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Shanghai; Why no Chowhound Meets?

Absolutely in if anyone wants to organize a Chow meetup. I'm in Shanghai for 4 months and have toured what I've seen so far on blogs etc.

Now's the chance for us to make our own list.

jericsonco at gmail up to eat anytime

Anybody tried the new EMP with a large group yet?

The new EMP format seems so interesting in terms of a challenge to the kitchen, However, most of the reviews available have only been for 2 - 3 tops. I'm wondering how they can manage a table larger than let's say 6 people with different tastes and different preferences for each ingredient/course?

Oct 20, 2010
jecolicious in Manhattan

Pastry chef coming to Vancouver

Cincin in Robson street for desserts. The pastry chef's Thierry Busset, one of the Marco Pierre White alumnus from Restaurant Marco Pierre White.

His desserts are pretty good.

Restaurant-based cookbooks - do the recipes allow faithful duplication?

is these something to be said about the quality of the base protein as well? I don't know what pork you used but there's a very distinct difference between quality fed pork , supermarket pork and then Kurobota pork.

Feb 15, 2010
jecolicious in Not About Food

Most complicated and impossible recipe you know

Buddha Jump Over the Fence Soup.

Start with a fin from an endangered shark...

Feb 03, 2010
jecolicious in Home Cooking

I want to eat something light and "cheng"

Could be Fujianese too. meaning it's "Clean"

Feb 01, 2010
jecolicious in General Topics

a classic man's cocktail?

Old Fashioned
Vesper - if you want suave then james bond is your guy

Jan 20, 2010
jecolicious in Spirits

Amusing menu gaffes - what's yours? [moved from Boston board]

At one of those quick turn and burns that serve rice bowls in the Taiwan night markets:

Chicken Bowel.

Dec 10, 2009
jecolicious in Not About Food

Your fantasy Iron Chef episode

Grant Achatz vs. Jonathan Benno battle truffles
Tom Colicchio vs. Marco Canora battle soffrito
Gavin Kaysen vs. Tim Hollingsworth battle red wine
Suzanne Goin vs. Jeremiah Tower battle san francisco
Ruhlman vs. Bourdain would be funny
I'd like to see Jeffrey Steingarten get beaten by Ronald Mcdonald in battle french fries.

Dec 08, 2009
jecolicious in Food Media & News

Thanksgiving at David Burke's Primehouse--A Review

Nice review ChemWork. I'm just curious what book they would've offered you had you said yes?

Dec 05, 2009
jecolicious in Chicago Area

Unusual Fried Food - Idea Needed

Make a mixture of goat cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, pickled chili and chives. Scoop out using an ice cream scoop chill, bread, then deep fry. Serve with some tomatoes and several doses of xenical.

Nov 16, 2009
jecolicious in Home Cooking

Help Me Become A Better Cook

Look for the Cook's book, that's a pretty good resource as well.

Learn the odd fundamentals that few people really write up in books anymore like tying your roasts properly using a slipknot. Trussing a chicken, salting from a height and knowing *when to salt. (still would constitute a considerable debate on the timing of salting proteins and vegetables).

Probably make a list of fundamental techniques too and make sure you have every building block done. for example:

Braising - Salting/marinating; proper browning, chopping the appropriate size of vegetables, deglazing using the right heat and right liquid (sometimes it's even just the liquid from the aromatics, and heat and evaporation control.)

Then there's roasting, grilling/searing, steaming, poaching and boiling/blanching.

One book that's pretty good as well is Think Like a Chef by tom Colicchio. I'm sincerely excited for you, cooking is a very engrossing undertaking and getting a good sigh of deliciousness after learning to braise is priceless. Enjoy!

Oct 13, 2009
jecolicious in Home Cooking

Camping Chowhound Style

Nothing makes a homemade sausage more satisfying than eating it while camping. Look into Francis Mallman's book "Seven Fires" It's a terrific source of inspiration for camping food.

Oct 01, 2009
jecolicious in General Topics

Top Chef Las Vegas Ep. 6 - 09/23/09 (Spoilers)

How would you deconstruct paella?

