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Portland, Maine - My Long Weekend Food Itinerary - Thoughts Welcome!

Just had the sweet potato ginger spice Holy chewy so scrumptious.

SFOGLIATELLE: Who makes 'em best in Connecticut?

Just discovered Mangiafico's on West Main St. Plainville.: a fresh filled cannoli to die for. Sfogliatelle was delicious too: comes in a small and medium size. Their almond Italian cookies at $10 a lb. fresh fresh and good.
Also tried a piece of their sheet pan pizza. They have espresso but did try that ..yet

Lunch in Farmington, CT tomorrow

J. Timothy's: hadn't been there in awhile but did a quick lunch in the bar area with some co-workers two weeks ago. One of the Friday lunch specials was a dynamite grilled lamb pita with tzatziki sauce. OMG..great tasted that garlic flavor all afternoon. Good service too.

Cheap eats in Portland

Thank you Chowhound for turning us onto to Micucci's. Not technically a restaurant (it’s an Italian deli/grocery store), there are some tables at the back. We were lucky that there were a few slabs a pizza left after we arrived off the Casco Bay ferry. And we indulged in some of the Italian pastries to go. Regarding the closing of Ricetta's near the Maine mall, we were devastated to pull up July, 2011 and see the place closed. Luckily we had time to drive north to Falmouth and satisfy our pizza buffett craving.

Coconut Grove and Coral Gables

Reporting back that we had a great experience having lunch at Jaguar. It was a pleasure to eat outside in front on a December Friday and watch people and traffic go by (a little too much traffic, maybe). I had my first mojito. I think the bartender used key lime, it was so deliciously tart. Good service, no rush. It’s next door to Cocowalk shopping center where we may have ended up without Chowhound advice.
A Ceviche three spoon sampler- a great melange of flavors, including Peruvian yellow pepper.
Taquitos Chilerio, so freshly made and a big portion as you can see in the photo.
A flavorful Angus Cheeseburger with homemade fries-for my non-ceviche-eating partner
Tab was $75 including tip, beers, etc. We followed up by crossing the street to see the 70’s era import shop Maya Hatcha and then a walk two blocks away to see Jaguar’s sister restaurant, Peacock Garden. In front is the 1882 grave of Eva Munroe, an early Coconut Grove resident. We didn’t get to the other restaurants recommended here for dinner. We were full and just walked to Milam’s Market, SW 32nd Ave. to get dinner & wine to take back to our hotel, the Hampton Inn.

Jaguar Restaurant
3067 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133

Coconut Grove and Coral Gables

This is really helpful. THX.

Coconut Grove and Coral Gables

Appreciate this.

Coconut Grove and Coral Gables

We are looking for a meal (lunch or dinner ) in Coral Gables and also a meal ( lunch or dinner) in Coconut Grove in order to see these two areas for the first time on a December Friday. We will have a car. Character and ambiance without spending a ton of $$. Thanks for any tips.

Looking for shredded hash browns near Hartford

Sorry to say Geri's closed two weeks ago.

Cheap eats in Portland

We never miss that Ricetta's buffet lunch when we are in the area. It's a great thin-crust, creative toppings ... and watching the wood paddle slide those pies into the wood-fired brick oven is mesmerizing. Buffet includes salad and soup.

Ricetta's Brickoven Pizzeria
29 Western Ave Ste 6, South Portland, ME 04106

Most underrated restaurants in Central CT?

Just had lunch there Friday...and had a fabulous starter and entree. I was so full I had to get the dessert to go. The appetizer could have been my whole meal: fried oysters beautifully presented on a tray garnished with wasabi cream, black sesame seeds and scallion rings. In the center was a seaweed and julienned cucumber pyramid. The entree was carrot and ginger filled ravioli in a brown broth (miso?) with baby bok choi and carrots: wow. I love key lime pie and my only disappointment was that it was not tart enough. Although I can't afford to eat at The Cottage too often, it is always a pleasure to see what Chef Patty Queen has created.

Looking for shredded hash browns near Hartford

Geri's Place, . on a side street: 31 Hungerford St. Torrington CT Tel: 626-0011

Torrington suggestions please!

On the breakfast plea: we just found out that Geri's Place relocated to Torrington. Their place in Canton had quite a following. They moved all their jukebox/Chevy memorabilia. So now we can get our fix of eggs and home fries again. It's a funky glass storefront on a side street: 31 Hungerford St.(not the main drag of the city).

Landing Zone-CT, anyone been?

We were just there for lunch and Waquoit hit the nail on the head. I like the roasted vegetables sandwich. Burgers and fries (potato or sweet potato ) are great. But service is spotty. There was a big hand written sign (diatribe) about not to seating yourself. Airport is closed so the fly-in dinner idea is kaput. The menu is extensive, including some exotic items.