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Pubs in Halifax: laurels and brickbats

My favourite for atmosphere and food is the Henry House. It has a nice vibe, conducive to conversation, and a pretty decent/edible menu.

Sep 18, 2009
angelicola in Atlantic Canada

rec. places for student who likes to eat alone....

China Classic (6311 Quinpool, near Oxford) has an amazing stuffed eggplant (prawns inside) with black bean sauce. I am slightly addicted to it. And I would feel entirely comfortable there by myself.

If you hop on the #1 to Dartmouth and get off at the bus loop just over the MacDonald Bridge there is an amazing Vietnamese place just down the street, Pho Hoang Minh (172 Wyse Rd, Dartmouth). Their Pho is really delicious.

Jan 03, 2009
angelicola in Atlantic Canada

Coffee and treats in Halifax

Ooh, that sounds promising. Where is it?

Aug 24, 2008
angelicola in Atlantic Canada

Coffee and treats in Halifax

Thanks for the tips Parleek. As long as it takes less than half an hour (or so) to walk, I'm down. I'm not really looking for everyday (unfortunately), more like a really great once in a while treat.

Aug 22, 2008
angelicola in Atlantic Canada

Coffee and treats in Halifax


New to Halifax, living on Dalhousie campus, looking for morning coffee and treats. Coffee must be good, baked goods must be equally good. OR a bakery where I can pick something up and eat it with coffee later. Walking distance, please...

Any suggestions???

Aug 21, 2008
angelicola in Atlantic Canada

First night in NYC - midtown - Late eats.

Thanks for the tips so far.

Note to self - don't put apostrophes where they don't belong... re. americanos (argh).

Mar 27, 2008
angelicola in Manhattan

First night in NYC - midtown - Late eats.

Hi all,

Been doing tons of research for my first trip to New York with my mum next week. Have figured out most of the places I really want to eat, but now I'm looking for some options for our first night in town. Our flight gets into JFK at nine pm. We're staying on 7th Ave near 53rd St. We're coming in from Vancouver so it will be about dinner time for our West Coast bodies, but we'll probably want somewhere to just get a casual or light meal and a couple of drinks. Maybe somewhere with a view would be nice, but we are on a budget. This will be a Monday, in case that matters for days places are open. Any suggestions?

p.s. For anyone curious as to the trip I have planned, here are the things I'm most looking forward to so far:
- Katz's for pastrami.
- The tasting menu at Jean-Georges.
- A hot dog at Yankee Stadium (I know this will be overpriced and not the best hot dog ever, but I have to)
- Donut Plant
- Burger Joint
- Russ and Daughters
- Some place that does Cheong Fun on E. Broadway between Allen and Essex (pretty sure I read about this here)
- Rack & Soul
- Szechuan Gourmet

I'm also undecided on the issue of Dim Sum. Vancouver has some superlative dim-sum, so I don't know if I want to bother. But if you can convince me there's somewhere I HAVE to go, feel free.

***Edit*** Also would love to find a place in this area for really great coffee in the mornings. Fabulous espresso for Americano's preferred, but good drip coffee is welcome too.

Mar 27, 2008
angelicola in Manhattan

What's your Templefood?

A plain cup of Miso Soup.

Mar 18, 2008
angelicola in Home Cooking

Lonsdale Recommendations?

Red Chili has excellent chinese - 741 Lonsdale Ave

I've heard Burgoo is delicious, never been myself - 3 Lonsdale Ave

Vegetarian Dim Sum in Vancouver

If anyone finds this when searching, there is a Chinese Vegetarian restaurant called Bo Kong on Main Street in Vancouver (3068 Main St - a few blocks south of Broadway) that has some tasty dim sum. It's a bit hit or miss, but the Sui Mai is quite tasty, as are the bbq not-pork buns.

Best Burger in Vancouver - what's your vote?

I know it's old school, but White Spot is the only burger that satisfies my delicious burger craving. The monty mushroom (sauteed mushrooms and cheese) with bacon. So delicious.

Also, I had a surprisingly delicious bacon cheeseburger at Cactus Club.