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High Tea in Minneapolis?

St. Paul Hotel tea is very nice. You sit in the lobby and get about 4 small courses and bottomless tea. Highly recommend but you do need to plan since they sell out in advance.

May 01, 2013
liesel in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Dinner for group of 8-10

Looking for suggestions for a group of couples for dinner on a Saturday night. Tried Red Stag Supper Club and Smack Shack and neither can accomidate the size. Location is flexible as is cuisine. Last dinner with this group was Lake Elmo Inn for the seafood buffet. Prefer more "central" locations in Mpls or St. Paul as group as most are either in the cities or south and east suburbs.

May 01, 2013
liesel in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Dinner spots in Peoria area?

Thanks. We are in Phoenix "proper" I believe. Just off 17 and Dunlop. Went to Arrowhead Grill last night. Will probably venture closer to the downtown area tonight. Any suggestions for our last night? Is Gallo Blanco in the Clarendon Hotel? If so, we stayed there and ate there on a visit a few months back. Thanks

Arrowhead Grill
8280 West Union Hills Road, Glendale, AZ 85308

Gallo Blanco Cafe
401 W Clarendon Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85013

Oct 12, 2011
liesel in Phoenix

Dinner spots in Peoria area?

I will be in north (??) Phoenix area (Peoria Ave) for work next week and looking for some recommendations for dinner spots. We will have a car so locations do not need to be in the immediate area. We are adventerous and willing to try just about anything. Like to do one night of seafood and the others are up-for-grabs. Thanks in advance.

Oct 05, 2011
liesel in Phoenix

Short Trip - 3 Questions (MSP)

1. nothing too striking at the dome. If you want to address #3 on the day of the dome, there is the Town Hall Brewery that isn't too far from the dome.
2. depending where you are staying would maybe dictate. The St. Paul market is primarily food and flowers. All merchants have to live within 50 miles of St. Paul so it is truely local produce. Haven't been to the Mill City market.
3. You should try a Summit or Surly for local craft beers. Those should be found at most local places. Or, see #1 above.

Has anyone been to the Blue Door in St. Paul?

I tried the Jiffy burger a couple weeks ago and loved it. I also wasn't sure about PB on a burger but it was quite tasty. The PB was melted and the combination was great. I would definitely recommend it!

Jan 25, 2009
liesel in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Looking for a good buffet in MSP

What about Khan's Mongolian BBQ- just off 494 ih Richfield. I think it's between 12th and Nicollet?

MSP - Steakhouse recommendations?

Axel's is good, not necessarily the most original but they have a few varieties. I also just had a great hangar steak at 128 Cafe over the weekend. They don't have a large menu but what they do have they do well. Husband had the ribs and they were as delicate as usual.

Sep 09, 2008
liesel in Minneapolis-St. Paul

North Loop dinner options

MSP foodie will be in Chicago in mid-Sept for a week. Staying at Hotel Allegro in the North Loop area. Sunday night plan is to meet some college friends and catch up. Something nice but reasonable and not too loud so we can chat and catch up. Not keen on sushi or French. Willing to take a cab if needed.

Also looking for other recommendations for the remainder of the week- some nights may be multiple people from work. Typically like to try an Italian place and fish/seafood another night. Rest are up for grabs. Any great neighborhood joints? if places within walking distance- great. If not, a cab ride is fine too.

Aug 26, 2008
liesel in Chicago Area

MSP - Jambalaya & Po Boys

I just drove past Bourbon Street Steakhouse tonight and noticed the new sign. The place used to be Tre Vina and I hadn't heard it closed. Glad something else opened there quickly.

Aug 19, 2008
liesel in Minneapolis-St. Paul

bars in downtown Milwaukee that serve Yueng Ling beer?

I'm in Minneapolis and have been trying to find it with no luck. They don't distribute this far west!!! If you find it in Milwaukee, let me know- - my brother that lived in Philly for a couple years would be quite excited!!!

Caffeine free Dr Pepper - MSP

I swear I saw it at Super Target on Robert St. yesterday. It may have been diet though.

Wife's 40th Birthday in MSP

Chatterbox Pub in Highland Village. They have a separate room you can rent and I believe the fee is nominal. Guests can play the board games or the "old" video games.

Otherwise, on 7th street is DiGidio's and they have a back room (not a super fun atmosphere though) and I've heard that there is a space above Glockenspeil that can be rented.

The basement room at WA Frost is also a nice venue.

