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great sushi in Toronto does not exist

Thanks for your suggestions. I went to Zen last night and it was great Sushi.
Very fresh. Wonderful ingredients.

great sushi in Toronto does not exist

Went to Omi at their new location on Carlton and it was terrible.
Strange room, very slow service and no good ingredients.
No toro, giant clam, sweet shrimp, uni, and worst of all they used fake crab.
The waiter said the uni was not in season. Rediculous. In NYC their is sea urchin
year round at all the good sushi bars and they would never be in business if they did not have
We have tried every place including Kaji which we don't like. Who wants to be
captive to a fixed menu.
Is their any great sushi bar in this town??? What is wrong with Toronto?
has Hiro improved yet? Used to be good but all last year it was so sad...
Help please!!

king crab legs - i'm jealous of YVR

Go to Rodney's on King street, for fresh , never frozen King Crab.
They were in season last week, and amazing. Hurry before they are gone!!

Jackson Hole Food Review

Thanks for your tips on eating in Jackson Hole. I just got home from a week of
trying the restaurants and I found that the steak at the Gun Barrel was terrible.
The service was slow and the sides were very dissappointing.
However, the Peaks at the Four Seasons was pretty good. Certainly the best
steak I had in Jackson by far. Perfectly cooked and the sides were great.

The new restaurant at the top of Teuton Mt was also very good.
Great rare tuna and crab cakes. Otherwise all very dissapointing.
At least the snow was great.

Mar 14, 2008
lreeves in Mountain States