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Best Falafel in Downtown LA

I'm walking distance from the Lula Kabob. Usually my co-workers and I will treat ourselves to Lula's. They do have great tasting dishes there. If you are in the area, you've got to try it!

Feb 15, 2008
HM626 in Los Angeles Area

Cinnamon-Sugar Chips

I've made this before and it was wonderful. I've also fried wontons till golden and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. It's a great snack.

Feb 11, 2008
HM626 in Recipes

Pork and Pâté Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi)

When I was younger, my mom would make these sandwiches all the time. I've never seen asian mayo, but you can mix 1 part butter at room temp. with 1 part mayo together.

Feb 11, 2008
HM626 in Recipes