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Delicious macarons at the Sweet Lobby

Excellent macaroons, and these best dark chocolate cupcake in the city. If you seriously like dark chocolate cake, then try the midnight cupcake.

Restaurant cash & carry supply places that sell to the public.

Have you tried the Florida ave market?

Toddler-friendly restaurants in DC

The Argonaut on H street NE is super kid friendly, and it seems to be a favorite place of the kids themselves.

Ray's the Steaks at East River - Report

I just read the review. When he discussed the food, it was positive.
I like the zen like atmosphere. The walls are not bare, but maybe you have to like the music to know that. The staff is usually very attentive, and I don't see it as a problem that they aren't heavily scripted robots.

Ray's the Steaks at East River - Report

Its on Dix Street, off of Minnesota Av.NE
I have eaten there six or seven times, and I've enjoyed every single bite. The chicken is very tasty without a heavy batter, and burgers are excellent. I do like my burger medium well, so I have been happy. However, a dining companion that likes a rare burger wasn't so pleased. I think that they have the tastiest cooked greens that I've ever had in my life. The portion size is very generous. The service is usually quite attentive.

H Street farmers market - has anyone been?

I've gone to the H Street market for several years . Not many vendors compared to Dupont but I've found that they have just about everything in season, and the quality is better than Eastern market. Also Dangerously Delicious pies sells wonderful mini pies, so that I can try a couple of different ones. On the first saturday of each month, Red Apron Butcher shop and the Dolcezza gelato folks are also there.

Capitol Hill Delivery?

I've gotten great delivery andfood from Attish, Taylors and Bistro Italiano.

Fresh oysters in DC?

Try the fresh oysters from the vendors that sell at the Dupont Farmers market on Sundays. The same people sell at the Court house farmers market on Saturdays. I think that thieir name is Busters seafood. I think the source is actually the James River, not the bay., but never the less, I doubt if you will find any sweeter or fresher Oysters in DC.

Scharfen Berger Chocolate

The Mavelous Market on Capitol Hill sells it.

Taylor Gourmet?

The Conner Contempory Art gallery is in the 1300 block of Florida av, NE, and the Atlas performing Arts Center often hosts performances on the weekend in one of their four theaters.

New Greek place on 8th

They were open for lunch on Friday, May 15th. The squash was awesome, nicely seasoned with a little crunch. The Mezze portions are very large.

Suggest a Post-Inauguration Lunch Place (Takes reservations, $15 entrees)?

It has no tables, but Taqueria National on the right rear side of Johnny Half Shell is a good option, even if time isn't a major factor.

Suggest a Post-Inauguration Lunch Place (Takes reservations, $15 entrees)?

I have agree with Daniel on this. To catch the green line, you should head north to Gallery Place (7th st NW) . The parade route will be between you and the station. So head north to G or H street and walk west to 7th.Union Station is closer to the Capitol but you will need to transfer at Gallery Place. There are tons of great places to eat around Gallery Place, but I have doubts that anyone will accept reservations that day.

Fried Turkey for Thanksgiviing

The Inmans at Eastern market are taking orders for fried turkey. Its $30 plus the cost per pound of the turkey. This place always has a long line for turkey pickups at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Best Bacon?

Napa 1015 at 1015 H st.NE, has very,very good bacon during their brunch on Sundays.

Figs needed

The Calamiris veggie stand at Eastern Market had figs on Tuesday.

pork belly with the skin on?

The Cedar brook farm folks at the Dupont Farmers market has it.

Bistro Italiano -- hidden gem or gross?

It's not pizza paradiso, but I like their golly's white pizza a lot. I have tried other dishes and Iiked them too. I do ask that they put any tomato sauce on the side, because they put too much on the pasta for my taste. It's just a nice dependable neighborhood cafe, with a big plus is that they do deliver.

Cheese Curds in DC

Dan at the H street NE farmers market (600 bock) on Saturday mornings has them.

Fresh Fish in Dupont Circle?

The Sunday Dupont market has a fish vendor that sells soft crabs and Rockfish. The is also a guy there that makes the very best crab cakes.

Also check out Pesce on P street. They make sell you some of the fish out of their case.


The Red & Black at 1212 H street NE serves Mufaletta.

French Fries

I love the fries at Johnnys on the half shell, and at Breadline. Both are just fresh and flavorful.

Cafe Berlin , Capitol Hill

It is a decent neighborhood restaurant. I've had several very meals there. Stick to the basics and you will do very well.

Rib Tip, H St Corridor, NE?

I have not tried their Chicago style ribs yet, but I can tell you that RibTip serves a really decent old fashioned breakfast. This isn't a brunch place, and it is not open on Sundays, but the breakfast is really tasty.

great pork

My favorite is Cederbrook Farm pork (it's from hierloon pigs) at the Dupont Market. Very,very tasty.

Quest for Mac n cheese

Hanks at Q and 17th street NW has the very best Cheese & Mac in the city.

Casual Place in DC - - Near Capitol Hill or Downtown for Drinks, Food

If your gathering is in the evening, check out the Argonaut in 1400 block of H street NE.

Johnny's HalfShell is open !

Johnny's Halfshell is open at their new location, at 400 North Capitol. It is a easy walk from Union Station. The crab cakes and Halibut are still excellent.

The new space is quite a bit larger, than the old space and very understated fabulous. I think that old fans will be happy, and now there is room for new ones.

Right now, they are only open weekdays for lunch, and will serve dinner every night except Sunday.They do have plans to be open every day and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

More on the Ohio Restaurant

the Mac&cheese used to be excellent.It was crisp & very cheesy.I agree something has changed about it. Do try their fried chicken too.

Cheap(ish) Date on Capitol Hill

The Taverna was bought out by the former owner of Zachs. The not so good greek food could get worse.