Visiting from So Cal to So St Paul

If you want to stay in SSP, try Tre Vino (or Vina?) on Concord and Grand. It is a unique little place and I've eaten there a few times. I believe both times the chef/owner was there and brought out the fresh seafood to show us. They also have steaks. I think their "theme" is Italian/Steakhouse.

Jakes in Eagan isn't too bad either and has a decent menu and is kid and family friendly.

Otherwise, I'd second the Groveland Tap that was mentioned previously. We venture from SSP over there at least once a month! If you go, would highly recommend the turkey burger.

Vietnamese like White Lily? + Hoa Bien Review (MSP)

There is a Lotus over by the U, right next to the theater, about a block south (??) of Stub & Herbs. I can get myself there but forget the street it is on (Oak?)

I used to work with the woman who owned the White Lily and they moved to CA. Not sure if they opened a new restaurant there. Food days at work were always good when Lang would bring in the egg rolls and other goodies!

MSP: Alternatives to Surdyk's

There's a place at Hwy. 110 and Dodd Road in Mendota Heights/West. St. Paul called E's Cheese. I think they also recently opened another location in Woodbury? I've never been there but would imagine they have a decent selection. There is also a wine shop right next door and they have been very helpful every time I've been in there.

MSP-Places by the Riverview Theater?

I thought I read that Sea Salt is open. I have yet to try this place but I've only heard good things. It is at Minehaha Park...


My husband will be excited to know they have the grapefruit sorbet in stock. He had it for dessert many years ago at 128 Cafe and STILL tells people that it was one of the best flavors he's ever had- - that tasted just like the real thing!

MSP- Breakfast in Pearsons Candy plant area

at Snelling just north of Randolph is Blondies. Randolph and Hamline is the Copper Dome- - it's a little greasy but a great neighborhood joint with a HUGE selection of pancakes.

Kosher for Passover Chicken MSP?

What abou Cecil's Deli in St. Paul? It's just a little bit past the Ford Bridge into St. Paul. I've honestly never been there but it was the first place that came to mind for kosher.

MSP - Nice Dinner for 30 Guests?

What about Mancini's? They have a couple of private rooms that can easily accomodate your number. They have the basics for the non adventerous crowd and prices are very reasonable. You narrow your choices down to about 3 items and people can pick that evening. After the dinner, you can move out to the lounge area.

The Downtowner is also very good. The private room is nice and cozy and I believe they have manu options as well.

hosted business dinner in MSP, U of MN area

What about taking the river road to Lake Street and going to the Longfellow Grill or Craftsman?

Cedar Rapids, IA- brunch and drinks suggestions?

Will be in Cedar Rapids for a family reunion of sorts the end of April. The main event is Saturday night and the plan is to arrive on Friday early evening. Looking for suggestions for some place to go on Friday night- possibly dinner but for sure drinks. Some place that will appeal to all ages and could accomodate a decent size group that will want to talk and catch up so not too noisy. Preferably not a chain. Also, will probably need some breakfast/brunch spots for the rest of the weekend. I believe the hotel is in the neighborhood of the airport but willing to go across town, if needed. Thanks.

Brunch in MSP

I would NOT recommend Al Bakers. Last time I was there it looked to me like they just raided the bakery at a grocery store and put those items out. It is inexpensive but you get what you pay for. Champps has a pretty standard buffet- - nothing out of the ordinary but your basics for a decent price.

MSP-Wedding cakes?

I've had cake from Jessica's and it was quite good. Jerabek's (on the west side) did my wedding cake at a very reasonable price. They have new owners so not sure if they still do wedding cakes but worth checkin out. My other favorite bakery is A Piece of Cake on Selby. My sister just got married and got her cake at PJ Murphy's on Randolph Ave.

Nominate: Best Pizza in Minneapolis-StPaul (if you say Dominos, you are banned from chowhound 4 good)

Rocco's Pizza in W. St. Paul on Annapolis just west of Stryker.

Mar 23, 2008
liesel in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP -- Lebanese/Ethiopian/Japanese

For Lebanese try Beiruit on Robert Street. I hear they have belly dancing on weekend nights.

the cheap fancypants food challenge (MSP)

Al Vento in Mpls tends to have some unique specials and prices are reasonable. Service has always been quick and definitely not pretentious!

Mar 18, 2008
liesel in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP Good deals?

Kincaids also used to have a prix fix menu of app/salad, entree and dessert for something like $25 before 6...

MSP- Splurgy celebration!

Haven't been to either I Nonni or Heartland yet but have heard great things about both of them.