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CT: looking for a new place!

Trying Bistro Basque for the first time tonight. I tend to like ethnic food (Coromandel is one of my favorites) - I had a mediocre experience at Luce when it was Raffaello's and was under the impression that nothing had really changed but the name, so havent even thought of it - that was some years ago, i suppose..... what would you recommend there?
I would LOVE to try a good tapas place - the way cafe pika tapas was - though i'm not such a fan of Ibiza (not so much because it isnt good, but rather because the menu is limited for me - i dont eat pork or shellfish) cafe pika tapas used to be my favorite in new haven (barcelona is good, but i just dont find many of the dishes to be amazing). that's part of why i am so excited to try Bistro Basque tonight....
I eat a lot of fish and lamb - i could live on sushi (easily - wasabi in milford/orange is my favorite, see above). I really like Pacifico (though the last time i went was a big fat failure - i am waiting to get over it to go back) downtown. Kari in westville (malaysian) is another favorite, though i think it has gone downhill a bit since they opened...

Best Cappuccino in New Haven, Conn.?

There's a (relatively) new place on the corner of Chapel and Park that a few friends have mentioned/recommended, though i haven't been there myself yet (and can not for the life of me remember the name right now)....
other than that, i think you're pretty much SOL for good coffee drinks of any sort - Koffee? and Koffee on Orange (formerly Moka) are MUCH better than the Publick Cup (bad name too...), formerly Koffee too....

CT: looking for a new place!

must add that my FAVORITE sushi place in CT (and i am somewhat of an addict) is in Milford (or is it Orange, right on the town line in any case)... WASABI - unrelated to the wasabi in north branford (any opinions on that one?) but this one is spectacular. Not particularly authentic sushi, but really interesting combinations - truly a revelation. recommendations include: double tuna roll, summer roll, out of control roll, the tuna martini appetizer is to die for - also 3 rolls no longer on the menu (but they'll make em for you): golden tuna roll (with peaches!), green kiwi roll (surprise! Kiwis!) and the snow white roll.... just incredible. despite the increasing number of sushi joints in new haven (and the all you can eat place in Hamden), i drive out to this place all the time cause it is AMAZING

Suggestions for good italian near New Haven, Ct?

I'm looking for suggestions for a good italian restaurant not too far from New Haven - i know New Haven pretty well, but rarely go out for Italian (I'm typically a member of the "don't go out to eat something that you can cook yourself" school of thought!) What do people recommend? Last time I think I went to L'Orcio which I enjoyed quite a bit - but there are all these places in wooster square (no, i'm not looking for pizza) like Adriana's and Tre Scallini - what do people think?

Also, I had an underwhelming experience at Porto Fino on State Street (state and bishop i think) when they first opened and haven't been back - am i missing out?

And what about Italian (or any other, come to think of it) recommendations near New Haven - let's say a 15 mile radius or something like that?

Thanks so much!

CT: looking for a new place!

I'm not bored with anything in particular - i just know all the restaurants downtown, having been around for quite a while, and dont get excited to go to them anymore. i don't need to be AMAZED, just need something new. I got a recommendation to SARAY in West Haven and must say i liked it quite a bit - wasn't floored, but will definitely go back!

CT: looking for a new place!

Yah, it is really good. i'm just looking for something outside of downtown new haven

CT: looking for a new place!

I'll definitely have to try Bistro Basque out - thanks! I've tried Caseus and was a bit underwhelmed - to be fair, it was about 10 days after they opened, and for lunch, but i don't know that i would go there for a meal again - for wine and cheese, SURE! (last i checked they were a BYOB but were getting their license) i got the french onion soup, which certainly wasnt enough, but it also wasn't SO amazing. it was decent. i think i make better, frankly. my tablemate got the souffle and salad - it was tiny, and salad was just greens (oh so french). She had to stop at Gourmet Heaven on the way back to the office to feel like she had had lunch - which is never a good sign. have you had a good experience? i really want to like the place! maybe i should give it another shot

CT: looking for a new place!

I know the New Haven, CT restaurants really well and have become a bit bored with them - don't get me wrong, there are delicious places (as well as others that are less so), but i would love to hear any suggestions people have in the area - any places in Milford, Branford, Guilford, West Haven, Hamden that people really love? Any type of cuisine goes, i'm just a bit bored and would love some suggestions!