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Westchester Diners & Breakfast Spots

My family and I live in Tarrytown and we have gone to almost all the Diners listed in this chain. We would recommend Landmark Diner. The coffee is delicious and the servers are always attentive. It's a "true" diner w/clean utensils and great services resaonably priced food too. Let me know what you think.

In Sleepy Hollow, Greek Cooking for the Gods

I have to say that I was drawn to visit Santorini after reading about it in the Times and the reviews here, however I must confess..... I would still prefer the drive to Dobbs Ferry for some "Mykonos". I may be a little bias since I absolutely LOVED my time on the actual island, but great food is just that, GREAT food. =) Their special of whole grilled fish is my favorite. I take my mother there when she visits just for that dish. I say head over there and you'll also experience the difference!

Mar 06, 2008
nmacias in Features

Best Diners in Westchester

I'll have to agree abt the Landmark Diner in Ossining. We met w/some friends there to go over some business, and not only did the waiters leave us alone to attend our business they were not rushing us out. Which was big for me since I tend to hold most of my meeting while eating.=) I've been there twice so far, only on business. I'm planning on going this weekend w/my family. I hope to receive the same treatment.