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Taste No. 5 Umami - in New Jersey

I've been searching the internet to find a gourmet store that carries Taste No. 5 Umami. The closest I got is Dean and Deluca in NJ. I'm having issues ordering from the website and something tells me that the shipping will end up costing more than the tube itself. Any idea if there a store that carries it anywhere in NJ, preferable Northern NJ?

Thanks in advance!

Nov 27, 2010
love2cookmb in New Jersey

Saturday lunch not too far from the W hotel

I need a recommendation for a Saturday lunch for a small group not too far from the W hotel on Lexington. It is supposed to rain so I don't want to walk too far.

Cuisine is open, good food since this is a foodie meetup and someone is traveling from Cali, price inexpensive to moderate, maybe something a little fun where we can sit for a while and have a few drinks.

This will be for tomorrow. I'm hoping I have enough time to get some responses.


Jun 11, 2010
love2cookmb in Manhattan

Cinco de Mayo in Mercer County, NJ

Hi! I'm looking for a nice Mexican Restaurant in Mercer County to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I play on going the day before so basically just looking for great Mexican food that would be good for a group. Something that isn't too over the top or expensive would be helpful

Thank you in advance!

Apr 30, 2010
love2cookmb in New Jersey

Cool things to put in a mozza-roll?

I just saw an advertisement for this in La Cucina Italiana Magazine. I think it's a great concept. I hope I can find it in Stop and Shop or Fairway this weekend. I would use any type of Italian pork product like prosciutto, pancetta, salami (thinly sliced) any kind of green you like, basil, arugula, etc, maybe some roasted peppers. Or how about pesto and prosciutto. Olive tapenade?

Oct 27, 2009
love2cookmb in Home Cooking

Florentine Grill in Morris Plains, New Jersey

Looks like there is some construction going on. Does anyone know if it's the same owners or will it be an entirely new restaurant? I've never been to Florentine Grill because it always looked empty. I pass it every day. So I'm hoping that something new and good will be coming...and soon!

Cinque Figlie, Whippany - Just not sure

My boyfriend took me here for my birthday this past July. I have been wanting to go there for a while because I heard it was really good. I was so disappointed. On a Friday night there was only one other table filled. I guess some may think it's nice to have the restaurant to themselves but for me it just seemed like the restaurant was undesireable. It had a very musty like basement smell there too. Turned me off the moment I walked in but I didn't want my boyfriend to feel bad. The waitress was sweet and did give us the wine menu right away and that was fine. The menu was very boring. I don't even remember what I ordered that's how average it was. I agree with the above comment about the bruschetta. I remember that, in fact, I don't even think they put any bread besides that on the table. There were only a few appetizers and nothing seemed like it was worth the price so i didn't order one. It was not a good dinner at all. I would have preferred to cook dinner myself and just gone out for drinks. Too bad.

Restaurants in Monroe, New Jersey

Angelina that sounds like a lot of money. For that price I rather go to Maggiano's. You'd think that with all these 55+ communities going up everywhere that there would be more restaurants opening. Not everyone that age wants to go to a diner every day.

Sep 23, 2009
love2cookmb in New Jersey

Restaurants in Monroe, New Jersey

There's a place called Luchento's but I believe it's under new management or it is being redone. I wonder if it's any good.

Sep 22, 2009
love2cookmb in New Jersey

Restaurants in Monroe, New Jersey

We pass the Lobster Shanty all the time. I'm going to see if they have a menu. We went to Shoprite which I believe is in cranberry. It was very big which I liked. I'll mention the stop and shop. I was hoping there would be a close trader joe's since they didn't have one in SI where they lived before but I think the nearest one is in Princeton.

I will also check out the Gourmet Shoppe and the bakery! Thanks everyone for your help! Keep them coming if you can!

Sep 22, 2009
love2cookmb in New Jersey

Restaurants in Monroe, New Jersey

Hi. My parents just moved to a community in Monroe, New Jersey and are looking for some restaurant recommendations. Italian, Chinese, Pizza (although we did like Bella Naploli's), sushi, basically everything. Any information on the area (best supermarkets, etc) would be great too. I appreciate the help!

Sep 18, 2009
love2cookmb in New Jersey

Is Fairway Market coming to Paramus, NJ?

I emailed fairway directly and was told that the hold up is still because of the store in Fort Lee. I asked when it would open and the reply was "we are not at liberty to discuss our plans right now...". So, I'm curious to know if you have any info other than that.

