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ISO herbal coffee

David's tea is great. There is also a great little tea store at Rosedale. Golden Mint at College and Yonge. All things Tea on Bloor near Bathurst is probably my favourite. I would give internet sources as well, but I rather support local.

ISO herbal coffee

Did you consider teas? Or herbal tisanes like mates?

Bread flour

I bake breads all the time and have found a few decent sources for my flour.
Simply Bulk (they have a location near Ossington on Bloor and a location in the Danforth) or Rube's in St. Lawrence Market.

My loblaws (Dupont and Christis) also has 5kg bags for relatively cheap, but I actually prefer the bulk flours. I have even found that the no name unbleached all purpose actually does a pretty good job - it has a fairly high level of protein.

Citrus Oils plus

Hello all,

I am looking for a stores in Toronto where I can get higher end gourmet cooking supplies. In this particular instance, I really need citrus oils. But I am also looking for good dipping oils and vinegars.

I know I could go to a chain like Whole Foods, but I really want local, preferably cheap (I am living on a meager budget these days), and even better from a purveyor who is helpful and passionate about cooking. I used to live in DC, and had a few such shops I often visit.


A Good Deli

I am looking for a cheap place to get a great sandwich (I stress the cheap seeing as I am a grad student on a strict budget). I am especially looking for a good chicken salad sandwich or a pastrami on rye.

I am in Cabbagetown, but spend most my life at U of T...anywhere near either of these places would be awesome.

If you happen to once be from DC, I am thinking GW Deli type sandwiches here...I know long shot but I thought I would try it.

Bulk Foods

Thanks! I am actually in Cabbagetown, but was planning on a trip to Kensington quite soon. I just really want to find some place to buy like 5 pounds each of various dried fruits and nuts to make my own trail mix and energy bars, but so far everywhere has been too expensive, so again thanks!

Bulk Foods


I am fairly new to fact, Canada for that matter. U of T student. I am looking for someplace that is TTC accessible that has cheap bulk dried fruits, nuts, and spices. Obviously, I may have to go to more than one place. I stress the cheap - i am the model of the poor college student these days.

Any help would be great!

Restaurant Supply in DC

Hello all,

I am looking for a restaurant supply store in DC. I have been searching, but with no success. Could you keep it Metro accessible - or at least somewhat - as I go to GW and have no car?

Also, any ideas for places to get fresh herbs?