 10 incl kids,

Thanks for the great suggestions, we ended up at Golden Ocean on w 41st, got a noon reservation, food and service both great. Knowing the rest of my group the parking at Kirin and Dynesty sounded too complicated. The kids loved the atmosphere, and there was mcdonalds across the street (hungry kids are not fun travel companions). Had a bunch of shrimp items (dumplings, fried with tofu, fried with almonds, cabbage and pork, chicken ginger dumplings), and pork dumplings, sticky rice, some kind of buttery pastry with pork inside, and beef in a heavy rice noodle (sorry for my lack of precise name). Very reasonable, and while maybe not creative, we weren't looking for that. And close to UBC MOA to boot!

Weekday Dim Sum for 10 incl kids,

Looking for dim sum for tomorrow, prefer vancouver. Some of us want the best food, and some others would be happy eating burgers (so dim sum on carts is a plus just for the novelty). We are near Stanley park, dinesty on Robson might be good, kirin on 12th sounds good too but we are in cars so need easy parking... Honestly better food is the priority. Thanks in advance


I'm looking for ideas for places with great to good food that permit BYOB in NOVA, particularly Alexandria/Del Ray/Crystal City... I searched the archives and the posts are mostly DC-focused or old, or both. Opentable allows a search for BYOB, but the options are not that great.

Wines in mind are burgundy and bordeaux, so would prefer french, new american, continental


Best shellfish dishes DC/NOVA

After a long spell of thinking I was allergic to shellfish, I finally got tested, found out I'm not, and am now embarking on a culinary extravaganza. Because it was never on the menu for me, I haven't paid much attention to where to find the best of any of it. I would appreciate any and all recommendations for great seafood dishes in the DC or Northern Virginia (alexandria/annandale/springfield areas mostly) areas. From fancy to dives, and places with good drinks a plus. I'm especially interested in asian dishes, but the sky is really the limit.

Thanks in advance--

Nearby foodie destinations (from DC)

We're looking for a fun weekend getaway that involves relaxing, maybe at the beach, maybe in the mountains, or a smaller city. Need fun restaurant(s) and bar(s) nearby, and prefer a higher-end/nicer hotel with a cool outdoor pool. Charlottesville would be a good choice, just not sure about the pool (tons of great restaurants and shops). Prefer eastern shore ocean side, but not sure about the food options. Any creative cooking going out out that way? or just darn good? or a nearby resort, but don't want to be stuck with just boring resort food.
thanks in advance,

Baltimore pre-Lucinda Williams show Dinner rec's

We're headed to Baltimore for the Lucinda Williams show tomorrow, and looking for fun dinner rec's... creative cooking, great wine list, fun cocktails a plus. Nothing fancy cause we won't be dressed for that. And the show starts at 8... so something on the quicker side too. Have been to Kali's Mezze and loved it, so something like that would be great. We will likely be staying near Ram's Head, but will have a car. and a funky breakfast recommendation would be great too! Thanks in advance...

Ram's Head
33 West Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231

three meals in NYC for two girls on the town

my friend and i will be in NYC on business with time to kill to eat and shop, and i'm trying to plan our eating to our best advantage... we're both game for anything. I'm really into strong fresh flavors, anchovies, fresh herbs, olives, cured meats, and wine. also love japanese. we prefer casual vs. formal dining. Japanese for the lunch and rustic italian for dinner is a plus. we will mostly be taking the subway, but are game for walking.

Lunch on day one--we arrive to Penn Station, drop our bags at hotel at 49th and Broadway, and will go downtown to Century 21 for shopping, making our way north for a late afternoon business meeting. Lunch would be either near the hotel, or downtown. prefer under $25. really great sandwiches/salads, or japanese, or ?? We are adventurous, but want something convenient to where we will be.

Dinner on day one--just the two of us, around 9 pm, will travel. Something with good/creative/interesting food, not crazy expensive, and fairly-priced wine/alcohol. This might call for small plates, and type of food is flexible. I like the oportunity to try a bunch of things/flavor combinations that i wouldn't fix at home. Total bill under $75 each woudl be ideal. Inoteca would fit the bill (it was a long time ago that I was there, I don't know if it is still as good?). Safe area at night for two women is also important. Fun environment is a plus.

