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Light & Crispy Paris-Style Baguettes in Toronto?

I apologize. Like most Parisians, I think of France as Paris. Then again, most French people don't consider Alsace part of France. The Germans certainly don't. ;)

Light & Crispy Paris-Style Baguettes in Toronto?

Yes, the "humongous" air blisters are a feature of baguette non-moulée. Think Swiss cheese. The smaller air bubbles are in baguette moulée.

Light & Crispy Paris-Style Baguettes in Toronto?

Ace's _organic_ baguettes are sour. The regular Ace baguettes are not.
Not sure how I did not address your question--a request for "a decent approximation of a Paris baguette."
There is no single thing as "a Paris baguette". There are dozens of different styles of making them. Since you actually did not _describe_ what you had in Paris, I assumed nothing. I described what you could possibly have had there, nothing more.

Light & Crispy Paris-Style Baguettes in Toronto?

Big airholes is what makes the difference between a baguette moulée (molded--risen in a cake pan) and non-moulée (risen on a flat surface). In my opinion, Loblaws or not, Ace still gets it right. The airholes are supposed to be there, and give it genuine texture.

Light & Crispy Paris-Style Baguettes in Toronto?

First off, you are right, no one in France does sourdough. Second, while there is a lot of variability in the baguette in Paris, what is most common in the corner boulangerie is the cardboard outside and fluffy cottony inside baguette. This is made from frozen dough delivered to the bakery from commercial sources. While this is maybe what you had and while you might have enjoyed it, it is for the French the equivalent of Wonder bread. A gourmet baguette is much heavier. ACE is the perfect approximation of what is made by "Artisan Boulangers" in Paris. No one says you have to love a Chateau Margaux. You are entitled to enjoy Ontario wines... ;)

Amora brand French mustard in the U.S.

Amora IS the best mustard in the world. Maille, Pommery are all fancy crap!
$2.80 for the small glass (150g), $9 shipping
$8.50 for the jar (440g), $8 shipping

This is the "Fine et Forte" Amora, NOT the "Extra Forte" which you can only get in France.

Aug 31, 2009
neoplop in General Topics

Light & Crispy Paris-Style Baguettes in Toronto?

Parisian baguettes are generally pre-made industrially, frozen and shipped to "bakeries" for cooking. Which results in that HORRIBLE cottony inside and cardboard crispy crust. Not to mention the preservatives, sugar, flavouring, and processed and refined ingredients. I'm sorry you think this is the genuine article! President's choice is a version of this. Ick.

Only the two dozen or so "boulangeries artisanales" in Paris still make their own dough. These are the authentic baguettes that were available 20-30 years ago. Ace (good) and Tati (best) emulate these quite well.

Note that the bread in France is always much better in the countryside. The current fad in France is currently Paul, a.k.a. the Starbucks of bread. "Industrial artisans" (!)... Better than the frozen cardboard but still, best to look for the genuine article..

Best of the New Bistro Bunch?!

Yes the feuilleté (also misspelled on Tati's menu to my horror) is excellent.

The place is extraordinarily loud when more than a handful of tables are full...

Best of the New Bistro Bunch?!

Tati is great for the basics. Their NY strip and entrecote are the best meat I have tasted in Toronto. (Ruth's Chris is crap.) The frites are also in my top five. The Macaroni Gratin is also some of the best mac & cheese I have ever had. The black cod was nice.

Don't expect anything enlightening from the bar -- the waitstaff make their own drinks.

The wines by the glass are excellent.

Organic Steak in Toronto

Can we revisit this 2005 topic which yielded only "Cafe Brussel" which closed soon thereafter? The website is, surprisingly, still "funct" (as opposed to "defunct"...)

I nominate Rosedale Diner (meat from the Healthy Butcher).

The Drake serves Cumbrae Farm skirt steak and Angus Rib Steak

Cowbell has great meat, but the menu changes daily... no guarantees of plain ol' steak...

True also has organic steak and filet mignon on the menu but NO FRITES! What's the point?

Prime Steakhouse (Windsor Arms) USED to have organic, but no longer...

Anyone else?

Soda Siphon help!

Anybody have any luck with the Mr Fizz stainless steel seltzer bottle?

Feb 14, 2008
neoplop in Cookware