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Kiddie meal?

We take our son to lots of places as well, and now that he's 3 1/2, he's almost acceptable at restaurants :). That being said, my best recommendation is go anywhere you like, but be mindful of the timing. As other posters have said, don't stick around long enough to be encroaching on nap time. We have found that anywhere is fun and the staff is accomodating if we go outside the busy time.

I will also echo the sentiment on finding a place that serves at least beer and wine. And, not just for the non-parent, especially for the parent.

We have had lots of meals at Full Moon and love the food and kid-friendly atmosphere, but it's almost more of a chore to have to get up and watch your child in the play area to ensure everyone is playing nicely. If there wasn't a play area to distract him, we'd be happy sitting at the table.

We, too, have found that Asian restaurants are very friendly to children, I assume because the family gathering is much more a part of their culture than leaving the kids home with a sitter. Dim Sum is probably my best recommendation, as there are a lot of different things to try, fun textures, fun flavors. We've been doing Dim Sum with my son siince he was born and he loves the BBQ pork in the Char Shiu Bao.

Casa Romero - thumbs down

If you're willing to trek out to the suburbs, try Ixtapa that opened in Woburn center. Completely authentic, family run Mexican food. The chips are thin and freshly made, the salsa is fresh and served in a half carafe with individual dishes for double dipping. The sopa de albondigas is to die for (though it did take a fairly long time to come out, it seemed quite fresh, not just spooned out of a big old pot). I've been there a couple of times now and am definitely making this my neighborhood "place".

Good, reasonably priced food near Northeastern?

We were hoping to be easily walking in 15 minutes or so between the concert and restaurant. Is that too limiting?

Good, reasonably priced food near Northeastern?

We're heading over to Ell Hall to hear a concert in a couple of weeks, and going with another couple that wants to get out for dinner first, but not expensive - I'd say $20-$30 per person is about what we're looking for.

I don't want to go to a pizza place or anything of that ilk, I'm really looking for a sitdown restaurant.

Any suggestions?

Hot and sour cabbage - chinese style - in metro Boston?

This has been a quest of mine for a little while. Growing up in NYC, I always had hot and sour cabbage salad (but, not kimchee, more like vinegar pickled cabbage) when I went out for chinese food. I had finally found one place in Woburn that served it occasionally, but they closed a couple of years ago, and I have not been able to find it since.

Does anyone have any suggestions about where they might have seen this delightful dish?


Dim Sum in MetroWest?

China Pearl in Woburn is the real deal - just like the China Pearl downtown. They have all the classics and you can order "off the board" if you know what you want. It is a very kid-friendly brunch option, we go pretty much every other Sunday morning with friends and all of our kids. And, it's not a scary super packed place like the downtown affair.

Where Did You Go For Valentine's Day (If Anywhere)?

Hubby and I went to L'andana Grill in Burlington. It's pretty new, so our first time there. I was pretty impressed with the food - classic Northern Italian with twists. I had carpaccio, but instead of parmesean, they had gorgonzola and horseradish on it - yummy! The broccoli rabe, instead of just garlic and oil, had garlic and chilis. Hubby had the duck in blood orange sauce over parmesean risotto - very yummy, though he likes his duck crispier than they made it. The service staff was a bit junior, but they did just open - the service was great, but not as polished as I would expect. The wine list was quite nice with a decent list of half bottles which let us choose more than one to complement our meals. Also, not over the top price-wise, I'd definitely go back with friends.