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San Antonio Riverwalk 'Review'

Now you see why those of us who live here only go to the Riverwalk when we have out of town guests...and then not for dinner. If you could have ventured just a little bit from the river you would have found a wonderful restaurant called La Frite Belgium Bistro. It's in the Southtown area by Alamo and St Mary's streets. Rosarios is considered a good Mexican restaurant as is La Foccacia...all in the same area. Schilo's German Deli is on the river and it's good. Unfortunately tourists often get stuck downtown. Riverwalk restaurants seem to take advantage of that. Incidentally, I've been to Pesca for dinner and I wouldn't rave about that either.

Feb 15, 2008
fraucook in Texas

Houston Seafood

I lived in Houston while my husband went to grad school at Rice and I taught at an outlying high school. We moved away many years ago and I've been reading about Robert Del Grande and Cafe Annie for years. I'd always wanted to go there, but I've been reading some recent posts and I'm not sure now. We're going over from San Antonio in early April and I'd love to find a good place. We love seafood and Italian food. I've looked at the Cafe Anne website and one for DeMarco...both looked good, but pricey. Where could I get the quintessential foodie experience without giving up my retirement? Don't get me wrong. I don't object to the price if it's worth it. We'll be in town for 2 nights. Are either of these places worth the expense?

Feb 13, 2008
fraucook in Texas

Absolute best burger in Texas?

Bracken Cafe...all the way. It's just outside of San Antonio near Schertz and Universal City. You have to know it's good when the crowds start forming early on a weekday. Bring cash because they don't take credit.

Feb 12, 2008
fraucook in Texas

A Report on Recent Meals at Jacala, √Ācenar, and La Fogata [SAT]

I agree completely about La Fogata, Acenar, and Jacala. Jacala's atmosphere has never been much but La Fogata and Acenar have such possibilities. It's too bad the food is only average. Whenever we want to go someplace nice for Mex food, we go to La Fonda on Main. Good service and always dependable. Their Margaritas aren't great, but the food is. Los Barrios has good down home Mex, always reliable. You have to go to the original on Blanco. Forget the new Hacienda on Redlands road.

Feb 12, 2008
fraucook in Texas