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Anthony Bourdain - 11/7 at U of M Theatre (and possibe Ann Arbor restaurant suggestions)

Just curious...I have tickets for "An Evening with Anthony Bourdain" on Saturday 11/7 at Michigan Theatre (8pm). Has anyone here ever been to one of these? I'm a big fan of his show, I was just wondering what to expect during the live session. Is it mostly him speaking, and then a Q&A session/book signing? Anyone else here going to be at the show?

Also, we plan to eat a nice late afternoon/early dinner before the show at 8:00. Any suggestions for the Ann Arbor area? I've never been to any restaurants in the area (we're from Grand Rapids, and have eaten at the Chop House here several times, which is about as nice as it gets in Grand Rapids..I see there is also a Chop House in Ann Arbor). We're going with another couple, but any suggestions would be great...Something around $100-125 bucks per couple (with a drink or two maybe) would be what we're looking for. No specific cuisine in mind, just something nice (dress-casual, no suits & ties!)

Thanks for any input you can provide!

Nov 04, 2009
thesanmi in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Grand Rapids Michigan restaurant suggestions

You're exactly right about the Chop House (which btw is directly accross from the Amway on Monroe). Traditional upscale steakhouse, with everything ala carte and prime aged beef.. Very nice... Here's a little insight though - go on your (or someone else's) birthday. It does have to be the day of your birthday, and of course they card you! But It's 50% off the entire tab for you and a guest (not including alcohol, but does include any appetizers, sides, etc). I highly suggest the seafood platter and scallops for appetizers and the bone-in filet for an entree (not on the menu right now but I believe it's typically a featured item). My girlfriend's brother and I share the same birthday (January 4th) so our tab was 50% off for our party of four. Turns a $300 tab into $150 (well, plus the booze, so maybe it's still $300 but hey it's a lot more fun, lol!) Also next door is their dessert & cigar lounge, called La Dolce Vita. Very nice.

Anyways, Naya on is owned by the same owners as Bar Davani downtown. It's in Cascade, so you don't have to worry about parking and the like (it's located in the upscale Terrazzo shops on East Paris near Cascade Road - right near Bonefish Grill) Like I said, haven't had a lot of the dinner entrees yet, but everything we've had has been very good. Definately sit in the bar area as opposed to the dining room. It's a wine bar/bistro so the atmosphere is very inviting. Even if you don't want to hit a full dinner, go during happy hour and test out some of their great small plates (half off) and some very, very nice vino.

BTW, Anyone been to in the new JW Marriott yet? Haven't seen too many reviews but the one's I've seen have been very, very good.

Grand Rapids Michigan restaurant suggestions

The Chop House does have a foie gras dish on their menu, but have not tried it. Our server did say it was excellent though.

Had a nice lunch at Naya recently ( Their kobe burger is amazing and it was actually cooked the medium rare that I ordered it. They also have a nice happy hour with half-off small plates and $2 off wine/martini's. We've been there several times for drinks and appetizers and most have been excellent. Haven't had much off the dinner menu though.

Our experience at the Green Well was not so good. Nothing that we had for dinner there stood out. It's been a few months and it is all forgettable already. Really don't like the lighting there either, I know they're in with the whole green concept but the atmosphere's not for me. I'll give them another shot, since it wasn't too long after they opened.

Anyways, new to the chowhound board here. Excited to try Bloom very soon.