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Favorite Sushi: Baltimore

If you can take the trip ( not sure how far it really would be) To inner Harbor eat at Edo Sushi, i had some good temaki and maki rolls. There appetizers were delicious i had shumai and a jellyfish salad. So this would be my vote for a good sushi.

Best Donair in Halifax, NS?

I have family near Halifax and when ever i visit i either eat at King of Donair or Greco's. But i need to know what other peoples favorites are.

May 27, 2008
MrRamen in Atlantic Canada

Rollie's in Belfast, Me

I went to Rollie's a while ago and i thought that the whole experience was amazing. I had a few appetizers to start off with i had Nacos, and their Load French Fries, a good dish of chili fries. I then ordered a burger, was very good. I had the burger made medium-rare(the best i think). And the other people i was with had Rollie's take on a Reuben. It was made with turkey and col slaw right in the sandwich. It was simply great. It was a great pub environment, had a pool table and a music system. You could even play poker or trivia and their game system. To top it all off with they have had Celebrities you could say. They had Tim "The Barbarian" Boestch. I am a big UFC so being able to meet someone was really great. But enough about my experiences i want to know other peoples experiences.

Best Whoopie Pies in Maine?

i would have to say my favorite whoopie pie in Maine would have to be at Moody's Dinner, they are a great size and the filling is really good as well, i havent had one in a while but i believe that they have a variety of fillings. Its also a good restaurant to go to eat at, but they have like go away from cooking a lot of food on their own : /

Mar 03, 2008
MrRamen in Northern New England

Philly steak and cheese?

I will be traveling to Philadelphia in April and I need to know everyones opinion. Which is the best Philly steak and cheese sandwich shop. I heard Pat's and Luke's. But are there anymore?

Feb 14, 2008
MrRamen in Pennsylvania

Planning a Trip to Vancouver [Moved from Canada board]

Hello, I am planning on taking a trip to Vancouver in the near future. I have seen the No Reservation episode when he is in Vancouver. And i was wondering are there any other really good restaurant/foodie locations?