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Niagara Falls Canada on a budget

Ooops, sorry. I just took a look at the PeopleMover website to refresh my memory, and it doesn't go along Lundy's Lane. So never mind! *blush*

Niagara Falls Canada on a budget

If you can get over to Lundy's Lane (not sure if the PeopleMover goes that far), I would actually recommend the Flying Saucer restaurant. I know it's a total dive, but it's fun, cheap, and filling. They have $3 breakfasts with real eggs and bacon, and surprisingly tasty burgers at lunch for $9-10. Decent fish and chips, too. Plus the place is kind of a hoot - the interior is really built to feel like you're inside a UFO... or at least the 1950s diner version of a UFO!

Wasaga Beach and Collingwood Recommedations?

We went to Collingwood this summer for the first time, and I definitely second the motions for Green Mango Tree and Tesoro. Not only was the food absolutely marvellous at Green Mango Tree (mmm, coconut chicken), but the server was extremely friendly and helpful about providing ingredient substitutions for our preschooler, who has bland tastebuds and severe allergies... And Tesoro was just a nice Italian spot - nothing to fall out of your chair in delight about, but delicious pizzas and friendly server.

Tesoro Restaurant
18 School House Lane, Collingwood, ON L9Y4H5, CA

Best restaurant in Mississauga

We lived in north-west Mississauga for several years before moving to Burlington a couple of years ago. We discovered a little place called Gabriel's Ristorante off Erin Mills Pkwy. just south of 401, ate there several times a year for about five years, and never had a bad meal. Just simple, classy Italian food - pasta and pizza - with reasonable prices, delicious sauces, and good value for money. Mmmm, their fusilli with chicken, gorgonzola and pine nuts still makes me drool when I think about it. :) Don't be put off by the look of the place, though - when you walk in, all you see is the bar and the pool tables... just walk through to the back half of the restaurant and it's like you've entered a whole different building.

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (Canadian Version)

I vote for Anna Mae's in Millbank, Ontario (in the countryside about 20 minutes north-ish of St. Jacobs). Classic Mennonite cooking - huge portions, all fresh and home-cooked and sourced from local farms, for extremely reasonable prices. Soup or salad, bread, huge entree, and homemade pie all for $10 a person. True, they've added a disturbingly large gift shop to the lobby, and you'll have to wait an hour for a table if you go on a weekend for lunch, but it is SO worth it. Broasted chicken, roast beef, roast pork with applesauce... Mmmmm. AND they have a bakery attached where you can buy breads and pies to take home.

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

Sorry I'm late replying to this one, Kashirat, I just noticed the thread today.

I don't know if you'd be interested in heading out as far as Hamilton, but there's a Japanese AYCE there called Sapporo that's *amazing*. It's at 96 Main Street East, 905-527-1668, and I highly recommend it. $18.99 a person at supper; everything made fresh and arriving fast; marvellous tempura and yummy rolls. They don't put any limits on your orders (although they do charge for food wasted at the end), and there's lots of seafood on the menu.

Another thing I like about Sapporo is that the menu is fully illustrated in colour so you know exactly what you're ordering. Good for non-Japanese-speaking guests like me.

Mom's Classic Macaroni and Cheese

Feb 11, 2008
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Mongolian grill-style restaurant in Burlington area?

Hi Chowhounds! My husband and I love eating at the Great Khan Mongolian grill in the Pacific Mall in north Toronto, but we're moving to Burlington and it's just a bit too far to drive for dinner. I know there are Mongolian grill-style restaurants in Waterloo and London, but can anyone tell me if there's one in Burlington or Hamilton? Thanks!

Pacific Mall- what do you eat there?

I'll second that! Great Khan is a marvellous place - I love the Mongolian grill aspect of it, because I'm very picky when it comes to my stir-fry ingredients. My husband and I drive to Great Khan from west Mississauga because there's no similar restaurant in our area.

Whistler for Valentine's Day?

I'd suggest you check out the Mongolie Grill. Have you ever eaten at a make-your-own-stir-fry place? That's what this is. It's a bit pricier than some similar restaurants (they charge you by the weight of your uncooked food, instead of a flat rate per bowl), but loading your bowl with more expensive food makes it good value for money. :)

What I like best about this place is the selection of food and the ability to craft exactly the kind of meal I want. And the fun of watching the chefs cook your stir-fry in front of you on a huge grill makes for a unique dining experience! Maybe not quite as romantic as a candlelit bistro, because you'd have to get up from the table to go choose your stir-fry, but I think it's still a romantic spot. It's certainly fun, and it's the kind of place that would be hard to go to with a baby!