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Buying a whole Beef Brisket in Calgary & area.

We've used Bon Ton meats in NW at Stadium shopping mall for our brisket and pork butt needs for smoking.
Always friendly staff and service. Good meat too albeight not competitive pricing. They take phone orders too.
Happy smoking.

Jul 27, 2013
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Berlin -- ICC and Kurfurstendamm

thanks. Will check those out.

Rogacki is on the list already...

Apr 22, 2013
Dr. J in Europe

Berlin -- ICC and Kurfurstendamm

Coming to berlin next week for a conference at the ICC -- internationales conference centrum (underground stop Messe Nord/ICC) and staying in Near the KaDeWe near Kurfurstendamm (closest underground stop is Wittenbergplatz).

I'm looking for suggestions of decent eats for lunch near the conference center (if that exists) and good eats near my B&B for dinner (or between conference centre and accomodations). Price isn't really an issue and I love all kinds of food. Really looking for interesting, tastey food -- not chains nor touristy spots but don't need 5 star or michelin credentials either. Walking or short train/bus rides ok.

I've done some research for restaurants -- most of the recommendations that have piqued my interest don't seem to be in either of these 2 areas (though plan to tackle some after the conference ends and vacation starts). I.e. Katz Orange, Les Valseuses and lokal and maybe some of the coffee shops listed here

Any local insights would be appreciated!

Thanks! Can't wait to taste Berlin!

Apr 17, 2013
Dr. J in Europe

Banh Mi Vietnamese Submarines Calgary

Another plug for Thi Thi by harry hays.

We are not experts or coniseurs of banh mi but we do like the subs from the stall at the calgary farmer's market. Bread is always fresh and crusty on the exterior. Lots of the veg and cilantro. Don't think they have pate as an option either.

Mar 19, 2012
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Willamette Valley Area Restaurants

Thank you for your suggestions, Nightshade and Sushiqueen! Sounds like some good options for us. We will check some of those out!

Feb 06, 2012
Dr. J in Pacific Northwest

Willamette Valley Area Restaurants

Your reviews were great! We are going to be in mcminnville in March for two nights with a 9 month baby in tow. Are Nick's and Thistle family friendly for lunch or dinner? If not does anyone have any suggestions on places to eat with baby? LOVE good food (any genre and price point) -- don't feel that having a little one should resign us to eating at chains and hope there are some options for us (good take out is an option fo us too)...thanks! We looking forward to our first visit to the area!

Feb 05, 2012
Dr. J in Pacific Northwest

St Andre Cheese

Costco usually has it.

The cheese shop at Crossroads market I think has it. Don't know about Janice Beaton or Springbank. Have never seen it at Safeway.

Hope that helps.

Dec 17, 2011
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Praise Cheeses! Good cheese in Edmonton/Alberta

St Andre is devine --like butter. You can usually find it at Costco in Calgary for a good price so i assume you can find it in Edmonton's costco.

Balderson 2 year old Cheddar is a good aged cheddar for everyday use -- you can usually find it at the grocery store or a big hunk of it at Costco.

Good luck!

Dec 09, 2011
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Good Coffee Beans? - Downtown Core YYC

Kawa definitely sells whole beans - they carry 49th parallel (roasted in Vancouver i think), intelligensa and some others too. Artigiano sells beans too but i find the date roasted is already 2ish weeks old when i buy -- though there may be more turnover around Xmas. All three are not in paper bags but have that vent that where you can still get coffee bean aromas.

I agree with Nikonoclast that phil and sebastiens is best and local -- your friend may not have access to their beans in Victoria!

Dec 09, 2011
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Good Coffee in NW Calgary?

ooh thanks! that will be a treat walk in warmer weather (i'm in the research park by brentwood station). still hoping for a P&S on our side of the river but i think it is wishful thinking...

Dec 08, 2011
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Meringue shells in YYC?

Thank you for the suggestions. It was too late to order from eclair and macaron. Ended up making them myself and turned out pretty well! Will check at superstore cookie aisle next time.

Nov 20, 2011
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Suggestions for NYE in YYC?

We did new year's eve two years ago at Chef's table at the Kensington riverside inn -- it was very nice but quiet and as previously noted many left before midnight (we didn't). Can't remember what it cost but with 5 courses and wine pairings it was maybe $150 per person. A bit pricey but it was a great meal with great wines.

Nov 18, 2011
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Meringue shells in YYC?

Hi there -- making individual pavlova type desserts this weekend and wondering if anyone knows where i can find pre-made meringue shells. I had seen them at costco awhile back in the bakery but they no longer sell them. Superstore nor Glamorgan bakery have them.

I know they aren't that hard to make but it's one less thing to do if i can help it.

I live in the central northwest so anything close-ish is preferred but not limiting.

Thanks in advance!

Nov 17, 2011
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Where to buy kecap (ketjap) manis in Edmonton?

I used to live in Edmonton and i think i might have found it at Superstore in the asian food section. Worth a try, superstore has a decent selection of asian pantry items. Surprised that t&t and lucky don't have it.

Oct 22, 2011
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Fish n' Chips in the NW of Calgary?

Tried Pelican Pier last month -- pretty mediocre. Granted it was take out which is not ideal. The fish was good but not out of this world and the fries were terrible -- very bland and dry (maybe even commercial?). No slaw that came with it and no mushy peas on the menu. Probably won't go back.

Pelican Pier
4404 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T2K 1J5, CA

Sep 07, 2011
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

San Marzano Tomatoes in Calgary?

I think i paid $5.50 at cookbook company. I knew i was gerting ripped off...

Dec 21, 2010
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

in search of coffee house nw yyc

What is weeds like? Comparable to cafe beano, artigiano, phil and sebastian etc? I keep hoping that coffee places comparable to these will open in the more central nw/kensington area. Sigh. Why is this a mediocre coffee zone? Is there not enough pedestrian traffic?

