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Charbroiled Burgers in Dallas Metro Plex?

Husband and I were disappointed in Back Yard Burger. Definitely overpriced for a dry burger and not hot and crisp fries.

I like Del's a lot, though it's no Hodad's (dive in San Diego I remember from growing up).

I like the regular burger there, hold the mustard. The tater tots are better than the fries.

Back Yard Burgers
10930 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75231

San Diegan coming to Addison/Dallas for the weekend, need your hidden gem recommendations!

My brother and sister in law loved Afrah on Beltline (called "Main St" on that stretch) in Richardson. It's Lebanese/Middle Eastern. Lunch is buffet only on weekdays, I prefer the menu to the buffet, but then I always do.

This place is not fancy, just good. Service tends to be slow.

Southern California Mexican Food and IN N OUT Burger in 1 week!

It's slightly less out of her way than it is out of ours. Straight shot up the Tollway for her. Took me 30 minutes from Richardson. It's not the best taco shop in the whole world, but definitely a taste of my hometown.

What, you thought we were finished talking about In-N-Out Burger?

Once I found out that the burgers were all cold when they did the test, I couldn't keep reading!

Southern California Mexican Food and IN N OUT Burger in 1 week!

YUM. YUM. YUM. YUM!! Thank you Eddie!

DH and I are thinking of driving to Frisco every weekend from here to eternity.

He had the California burrito. I had the rolled tacos and beef taco combo plate. The rice was just as I remember it - on the dry side w/o a bunch of nasty canned veggies in it, the red hot sauce was awesome-not a huge fan of the tomatillo sauce- and the shredded beef taco with fresh fried corn tortilla shell (tears of joy, people, tears of joy) hit the spot!

The gentleman had Jamaica to drink and I had Horchata.

I can't wait for next weekend.

Mariana's Taco Shop
6890 W Main St, Frisco, TX 75034

Southern California Mexican Food and IN N OUT Burger in 1 week!

UCSD baby. And SD native.

Southern California Mexican Food and IN N OUT Burger in 1 week!

I want to go!! These places are always far from me.. first Irving, now Frisco.

LA/SoCal airplane friendly gifts to shlep across the country

I LOVE See's candy and would always appreciate being brought a box of that. My other California pick-up is Trader Joe's slab "california style" dried apricots - all I can find here is Sun Maid, and they're just awful shriveled corpses of apricots compared to the bright chewy moist TJ's product. Sorry I'm not much help!

Jan 29, 2011
Chile Pepper in Los Angeles Area

Good News for all of you ex-Californians looking for good Mexican food in the DFW metroplex!

Stop teasing me Caroline.. now I'm going to go and that chef will have the day off and I'll have been Tex-Mexed again! The last time it happened it was Aparacios, which was incredibly appallingly bad. Didn't try the relleno though.

Who has the best chicken salad in Big D

Haven't had Zoe's chicken salad but have found the food I have had to be very mediocre, pardon the oxymoron.

Neiman's is famous for their Chicken Salad sandwich. I go to Neiman's just to eat at their restaurant.

Best traditional Middle Eastern restaurant in DFW?

I like Afrah too. I avoid the lunch buffet and prefer the regular menu.

T-Root like the Burger Doctor calls it. They make great burgers

Not a fan either. Especially hated the everything fried (limp and greasy) platter. The burger was your standard below average hamburger, worse than I make at home.


I (along with others here I am sure) reported on the new location because it's near my house so I tried it. Nothing unreasonable about that.


Me too. Mushy bland shredded beef. My favorite taco was the tempura shrimp - though the batter resembled tempura in no way. The grilled vegetable taco that had no detectable grilled vegetables at all but had a few black beans was my second favorite.

Rusty Taco -- 38 minutes for a taco?

I agree, that place is great so far. I've been there twice. I don't think it's connected to Amigo's as I ordered a side of beans and they weren't the delicious Amigo's beans with whole beans in them, they were fully mashed refried. From now on, I just order the steak tacos. The red taco sauce is delicious and spicy - the green is milder but only so-so to me as I don't love tomatillos. The al pastor is also good.

Mexican Food in Dallas Metroplex

Some restaurants that please my family's California tastebuds:

First Emperor Chinese (Polk St, Richardson across from Kirin Court) - hole in the wall Chinese food, much more meat than vegetables

ThaiSoon (Coit Rd, Richardson) - tiny little place, always packed, much more vegetable than meat!

Amigos Comida Casera (Beltline east of 75 a couple miles) - great service, very inexpensive, yummy free amuse bouche of a mini tostada. love their beans. They do NOT make a great fried taco. I wish they did. Try the "Enchiladas Mexicanas."

I still fry my own tacos & make my own shredded beef after 7 years! At least I am a good cook like Caroline. And very modest. :D

Carne Asada Burrito's in Dallas Area?

