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Ideas for casual, Italian, pre-marathon dinner

These suggestions are excellent. Thanks much. We're looking for something in town--staying on Pennsylvania--so I think Filomena or Ana Maria sound perfect. Love the recs for Tysons area, though--I grew up in Vienna...many, many years ago.

Ideas for casual, Italian, pre-marathon dinner

My husband is running the Marine Corps Marathon next Sunday and we're looking for a casual Italian spot for dinner the Saturday before. We'll have a big group and some young children, and we'd love a place where he can load up on pasta before Sunday's race.

Fun, casual, delicious dinner spots in Portland, ME?

thanks for the direction. front room looks good, fore street looks wonderful. might have to try to walk in there. also love the looks of duckfat.

what about good "sit at the bar" type places? burger and a beer? i know that bon app mentioned something a few months ago but i neglected to save the issue.

Fun, casual, delicious dinner spots in Portland, ME?

Husband and I are headed to Portland before we make our way up to Camden for a wedding. Looking for a great, casual Thursday night spot downtown--I'm a former New Englander, he's a Southerner who's never been to Maine, so something authentically Portland would be great. Thanks!

New Polish market in Durham?

Anyone heard of a new Polish market in Durham, I think I heard near RTP? I'd love to find it.

Best Diners in Durham, NC?

i'm looking for true, old school diners in durham for breakfast, blue plate special lunches, that kind of thing. any suggestions besides elmo's and rick's?