I would've cooked rice in a broth of saffron and parsley until it's mushy enough to make a chunkypuree.
Cooked a thin layer of rice between 2 pans with a bit of rendered chorizo fat to cheat on making soccarat.
Plated it in a straight rectangle with the soccarat chunks placed organically on top. Added with sea urchin for that sweet briny seafood taste, lemon pudding, and fried calamari.
Finished with squid ink vinaigrette.

Dreaming up dishes is one thing, executing it properly is totally another story though. :)

Sep 24, 2009
jecolicious in Food Media & News

Top Chef Las Vegas Ep. 5 - 09/16/09 (Spoilers)

With a $150 budget probably a go for a steak egg and potato dish.

Grilled skirt steak, rested on a butter soy emulsion and use that as sauce as well. make some form of chimichurri for tang. Ratchet up the cowboy thing with a potato and pickled chili stew or even a more refined torta de patata. Round it out with the Francis Mallman burnt tomato idea and you have a pretty refined cowboy dish.

I live in a sweltering country and grilling in the hot sun would is still a pretty fun day. Somehow I think Hector would've won a challenge like this.

I keep hearing what Tom said on one episode of top chef masters where he noted the huge difference between regular top chef contestants being bogged down by the challenge's limitations and the master's just taking the challenge and really relishing what they could create within the parameters, (I think it was the episode with john besh and Suzanne Tracht.)

Ceviche was the easy way out and fish was a really odd choice. I felt that nobody was swinging for the fences in this episode. (come in Mike, Gyros?)

Sep 18, 2009
jecolicious in Food Media & News

Who Influenced You Most?

Ok get ready to bash me.

Rob Rainford!

(ducks) ok let me explain.

His weird, almost drugged up passion was fun to watch and infectious enough to make me turn the stove on for the first time after 20 years of just eating what is served to me. Granted, the dishes there aren't as interesting as the stuff we talk about now, his teaching style reminded me of my uber-hyper pre-school teacher that taught me the alphabet.

Michael Smith was another one. He showed how accessible cooking could be without succumbing to the Sandra Lee garbage.

Sep 15, 2009
jecolicious in General Topics

What food find still haunts you - that you had once and haven't found since?

For me it was a soup I had when I was 22. After 12 hours of traveling from 3 airports with little rest and less decent food we landed on a drizzly cold night in Cancun. Even if everything was in English and the people were intensely nice the food was the standard continental fare sterilized for tourists. We opted out and took a cab ride to a restaurant overlooking the water and had what they called "Vueve la Vida" essentially a seafood soup that was the living essence of the briny sweet sea. Perfectly cooked shellfish and a good beer. I've gone over all the Bayless books and tried their versions of Sopa de Mariscos but the satisfaction of a hot comforting soup greeting you in a foreign land you're still adjusting to just can't be replicated.

Perhaps good borscht in the middle of the Russian Tundra would be next.

Sep 02, 2009
jecolicious in General Topics

World travelers ... in what country is American food most popular?

If we're talking about fast food, I'll vouch for the The Philippines . It's actually embedded into the way Filipinos think about food. That fresh ingredients are equal, even somewhat secondary, to the pre-cooked, well-lit McDonald's and KFC and that the foreign creations hundreds of miles away are superior to the native food present there. There're several Starbucks and McDonalds and in all college campuses and a regular meal is a styrofoam packed glop and a piece of fried chicken from an assembly line.

Jun 29, 2009
jecolicious in General Topics

Garlic at the Asian Market

Those are peeled Chinese garlic that have been treated with chemical preservatives to maintain the color. You'll still get the taste of garlic but it's like liking hotdogs one day and learning how hotdogs are made and not liking them anymore. I work in produce wholesale and my company unfortunately carries that product. I really don't recommend using it.

Jun 29, 2009
jecolicious in General Topics

food costing/profit margins: are there a-few-fit-all general formulas?

please feel free to discuss!

I once watched Jamie Oliver discuss food mark up on his restaurants using the formula: (total food cost x 1.65) as a general mark up. I also read in Michael Ruhlman's book before about the restaurant business model where, (i may be misquoting here) bulk restaurants like fast food would have a per food cost mark up of only 20 percent but makes up for volume whereas fancier sit-down restaurants go beyond the range of 50-60% but suffer on volume. I only learned about the 10% margin by reading this thread.