Jay I think this is your place. I've only been there twice because I live in Richardson. The menu is completely "correct" and has pictures of all the menu items. It will make you nostalgic just walking in. That said, the rolled tacos are pretty awful as they have the usual problem 'round these parts of being severely understuffed with meat which leads to burnt/overcooked edges on each side.

The carne asada burrito, however, was EXCELLENT, both times we were there.

Trader Joes - DFW

If the great prices were gone, then so to would be my interest. Between Sprouts, Kroger, and the variety of ethnic markets around Richardson/North Dallas, I don't even need them to do great bargain grocery shopping. More competition can only make things better though! I'm really sorry to hear their prices aren't competitive anymore.

I miss the cracked wheat sour dough bread though, that's some really good stuff.

WHAT??? do you want to eat in this heat?

A Mollie Katzen pasta dish that has cubes of mozzarella, ripe tomato, fresh basil, and olive oil as the sauce (I think for linguine).


Lots of cold sandwiches.

Bacon, avocado, and sprouts or baby spinach on soft bread.

Achiote marinated grilled chicken tender street tacos!

Jul 10, 2009
Chile Pepper in Texas

Ethnic Food Markets in DFW

Taj Mahal is on Beltline near 75.

I love El Rancho, on Coit near Spring Valley, particularly for thin-sliced taco meat, good deals and quality on certain produce, and fun extras like the Ibarra Mexican hot chocolate that comes in tablets form.

I also shop at the big Asian market on Beltline and Jupiter as well as the less huge & cool but more convenient Tian Tian on Greenville Ave in the Chinatown shopping center.

Best thing to do with leftover cooked chicken breast...

The question is really what can't you do with grilled chicken breast?

I like to make huge one-dish meals in the summer that I can nosh on for a few days without heating up the kitchen such as pasta salad with chicken and lots of your favorite chopped vegetables. Great with a Thai-style peanut sauce dressing, or a creamy yogurt-herb dressing, or a simple balsamic vinaigrette.

Also one of my favorite things to do with leftover chicken, especially if it was marinated, is a simple sandwich on good quality bread with butter on one side and mayo on the other, chicken and lettuce in the middle.

Jun 09, 2009
Chile Pepper in Home Cooking

Chicken Waldorf Recipes?

I think the original waldorf salad was simply celery, apples, and fresh mayo.

I'd add celery and apples to the above, and serve it on butter lettuce leaves with fresh rolls on the side. Making your own mayo would definitely bring it to the next level, but I do enjoy Hellman's, myself.

Jun 08, 2009
Chile Pepper in Home Cooking

what's your favorite sandwich?

Crisp bacon, avocado, and baby spinach leaves on a nice soft fresh bread of almost any kind.

Needs no condiments.

Jun 08, 2009
Chile Pepper in Home Cooking

Dallas - best flour tortillas?

The Kroger on Coit at Beltline makes flour tortillas. I think they're better than the Central Market ones.

I'm more of a corn tortilla fan though.

[Dallas] Where can I buy lamb?

I've bought boneless leg of lamb at Sprout's - I think it was $6.99. Sometimes I buy the rack of lamb at Costco for around $17 total. The best lamb I've ever had was the $29/pound rib chops I bought at Central Market.

Twisted Root - Richardson

I had never been to the Deep Ellum location, but because this place always made "best burger in Dallas" lists I was excited to try it.

My husband and I were both unthrilled. The burgers were fine, but nothing special. I ordered the platter of every kind of fried food they make for our table of 4... and it was absolutely disgusting. The curly fries were from a bag, and not as good as Jack in the Box's. The fried pickles were OK but Snuffer's are much better. Everything else was just so greasy and unimpressive that most of it remained on the tray. We left saying we'll never go to Twisted Root again.

Looking for Tea Rooms in North Dallas

I've been to the new Dallas location. I wasn't impressed with my lunch salad, and neither were my companions. The menu sounds much better than the execution. My grandma has even been twice and said she doesn't want to go there again. It is nicer looking and not all corny chintzy like most tea rooms, and the cookies I brought home for dessert were very good indeed.

DFW - Salvadoran Restaurants - DFW

I meant to say between Nantucket and Custer.

DFW - Salvadoran Restaurants - DFW

There's a pupuseria in Richardson on Arapaho between Nantucket and Floyd (across the street from Taco Bell). One person told me it was not good, but it was somebody I doubt had ever had a pupusa before. Do give us reviews if you are going to hit all these places.

Bagels in Dallas

I tried that place too. The bagels are the best I've bought in Dallas (not saying much there!).

I found the sandwiches we ordered off their deli menu to be way way way too pricey for what they are, although they were good. I plan to be a patron of this place but only for the bagels.