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Best of DC area chow for first timer?

Hi all!

I am excited to be visiting the metro DC area from Los Angeles for 4 days during restaurant week. I want to focus my food tour to restaurants that are classically "DC" or surrounding area. LA has alot of excellent ethnic eats such as Japanese, Chinese and Mexican so no need to recommend on that. What's DC known for in terms of food and any ethnic gems? I hear ethiopian is very good.

Are there any must-try restaurants that are participating in restaurant week?

Also looking for one statement restaurant for one of the nights. All suggestions are so appreciated! Thanks for your response in advance and look forward to your city!

Looking for a fabulous Bachelorette Dinner Around the 60/67 FWYs?

I am planning a bachelorette dinner for about 15 girls. It will need to be near the 605/60 or around the 57 freeway (brea, Fullerton) as most of the girls are from the Covina/ Chino area.

It will need to be reasonably priced (under $25 pp) and have great cocktails, great ambience and food! Private room a plus.

Jul 18, 2008
krispykremed in Los Angeles Area

Your Favorite Ethnic Gems off the beaten path?

Some friends and I are looking to spend a night trying any and all ethnic gems in the Southland. I'd love recs on ethnic eats that are off the beaten path: Uzbekistanian, Salvadorian, Burmese etc. We've covered Thai, Japanese, Regional Mexican alraedy so anything out of the ordinary and delicious would eb of great help. Happy eating!

Feb 09, 2008
krispykremed in Los Angeles Area

Chowish Lunch or Dinner by the Pacific Design Center?

I haven't been up to LA in a while but will be at the Pacific Design center for business. Any new and notable eats closeby? We are looking for not too expensive food, and any type will do.

Dec 03, 2007
krispykremed in Los Angeles Area

Great authentic Mexican NEAR the South Bay

I would say the 91, 105 but not the 605, 60 or 10. 710 is a tossup depending on the location

Nov 02, 2006
krispykremed in Los Angeles Area

Great authentic Mexican NEAR the South Bay

Ok, you know and I know that South Bay isn't a good place to find a good, authentic mexican restaurant, so I can settle for a place semi-near the South bay. I have a friend who's coming in from Hawaii and is missing some good Mexican food and wants to have lunch. I am willing to drive out a little - Long Beach/Carson, etc. but not too far (east LA)

Anyone know of a place I can go to during a lunch break without having to sit in traffic for an hour? Homemade tortillas are a plus!

Thank you!

Nov 02, 2006
krispykremed in Los Angeles Area

South Bay Business Dinner

Some business guests will be in town tomorrow evening. Are there any recommendations for a business dinner for a group of youngish, chowish folks? Would prefer a lively place that has a good bar and vibrant atmosphere (no suits). They are staying in Manhatton beach, but the offices are in Torrance so any good place in the South Bay will be welcomed!

Sep 13, 2006
krispykremed in Los Angeles Area

Hawaiian Appetizers for Bridal Shower

Anyone have any delicious recipes for Hawaiian-style appetizers? Will be contributing to a bridal shower where the theme is "Hawaiian".

If not Hawaiian, any other killer appetizer recipes/suggestions will be appreciated as well!


Jul 05, 2006
krispykremed in Home Cooking