May 21, 2009
jecolicious in Not About Food

Bakudanyaki - more Japanese street food! (Vancouver)

It's essentially a giant takoyaki ball. It's pretty great considering that with the size that they make, you'll get a nice caramelized outside and a gradient of textures of the mochi dough towards the gooey rich. It's a really fun thing to eat.

Please help me find restaurants which contrast with EMP and Degustation

Sushi Yasuda.
Blue Hill

May 14, 2009
jecolicious in Manhattan

OBSESSED with chicken adobo

Try mixing in chicken livers to the sauce in the end to make the sauce richer, the idea is to balance the richness of the river and the protein with the acidity of the vinegar braising liquid.

May 13, 2009
jecolicious in Home Cooking

Who's on your Top Chef Masters Dream Roster?

thanks LindaWhit, you were right, I was asking who would be a reasonable judge to lergnom's list of chefs

Apr 09, 2009
jecolicious in Food Media & News

Who's on your Top Chef Masters Dream Roster?

Wow, if that's your list, who would judge?

Apr 08, 2009
jecolicious in Food Media & News

Who's on your Top Chef Masters Dream Roster?

So I just got blown away by the chefs participating, I would say I agree to most of the decisions but then my mind started mixing my Fantasy Baseball and Basketball league with Top Chef.
Dare I ask who would be on your Dream competition roster?
For that magical show in my head I'd want to see these chefs:
Suzanne Goin
Homaru Cantu
Michael Mina
Ken Oringer
Andrew Carmellini
Joey Mac
Tony Maws
Corey Lee
Alex Lee
David Chang
Govind Armstrong
Mark Ladner
In addition to the current roster of
John Besh
Doug Rodriguez
Michael Chimarusti
John Besh
and Doug Rodriguez.

After that there would be a special 4 week run of a special edition called Top Chef Legends where you'd pit chefs:
Thomas Keller
Mario Batali
Daniel Boulud
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Eric Ripert
Grant Achatz
Charlie Trotter
Masa Takayama
and Jacques Torres against each other,

Wow I got ahead of myself there a bit.
So who`d be on your list?

Apr 08, 2009
jecolicious in Food Media & News

Perturbed at Le Bernardin

from where I used to work we'd go along the lines of:

"Would you like to have coffee at the bar?"

Sometimes we'd even go so far as: "We'd like to buy you a drink at the bar if you'd help us accommodate some of our guests"

They appreciate it, they get the clue, they feel they're part of the success in the restaurant and they get free booze if needed.

Apr 03, 2009
jecolicious in Not About Food

Working Out- exercise and the food you pair it with

Pre-workout would be a slice of bread and some jam. Nothing beats Chocolate Milk Post-workout

Feb 02, 2009
jecolicious in General Topics

Need Help! Visiting New York mid to eat, watch Wicked and a little shopping.

Anybody know where I can score Wicked tickets?

Nah I'm just kidding, my girlfriend and I are visiting New york for one week in March to do a tour of the not-to-miss restaurants. We're fans of good food, not overly stuffed dinners but food that's well thought out and done with real passion. We can appreciate both subtle flavors and knock you off your socks gusto. I already called ahead to per se and we have one dinner there, and will call Babbo to get reservations as well. I was hoping for some advice from the NY Hounds on suggestions. I have a working list right now and was hoping if anybody would have comments and suggestions.

Momofuku Sssam Bar (Ko seems tough to get into but we'll still try)
EMP / Gramercy Tavern (Which Danny Meyer Restaurant would you recommend?)
Bar Masa
Sushi Yasuda
Blue Hill (should I save up come back for Blue Hill Stone barns instead?)
Le Bernardin
Gotham (I haven't heard much from Gotham anymore, any comments?)

We only have 4 more dinners available so what do you guys think?

Jan 20, 2009
jecolicious in Manhattan

Vancouver Sushi

Octopus Garden is grossly underrated. I'm actually saddened that not a lot of people talk about it here but the place has fantastic sashimi and sushi. The rice is made just right, enough acidity and bite.