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Katsuya or Geisha House?

We want to go to a 'trendy' sushi restaurant, which would you all prefer, Katsuya or Geisha House??

From the pictures Katsuya looks all brightly lit--is that how it really is? Or is it more dim at night?

And one more question, what is the dress like at Katsuya? Is it casual or are most girls in dresses?

Thanks for the help :)

Feb 14, 2008
holly798g in Los Angeles Area


What does everyone think of Katsuya? A group of friends and I want to go to a trendy sushi place--we've tried Koi and loved the atmosphere. How is Katsuya in comparison? Also, which location is best? Brentwood or Hollywood?? Any help will be very appreciated! :)

Feb 13, 2008
holly798g in Los Angeles Area