Dec 16, 2010
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Kol3 Restaurant - Calgary (Kensington)

Disappointing news -- my s.o. Was in kol3 last week for a tasty sub (we've tried the basa ones -- delish) and he was informed that they are no longer doing subs because they weren't selling enough and didn't have enough kitchen space....booo!

We'll continue to get their salad rolls as they are one of the few places in the vicinity that actually puts fresh herbs in their rolls but are quite disappointed to hear about about the subs. Vietnam fortune doesn't cut it.

Dec 08, 2010
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

San Marzano Tomatoes in Calgary?

Thanks everyone. I happened to be at cookbook co. theday i posted and out of convience (certainly not a bargain) picked up a couple cans. I was back at lina's on saturday and they still didn't have on their shelves. It was a zoo and didn't have the patience to track somone down to ask.

Will make atrip out to the NE some time soon to stock up. I agree with nutellaluvr that they are much better than the usual canned tomato brand. They make a much better minestrone and piza sauce.

Dec 08, 2010
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

San Marzano Tomatoes in Calgary?

Does anyone know where to find canned San Marzano tomatoes? Have tried LIna's and the italian market on Edmonton Trail but no luck (I'm very surprised they weren't at either site). Any other thoughts?


Dec 04, 2010
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Tuscan Kale YYC

I've seen it at the organic grocery store (it's name escapes me) at Currie Barrack's farmer's market and at Sunnyside organic market by the Safeway in Kensington. Neither places are a good deal but have never seen it at the usual grocery stores.

Nov 22, 2010
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Satin Black Le Creuset

Thank you!

Aug 21, 2010
Dr. J in Cookware

Satin Black Le Creuset

Hi there,

I have a Satin Black Le Creuset 6.7 L dutch oven -- do I need to season and wash it like a cast iron fry pan?

I can't find the care instructions that came with it and the LC website doesn't have any specific instructions for the Satin Black finish (they do for enamel and grill pans).


Aug 20, 2010
Dr. J in Cookware

Spanish Food Items in Calgary?

Sorry for the late response and thank you --

I didn't get to the Italian store -- ran out of time. But I did find two styles of spanish jamon --

The one at the italian supermarket on 20th ave NE was more prociutto like. At Lina's they had a serrano style -- much darker in colour and more flavourful, in my opinion. But both were good. Italian supermarket was much less chaotic on a Saturday morning.

We had lots of tempranillo and rioja -- and of course some fino sherry.

thanks again for your suggestions -- i will keep both of those in mind when we do this type of meal again!

Mar 23, 2010
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Spanish Food Items in Calgary?

I am hosting a dinner party this weekend and the theme is a Taste of Spain. I"m wondering if there is a specific Spanish/Portuguese specialty store here in Calgary? I know I can find most of my pantry items at Lina's or the Italian grocery store (ie. chorizo, paella rice, manchego) but is there a specialty Spanish/Portuguese bakery and somewhere that sells real jamon?


Mar 08, 2010
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

turducken in Calgary or Edmonton

South African Meat Shop on Kensington Rd has been advertising Turducken. Not sure when their deadline is.

Dec 13, 2009
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

New Caffe Artigiano open (Cgy)

Any rumours of expansion of any of these excellent coffee spots ino the Hillhurst/Kensington neighbourhood? Kensington is still somewhat of a mediocre coffee neighbourhood.

Jul 30, 2009
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Moved To Winnipeg

As born and raised Winnipegger transplanted to Alberta 6 years ago, there are gems that I miss here in Calgary that I try to make an effort to get to when going home to visit.

Stella's -- great lunches (love the egg salad sandwich) and breakfast. There's also a location in Osborne Villiage. The osborne location also has a bigger and better selection of baked goods compared to the Grant location.

I second Deluca's for Italian basics (great olive and cured meats) and they make excellent ready to go pizza dough (in whole wheat too!). Denardi's is good too but I prefer Deluca's.

Costa Brava (i think it's called something else now) is a seafood/fish shop on Ellice. Great fresh seafood and a good frozen fish selection. Next door is a little Portuguese bakery (Lisbon Bakery) that makes excellent water bread to soak up your mussel broth that you've made from the mussels you bought at Costa Brava.

Viva Vietnamese on Sargeant is a good place for Vietnamese food.

For sushi, it's been a while but Masa on Pembina used to be a good spot. No frills, good quality.

Bellissimo's -- similar to Mona Lisa's is on Waverley. Decent.

Scoop and Weigh -- awesome selection of herbs, spices, grains (those hard to find grains like triticale) on Taylor Ave.

Falafel Place on Corydon. Yummy yam fries and goood falafel.

Fresh Cafe -- good breakfast and coffee place on Corydon beside the 711 at Arbuthnot.

Greek Market -- i think on Corydon. Their marinated squid salad and hummus are to die for!

That's all i can think of now.
Happy taste exploring!

Apr 23, 2009
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Anyone hear anything about O in Marda Loop?

haven't been myself but John Gilchrist just reviewed it on CBC radio last week. He didn't give it great praises. I think it was a 5/10. From the sounds of your experiences, you both had the same experience as he did.

you can hear the replay on

Feb 23, 2009
Dr. J in Prairie Provinces

Janice Beaton's new "salt tasting room" concept (Calgary) opening soon- pics

Funny you should mention Murray Street Kitchen -- I was just there last week and tried some great Quebec cheeses (not your regular cheddar or brie) and their elk salami. It was great! We were at Salt this past winter and loved that too. With the meat-atarian population in Calgary, the chacouterie business should do well. Looking forward to Farm!

Sep 30, 2008
Dr. J in Western Canada Archives