Next morning, going between the hotel (49th and broadway) and Penn station, in search of great coffee and pastries.

So admittedly, not much work, more play, and thanks in advance. I hope I have provided enough detail....

Aug 16, 2010
burgundyslut in Manhattan

Looking for Lefse--DC/Alexandria

Does anyone know where I can find lefse tomorrow? TIA

Peanut butter cookies

I go both ways, it's really the peanut flavor that I'm after.

Peanut butter cookies

I LOVE Peanut Butter cookies. For a while, CoCo Sala (F and 9th) was making little cookies (Peanut Butter, mixed Chocolate chip, and dark chocolate with coco nibs). All three were amazing. the peanut butters were to die for. and for some reason, they discontinued all. I am the most sad about the peanut butter loss.

In the meantime, Firehook had discontinued their "peanut butter cup" cookies, the PB with chocolate. Those are back in production, but even with chocolate, they don't rival the CoCo Sala pb cookie.

Can anyone recommend a really great PB cookie? rich, peanutty, great strong flavor, maybe some peanuts but not a requirement.... and needless to say, butter/PB combo for great texture.

Or does anyone know the pastry chef at CoCo Sala? I would LOVE that recipe.

Eve--am I the only one?

We did 5 courses in 3.5 hours. and we talked the entire time. I agree that there is "personal taste," but there is also a level of attentiveness to patrons that was missing, in addition to the slow pace.

We were an earlier reservation, so I was hoping that would speed things up. the previous time we did 7 or 9, I can't remember, and we were there 4.5 hours.

Eve--am I the only one?

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the food. It's heavenly, and worth every penny. but each time I have eaten in the tasting room, I have the same experience with the service--it's more focused on the food than on the customer. We wait so long between courses, and each course is a mini-production, but the servers fail to check back, to ask if we want to order more wine (we do! we do! two glasses over 3.5 hours is not enough!) and I look around the room, I see other diners drumming their fingers on the table because they have been there so long. By the end of the evening, I feel like I am being held captive, and my needs are being ignored. and the waitstaff seems completely oblivious to this dynamic. after 2.5 hours of eating, I get tired. By three hours, and a continued slow pace, I'm ready to leave. (but the petit fours--I love them!) I have never gotten out of there in under 3.5 hours. (I work, I have a small child at home, my leisure time is limited) Does this mean I should not eat in the tasting room?

to make it worse, because the waitstaff do not have a private area in the tasting room, we must witness the drama that is inherent with any job. discussion regarding the little mistakes, the mini-dramas. and yes, I become more aware of this as the night goes on.

caveat, I have only eaten in the smaller part of the tasting room, not the larger area. Is the service better in the larger area? If so, I could easily ask to be seated there.


Moved to Alexandria instead!

Wegmans? alexandria? for cheese, i would go to balduccis, although cheesetique is good also. And baduccis for meat (porterhouse, hanger steaks etc).

Special Occasion, but low key

I think PS7s is having a 1/2 price wine special on Mondays and Tuesdays, and their wine list is fairly priced to begin with.

And it is not as fussy as a lot of downtown restaurants of its quality. We love it.

Route 1/South Alexandria

(OP) Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions, and one more to note: we fell prey to Famous Daves BBQ, after seeing all of the cars in the parking lot every time we went by. and well worth it, pulled pork, brisket, ribs, sweet potato fries, french fries, coleslaw, corn muffins--YUM! (corn so so). Good prices and service. Now why we needed to go to Dairy Godmother afterwards? black currant sorbet so good I almost got another.

Route 1/South Alexandria

Does anyone have any recommendations for the South Alexandria/Route 1 area? Z-Pizza is a great new addition, Pollo Ranchero (near Krispy Kreme) is good and cheap, but we're looking for more options. We eat anything (any type of food, I should say), and atmosphere is irrelevant.

Best brownies in DC?

Balduccis--no nuts, they are the best by far. Second (although not a brownie), the chocolate espresso cookies at Firehook.

Restaurant Eve Tonight

We were there recently and did the 9-course menu. The food was fabulous, but we were there almost 4 hours. Because your reservation is later (ours was at 7), they may speed up the service... And honestly, there were a few glitches in our course delivery, so the duration may have been a one-time problem.