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Tuscany in Bridgeport CT

Sibeats, sorry, I was just being lazy when I posted those links. I didn't even check the content of the threads. Anyway, now that you mentioned it, I have eaten there once a couple of years ago. I wasn't particularly impressed with the food or service. The portions were okay but the prices were on the high side. The only thing that stood out for me was that I noticed k.d. Lang was one of my fellow diners.

Tuscany in Bridgeport CT

I found four threads that mention Tuscany residing in the New England Archive Board.

Black Rock - Bridgeport, CT

I don't have firsthand knowledge of why they closed but I'd be willing to bet it was a result of our current economic downturn. Too bad. They had a lot to offer.

Connecticut Chocolatiers

I was at Isabelle et Vincent this past Tuesday. The young girl that waited on me told me they no longer make their own chocolates. Instead, I had to choose from their selection of Valhrona chocolates.. I usually buy Bridgewater which my wife loves but I wanted to try something different this time.

Burlington VT, best bar with a fireplace

Ri Ra on Church Street has a fireplace although I don't know how often they fire it up, if at all. It's an Irish Pub type of place so you know they have a good selection of beers. They have lunch, dinner and happy hour menus. Check it out.

Help me find a Connecticut pizza place.

Yes, you're right. I noticed that the pizzas in the photos had less char but I've been to Carminuccio's (I live in Monroe) and they put out pies with some serious char...most of the time.

Help me find a Connecticut pizza place.

Could it have been Carminuccio's in Newtown? They have very good pizza.

Rte 100 Eats - Southern VT

Also, if you find yourself in Wilmington and you're in the mood for New Haven style pizza you should stop by Zuppardi's. I make the drive from Newfane whenever I'm up there and feel like pizza.

Helados Vazquez in Bridgeport, CT for Gelato!!!!!

I drove by there a couple of weeks ago right around dinner time. The place was totally dark.

Pepe's Pizza Yonkers Location

What do I know? I've only been eating Pepe's pies for about forty years. But you're right about their cheese. When I said above that Pepe's uses "fresh" cheese it was in response to UHFELDER's post. I assumed he/she was claiming that the Pepe's in Yonkers was using "out of date" mozzarella. I jumped the gun on that one. Sorry for the confusion.

B and B with Good Food near Bratlleboro, VT

There are several B&Bs in the Brattleboro area. Two excellent choices are the Windham Hill Inn in West Townshend about 20 miles north of Brattleboro and the Four Columns Inn a little closer to Brattleboro in Newfane.

Who makes the best pizza in New England?

Speaking of Roseland, I was there last week. I got what they call the Ponsinella pizza. It consists of lobster, shrimp and sea scallops. It cost $65.00. It was relatively small and it was loaded with perfectly cooked lobster, shrimp and scallops.The pizza was topped with toasted breadcrumbs and melted butter. I can't remember if they offer a red version but I got it as a white pie. It was so loaded with seafood I could not eat it without a fork and knife. My wife tried one slice and I still brought two slices home. I have never in my life not finished a pizza until I met the Ponsinella. I wouldn't order this pizza on a regular basis but I truly believe it was worth the price. It was amazing.

Pepe's Pizza Yonkers Location

Of course they use fresh cheese. Pepe's is known for having buttery tasting moots. And believe me, it's fresh. You're right about the crust being a little thicker than most NY pies, though. I personally think that's a plus.

Sunday Brunch in Westport, CT

If you like rustic you might like The Red Barn in Westport. They have a nice buffet brunch on Sundays.

Shelton dilemma

I've been there once. I enjoyed it a lot and plan to return sometime in the future. They offer well prepared familiar dishes with a nice ambience and friendly service. If you go, bring a flashlight.

Fast Food Chains in CT- What's best?

Yes, Duchess blows the national fast food chains away. They have good quality fast food made to order at a reasonable price.

Suggestions for good italian near New Haven, Ct?

My suggestion would be one of my old standbys, La Scogliera. They used to be located in Bridgeport for almost thirty years but moved to Shelton about a year or two ago. They're located right on Route 110 (River Road). The place is run by a husband and wife team. Nothing out of the ordinary but they usually come up with some very interesting specials. I haven't been to the "new" location but my wife and I plan to visit them tomorrow night. By the way, I've been told by a co-worker that if you give them a few days notice you can request something not ordinarily on the menu, like rabbit, for instance, and they will more than likely accommodate you. I'll have to ask if that's true. Here's their website.