Is Fairway Market coming to Paramus, NJ?

Laylag, I found your thread but did not see your update.

Is Fairway Market coming to Paramus, NJ?

Yes, that's just what I was talking about. I wish I knew if the trouble was resolved yet.

Is Fairway Market coming to Paramus, NJ?

I heard a rumor back in June that Fairway Market was coming to Route 17 in the fashion center in Paramus. I haven't heard anything else about it. Last I heard there were some issues b/c of Fairway that is in Fort Lee. I'm not sure if they are part of the Fairway Market that is in Manhattan though. Anyone have any news?

Soaking Red Beans - they seemed to split open, is that okay?

I know that there are numerous posts about soaking beans. I looked there but didn't find my answer. My question is not whether or not to soak beans, I already chose to soak them. They've been soaking for about 3 hours now and most of the beans have opened up. Is that normal? I'm making red beans and rice. Is it going to ruin the recipe? Should I start over? Please help!

Feb 22, 2008
love2cookmb in Home Cooking

Best Pizza in N.J.

I am was born and raised in NY where you can get a pretty good slice of pizza on every corner. I really don't get the hype about Kinchleys. I've eaten it as my bf and his family (which brought me to NJ) think it's the greatest thing. Personally, I think it tastes like frozen pizza. Now Roxanne's down the road has the best kalamata olive pizza. It always tastes fresh and the kalamatas give it an entirely different taste than your ordinary canned black olives. So can someone fill me in on why everyone loves Kinchley's so much? What specifically makes it so special?

Feb 21, 2008
love2cookmb in New Jersey

What's up with Bergen County Happy Hours?

I'll have to second The AB&G (or ABAG as some people like to call it) it's a nice atmosphere and good food.

best/most authentic tomato pie in NY/NJ/PA?

L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn, NY has great pizza like you describe. I had no clue it was called Tomato Pie.

Help me find the Dumpling Lady in Englewood, NJ.

Wow! Thanks so much! That sounds like it! I definitely will score points with my man!!! LOL This board has really proven to be so helpful! I can't believe I didn't know about it sooner! Thanks again!

Help me find the Dumpling Lady in Englewood, NJ.

My boyfriend told me about this place that a friend took him to about 5 years ago in the Industrial section of Englewood off of Route 4 (By Bennigans). It was a white building and inside there was a little dumpling factory of sorts. He said the dumplings were really cheap. They came in a styrofoam container of 50 with shrink wrap on it. THey were fresh and whatever she made that day was what you got. It was about $9 for 50 of them. He was never able to find it again and always talks about it. Anyone have any idea where this place is/was and if it's still around? I'd definitely like to check it out!

Gourmet Catering North Jersey

Thank you all for your replies and suggestions. I'm sorry that I wasn't very specific. I am new to this board but still should have realized I need to provide more information. I'm not really sure how much I want to spend yet. I was hoping to get some ideas and prices and then decide if this is something I'll be able to afford or if I will need to do something more intimate with fewer people. It's not until November so I still have some time.

We both come from Italian families and food is a very important part of our lives so I would prefer Italian food if possible. I grew up in Brooklyn and Staten Island and there are plenty of good Italian Caterers there but I'm new to New Jersey and I'm sort of lost and don't know where to begin. Another thing is, once I have decided 100% to throw this party and I mention it to his parents, I am sure they will offer some monetary assistance. Of course, I don't want to put the wagon before the horse so I can't rely on that.

I made a list and it looks like it will be about 65 people. I will also need to find a DJ so if you know of anyone please let me know. Oh and Lucienne, it is not Rio Vista.

Cookbooks for newlyweds first time out of home?

Betty Crocker has a book for newlyweds. It covers everything!

Feb 19, 2008
love2cookmb in Home Cooking

Gourmet Catering North Jersey

Thanks Curlz. I'm going to check out the website first. Thanks again!

Gourmet Catering North Jersey

I am thinking of throwing my boyfriend a surprise 30th bday party. Funds are limited so I am hoping to hold it in the clubhouse in his parents' community in Mahwah in Bergen County. She's had parties there before and I believe used "Above the Salt" to cater. It looks as if this place has closed since then. Any suggestions on a good gourmet caterer in the area? I've heard of Market Basket, are they any good?

Italian Food Stores - NJ

You must be from Brooklyn or Staten Island! I am too and I don't know where to go. I wish there was a Pastosa's here. I haven't been to Esposito's but I know it isn't too far from me.