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Service at Olive & Gourmando

So I guess you never jaywalk, because the rules say that you must cross the street only at intersections and only when the light is green.

Rules are excellent things, but it's also good to be flexible when the situation warrants flexibility of the rules.

Shish Taouk

LORDIA in Laval!


Dollar store still?

How much did you pay for strawberries?

A couple of weeks ago, we got baskets at 7.50 each at the UPIK VanVelzen in Boucherville. That's 7.50 for four litres. Don't know if they still have them now.

U-Pik I Can Bike 2

Does anyone know where I can pick 1) cherries (sour or otherwise), 2) pears, 3) plums? I'm looking for a place not too far from Montreal. Or at least in driving distance, if not biking distance.

U-Pik I Can Bike 2

It's auto cueillette time of the year again! Back to Van Velzen it is! Their strawberries are ready to pick this weekend. Long distance biking is back! Summer is here! We're jamming!

Pointe Claire/Dorval lunch suggestions needed

Also, has anyone heard of Babaloo or know what it is like?

Pointe Claire/Dorval lunch suggestions needed

Thank you for the suggestions. Aux Délices appears to be in the style we were looking for (pre-university graduation lunch), but their website is lacking information about the food. Do you know what the food is like? Or the prices?

Pointe Claire/Dorval lunch suggestions needed

I am looking for a place to have a light but good lunch in Pointe Claire or Dorval on Friday. I was hoping to find a place serving soup, salad, sandwiches, etc. Any suggestions?

ISO Marcona Almonds

Nay, they are dry and I believe they be salted. If you want to go to Costco sometime, gimme a PM, I'll bring you. It's the cheapest place for Maple Syrup, and if you need a whack of Toilet Paper, you can't beat Costco with a stick.

Rolling the dice at Bangkok

I swung by last Wednesday and thought to myself, "That was one of the best phad thai plates I ever had here". Seriously. Sorry to hear your experiences have been so inconsistent.

ISO Marcona Almonds

I got marcona almonds at Provigo on Parc and Sherbrooke not long ago. They're not as good as the ones I got at Costco. The thing is, I got the marconas at Costco a year and a half ago. Every time I go to Costco I look for them but they are never in stock.

Campofiorin, I brought a friend (nonmember) to Costco on Thursday of this week: the Costco on Bridge street. I don't see why you should judge Costco's willingness to welcome you based on one experience with one employee on one particular day. I have never had trouble getting into Costco, both as a guest of a member and as a member bringing guests.


Where can I get good German style pretzels in Montreal?

Looking for the Best Chocolate in Montreal!

Rejoice! Chloe is open again!

Bread classes chez vous

Here's a bread class in 5 minutes!

L'Express Verdict:.....The emperor is naked!

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I love the ravioli dish, and I must say I enjoy their steak frites, too.


Where can I go to become the proud owner of new cheesecloth in Montreal?

Ice Cream!

You asked, and they told you that they don't make their own? How did you find out?

jean talon market

Yeah, JTM on Sat/Sun is crazy. I went yesterday afternoon, and it was excellent. You can actually stand in one place without getting bumped by the thousands of other shoppers.

Non-French Speaker coming to Quebec

It might be written in English, but if it's not, the waiters and waitresses will most likely be able to communicate in English with you. It all depends on the restaurant, really. But you'll have no trouble with that, most likely.

U-Pik I Can Bike 2

Wow, 107 kilometers return trip. Not bad! The berries are great!

Where can I buy some musto?

As Austin Powers, perhaps? oh, that was mojo.

Ice Cream!

We just got in from a trip up the street and had a couple of treats from Frootz. It's indeed a gelato-joint, and they make some fine and tasty stuff. The owner was very enthusiastic about his products, and let us taste a whole whack of flavors. I had the Tiramisu and Caramel-Brownie, while ladyriboflavin had the coconut and the praline. The coconut was incredibly coconutty. Since he uses milk, the gelato had a lighter texture than most frozen items you get. And besides all this, it's a very nice change from Ripples and MeuMeu, since you can actually sit down and eat your ice cream inside if you wish, and there's space to order without bumping into others who are looking at the coolers.

Aside: Why is it that there are so many ice cream joints that have absolutely no clue how to efficiently lay out their stores? Bilboquet in westmount, MeuMeu, Ripples. Sure, space may be an issue, but geez.

I want Citric Acid

Thanks, I got it at Anatol today. Not expensive (2.45 for 280 grams!). Quite the store, that Anatol.

restaurant near theatre St Denis

No no no! La Paryse is the best place in the neighborhood. Really good burgers and fries for very reasonable prices. Can't beat it for eats in that neighborhood. Ontario and Sanguinet.

I want Citric Acid

What's the quantity of vinegar for each jar (eg. 500mL jars)?

I want Citric Acid

Update: my local pharmaprix sells 50 grams for 5 dollars. When considering that Aubut sells 5kg for 25 dollars, it seems a little steep, but I don't need 5kg. Hmmmm....

I want Citric Acid

Yeah, it's for the tomatoes, and blueberry jam, apparently. I'll check into the kosher places. I will also ask at the pharmacy. As for beer/wine making supply stores, where might I find one in the downtown/downtown-ish area?

I want Citric Acid

Where can I buy this in Montreal? I went to Aubut, they sell it in 5kg containers, and I don't need that much. None at Gourmet Laurier, nor at Anjou Quebec, nor at Rachelle Bery, nor at Provigo.

Unless there's a few others who wants to go in on a 5kg container with me?

U-Pik I Can Bike 2

You are a friend. Thank you.