Senor Pancho's mini chain in CT: What are they like?

Yes, but if you had indeed gone to Senor Poncho's I'd be willing to bet you would have been similarly unimpressed.

Senor Pancho's mini chain in CT: What are they like?

I live in Monroe. Went to Senor Poncho's once when it first opened. It was a big yawn of a meal. Never felt compelled to return. The property is a sports bar now.

Vermont trip Report: Putney, Chester, Manchester, Woodstock & Quechee

Curtis shuts down sometime in October. I don't know exactly when. Probably right after the Columbus day weekend which I think is this weekend. There's a relatively new joint in Chester, Vermont that's open all year.

Lunch at Central Steakhouse

Look at the map at the top right of this page and it will tell you that Central Steakhouse is located at 99 Orange St. in New Haven.

Il Forno, Milford, CT - closed

Well, my wife and I went to Conte's Saturday night. We had a very nice meal. There were two appetizer specials and one main course. They offered broccoli rabe with sausage for $10.00 and stuffed clams (eight) for $14.00. I thought both prices were a little on the high side (I neglected to ask the price when we ordered.). Both were excellent, though. I got the Scallopini Gorgonzola and my wife got the Linguini alla Pescatore. Both were very good except my dish was missing the asparagus stated on the menu. My entre included garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed slivered vegetables (zucchini, carrots, onions and yellow squash). Nothing on the wine list was less than $30.00. We got a Beringer merlot. My martini was on the money.

They had a keyboard/piano player who was very good. His unobtrusive ballads added to the ambience. Conte Ristorante was not inexpensive but the dishes we had were well executed and our server, Miquel, was efficient and professional.

Roadtrip up towards Quechee, VT for leaf peeping

Haven't been to Sugarbush Farm. I'll keep it on my short list. Don't tell me you didn't eat at Simon Pearce.

Il Forno, Milford, CT - closed

Conte Ristorante had no prices on the menu? The online menu has prices so I would think that the actual menu would have prices as well. I have to say that I've never been to a restaurant that did not include prices on the menu. I'll let you know since I've made a reservation for tomorrow evening.

By the way, I wasn't particularly impressed with Conte's online menu. I always look for something out of the ordinary when I dine out. Conte's menu lists "all the usual suspects", not that that's a bad thing but sometimes I get tired of the "same old thing". Hopefully they'll offer a special that's not something I've had a hundred times over. I'll report back with my impressions of the joint. The fact that there will be a piano player during dinner (according to the website) holds promise.

Fairground food - the Big E

Unfortunately I have no firsthand knowledge of either food. I read about them in a Connecticut Post article. But I definitely would like to sample both. I'm guessing if you Google the chocolate covered bacon you might be able to track it down.

Fairground food - the Big E

Don't know if it's been mention in this thread but I read that the big food hit of this year's fair are the chocolate covered bacon slices. A couple from Plainville, Ct. have been making approximately 300 hundred a day and they've been selling out at $2.00 a pop.

Another offering for this year is a peanut butter, provolone and bacon pizza. I kid you not.

Breakfast in Burlington

The Skinny Pancake makes some killer crepes. They offer a wide variety of both savory and sweet ones.

Roadtrip up towards Quechee, VT for leaf peeping

Curtis packs it up sometime in October.

Il Forno, Milford, CT - closed

Enabler, if you want to stay local you could give Conte's a try. I have never been there but I have heard good reports so they're on my short list of restaurants to visit. I may even try them tonight. They're located right on the Post Road in a strip mall. They've been there forever and it's very easy to pass them by without noticing the place. As I said, I haven't tried them yet but several people I know think they're pretty good. Here's the website.

visiting son in college in burlington

I would never suggest that you make a trip to Vermont just for pizza but, as I said, if you happen to be in or near Wilmington, Vt. Zuppardi's is a joint where you'll find excellent pizza on par with New York pies. I can say that with a bit of authority because I live in Fairfield County here in Connecticut and spend a lot of time in NYC. I've been to most of the heavy-hitters of NYC pizza including, Patsy's, Lombardi's, Tottonno's and Grimaldi's in Brooklyn (opened by the owner of the original Patsy's). In my opinion, both Zuppardi's turn out pies on the same level as the big boys I mentioned above including the Big Three in New Haven (Sally's, Modern and my personal all time favorite, Pepe's).