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Home Made Arnold Palmer / John Daly

Ah, but its sweet tea AND lemonade at the same time, so really its the best of both worlds. Thanks for the homemade version!

Apr 06, 2010
KarenG in Recipes

Your thoughts on the balanced diet?

You definitely need both- the carbs to keep up energy levels and its satiety value. The protein will help the meal stay with you a little longer in terms of feeling full. I think the trick is to consume carbohydrates that have nutritional value to them. This means whole grain, high fiber carbs, as well as eating them in a way that does not undermine their nutritional value, as is quite common in American foods (i.e. no whole grain pasta smothered in alfredo or whole grain bread spackled with an inch thick layer of butter)

Mar 09, 2008
KarenG in General Topics

worst tasting candy ever!!!!!

Peanut butter M&Ms. They should be delicious, but they have a very odd flavor to them that I cant quite put my finger on. They taste almost salty to me. They just end up coming off as a messed up version of Reese's Pieces.

Mar 09, 2008
KarenG in General Topics

Ginger Ales You have Loved

I was going to mention Northern Neck also. Its definitely one of my favorites-- Its nothing fancy, but personally, I think it beats the taste of Canada Dry any day.

Mar 07, 2008
KarenG in General Topics